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Nominations forms will be sent out by the elections heads. Note that you can self nominate and nominate multiple people.


If you have been nominated and have accepted, remember that there are several events in the elections process of particular importance:

Information Session: Generally held the Monday or Tuesday before the Candidates’ Forum, Elections Head(s) and/or Elections Board Members meet with candidates to outline the elections process and discuss the Elections By-Laws (including rules for campaigning, etc.).

Candidates’ Forum: The aim of the Candidates’ Forum is to bring candidates together in order to discuss issues relevant to their prospective offices before the campus community, and to foment a dialogue between candidates and voters to ensure that voters’ concerns are addressed. All students are highly encouraged to attend for maximum benefit to candidates and the campus community. Minutes from the forum will be made available on this website in the Forum Minutes section of this website.

Candidate Statements: Candidates are required to submit a Candidate’s Statement to be published on the candidates’ statements section of this website. Instructions regarding the Candidate Statements can be found in the Elections By-Laws section of this website.

Campaign Period: The campaign period begins at 9 A.M. after the Candidates’ Forum.  Campaigning may last until voting closes.


The following positions may be held by two people simultaneously: Haverford Representative, Off-Campus Representative, McBride Representative, Class Presidencies, Elections Head, Head of the Residence Council, Head of the Curriculum Committee, Traditions Mistress, Faculty Representative, Social Committee Head, and Head of the Committee on Public Safety. In the event that two students run for a single SGA position (which may not be held by two people at the same time), the assembly vote afforded to that position will be split between the two.


The voting ballots will be sent out by the elections heads. Ballots are cast electronically.

Electronic voting, while quick and convenient, is not infallible. In the event of a system error, students always have the option of submitting a ballot by email. To do so, email your vote (positions and all candidates will be listed in the Current Elections section of this website during the voting period) to the Elections Head(s) or any member of the Elections Board; in this event, votes will remain completely confidential. When casting a vote by email, a confirmation email will be sent when the vote is tallied into the electronic votes. The official Elections email is elections@bmc.