Sept 2019 Emergency Election: SGA Co-Treasurer Candidate Statements

Zainab Bilal ’21

Hi Bryn Mawr! My name is Zainab Bilal (she/her, class of 2021) and I am running for SGA Co-Treasurer.

I have been a part of SFC since last year, and I’ve had an amazing time working with everyone thus far. During my time in SFC, I have had the responsibility of recording expenditures, directly managing budgeting for ~15 clubs on campus and weekly processing reimbursements and cash advances. Being a part of this committee has helped me gain prioritization, budgeting and financial analysis skills that are crucial for the responsibilities and tasks that being an SGA treasurer entails. I also interned at a public financial advisory firm the past two summers where I strengthened quantitative and analytical skills by utilizing Microsoft Excel for financial modeling and creating cash flow and balance sheet statements.

Being a Co-Treasurer is a great opportunity to get even more involved in the Bryn Mawr community, and I truly believe that I can help to streamline the budgeting and reimbursement process. Keeping open communication with club treasurers – and within the SFC team itself – is vital, and it is important to ensure that club treasurers provide precise details for activities planned for the semester in order to objectively allocate the proper funds. Being in several leadership positions over the years – including being a Customs Person and part of the MSA E-Board – as well as being a member of SFC itself, I believe that I will be able to not only effectively lead the SFC team to process reimbursements in time, but that I will also be able to make the entire budgeting and reimbursement process more accessible and less stressful for all those involved!

If my ideas speak to you, please consider voting for me for SGA Co-Treasurer!

Thank You!



Gabriela Capone ‘22

My name is Gabriela Capone, class of 2022, I am studying political science and economics and I am running for SGA co-treasurer in this emergency election. When I was asked to run for this position, I was immediately aware of the strangeness and concerns of having a sophomore on the eboard, but I am confident in my ability to work with the current treasurer, Student Finance Committee, student-run clubs, and oversee funding and budgeting in SGA.

I joined the Student Finance Committee at the beginning of last semester, and working with our clubs, treasurer, and funds quickly became one of my favorite things. I was able to learn the reimbursement system quickly and impressed my peers around me. I was excited to return to SFC this year and continue helping SGA and all of our wonderful clubs, but I also know I would be a great help as co-treasurer. I will dedicate time to giving all clubs the funds they need and desire while remaining fair to every club, and improving the reimbursement process so it is more easily navigated and understood by clubs. Being a club and securing funds in SGA is difficult, and submitting receipts for reimbursement is as well. We in SFC know that many seemingly unimportant details must be submitted and the process is frustrating for club members and eboards, but every part required is necessary, and I would like to help Yesenia, the current treasurer, make the process more manageable and understandable.

I also think increased communication between the SGA treasurers, SFC, and clubs could help everyone with the reimbursement process. Particularly, it would be beneficial to explain and remind club eboards why we need the many pieces of information we require for reimbursements, so that they can submit their receipts properly and receive their reimbursements more quickly.

I know that I have the will, knowledge, and love for SGA required to be a good candidate for the co-treasurer position and I look forward to the election and hearing the voice of Bryn Mawr students! Email me with any of your questions, comments, or concerns – gcapone@bmc.


Gabriela Capone ‘22