A sampling of questions often posed by voters and prospective candidates.

Q: Can I vote as a student abroad?

Yes, every currently enrolled student is eligible to vote. In the case of voting difficulties arising due to being in a foreign country, you may email your vote to the Elections Head(s) or a member of the Elections Board.


Q: Can I change my vote?

A: No. Once your ballot has been cast, you are not allowed to change your vote.


Q: Is there any way I can miss the mandatory candidates’ events and still run?

A: No. Unless you contact the Elections Head(s) with a legitimate excuse at least 24 hours prior to the event, you must attend. If you miss the Candidates’ Forum and have submitted a timely and legitimate excuse, you must still answer all questions that were posed to the candidates running for the same position. If you do not answer the questions by the deadline set by the Elections Head(s), you will be disqualified.