Sept 2018 Election: Candidate Statements

Members at Large

Aaliyah Joseph ’22

Dear Bryn Mawr,

I, Aaliyah Joseph, come from a place where political activism is everything, caring about others comes before all else, and where being empathic is the norm. Normalizing love, compassion, and understanding is a necessary element of any community; especially a community such a Bryn Mawr, where our intent as a school and institution is to empower disenfranchised people is so heavily acknowledged. As a first year, a member of the Class of 2022, I have accepted my calling as not only a Martyr but also as a messenger of the good Bryn Mawr is working to spread. Through being affiliated with LILAC (The Leadership, Innovation, and Liberal Arts Center) and or a member at large on the Student Governance Association, I will strive to use my skills of empathy, woo, context, and connectedness to stand as a honest liaison for my greater BMC community.

My ethos of being a black women in a society not reflective of my own, allows me to understand the importance and value of involving people from all different backgrounds, nationalities, and communities. This same knowledge of inclusivity, that I carry as a code of conduct, will only further help me:

1. Develop specific and equitable ways for students to be involved in campus wide leadership positions alongside SGA and LILAC

2. Create innovative tools and means of communication for school wide dialogues and transparency in all aspects

3. Generate understand around the fact that the liberal arts model of our school transcend beyond the classroom; it also applies to what we, Bryn Mawr Students, ingest socially, communially, and relationally

4. Advocate for all students mental, physical, and moral health to be at the center of all ideas and projects

My position on any number of committees, teams, nor student governance will be taken lightly, as I am potentially be rewarded a great deal of responsibility. The role(s) and responsibility I am asking to be a part of here at Bryn Mawr are one’s that I am surely excited, prepared, and ready to take on as long as my community so wills it.

With the best regards,

Aaliyah Joseph

Class of 2022

Ellie Bowers ’22

My name is Ellie Bowers and I’m a freshman from Chicago, Illinois. I am running for member-at-large in order to have an impact not only this year, but hopefully also for several years to come. I have extensive experience in nonprofit management, budget management, grant management, and leading large and small groups.

One effort I would like to work on is making a wider set of students aware of organizations like SGA by using livestream and other media platforms. By finding ways to make SGA more accessible for busy students, we can create a stronger student government. Imagine, for example, you are a student who works most evenings and rarely can get to an evening event. Livestreaming on instagram or facebook can help you stay connected. Similarly, we might explore the enhanced use of other social media as a tool for organizations on campus.

SGA is a commitment for ourselves and our future. A vote for me brings the best in experience, energy, and effectiveness, and, ultimately will benefit our entire student body by expanding opportunities and access through platforms such as livestream.

Ellie Bowers Class of 2022

Linden Wright ’22

Hi, I am Linden Wright and I am running for Member at Large of the Representative Council of SGA. I am a member of the Class of ‘22, and I care very much about representing the interests of my class and the student body as a whole as the fall semester truly gets underway and beyond. I believe it is vital that the current class of first-years have as many ties to SGA as possible as soon as possible, so that we can actively shape our college experience from the beginning. I am passionate about taking part in SGA’s transition into playing a larger activist role on campus by both supporting students doing independent work and being active as leaders in social justice on campus (as well as in the larger communities Bryn Mawr is part of). My aim as Member at Large would be focused around continuing to maintain BMC’s strong tradition of community and self-governance by strengthening the ties between us and taking action to accomplish goals to further improve our campus and community.

Rebecca Britt ’21

Hi, my name is Rebecca (she/her) and I am a member of the class of 2021. I am running to be a Member at Large for SGA. Our community has felt a disconnect between those in SGA and those not. As a Member at Large, I hope to be a bridge to connect the students to SGA and SGA to the students.

I have the qualifications for this position because I have played this role many times before. In high school I was a Peer Mentor, where I worked with school counseling faculty, Principals, and students to teach and encourage positive academic and social values of the school. I am a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Council here at BMC. We have bi-weekly meetings where we share information across teams and to Athletics heads, and plan community service, fundraising, and promotional events. I have played sports all through high school and do today, which has taught me how to work with large groups of people with different ideas, or the same ideas and different approaches.

I love Bryn Mawr, but I recognize where we fall short. I want to be apart of SGA because I want to help open and facilitate the conversations and movement of ideas that will allow us to grow as a community.

Thank you! Please vote for me, Rebecca Britt.

Emily Britt ’21

Dear Bryn Mawr, I am Emily Britt (2021, she/her) and I am running to be one of your Members at Large. I am interested in this position because I want to give back to the community. In my past year here, Bryn Mawr has supported me unconditionally in all my pursuits. This year I want to be the one giving. As a Member at Large, my main roles are to help the E-board accomplish its long and short-term goals and to be a liaison between students and the SGA. While accomplishing goals and improving Bryn Mawr as a whole is undoubtedly important, being a bridge and communicator between students and the SGA is a priority. As a self-governing institution everyone’s voice has to right to be heard and I want to help facilitate that communication. As one of four sisters, a student, and an athlete I have had experience getting along with others, working collaboratively, and accomplishing goals. I would love the opportunity to use my experiences and love for Bryn Mawr to serve and to help us become the community we want to be. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Thank you!

Jennifer Nguyen ’22

What’s up, y’all,

My name is Jennifer Nguyen (she/her/hers), Class of 2022! I’m from Chicago, and I am running to represent you as a Member at Large this election season. Although I have been at Bryn Mawr for less than a month, y’all have accepted me into the community like family, and I want to give back by representing us in student government. There is not a moment where I am walking around on campus and not saying hello to a homie, or someone I know; incorporating the role of being a middle ground between the SGA e-board, and the general student body, I feel will be as easy for me as a walk to the dining hall, and if anything, will give me more reason to better get to know you, the student body. 🙂

Y’all have made this first generation, brown, Chicago girl feel at home at Bryn Mawr, and I hope I can give back to you by listening and being a speakerphone to communicate how we a student body will continue holding up, and growing our values of kindness, bravery, and justice.

See you around! Jennifer Nguyen

LILAC/CPD Representative

Aaliyah Joseph ’22

See Above

Shelley Zhu ’22


Haverford Representative

Milan Frederick ’20

The Haverford Representative is responsible for maintaining communication between Bryn Mawr College’s Self-Government Association and Haverford College’s Students’ Council. If I were to be elected in this position I would try to bridge the gap between the two schools, by having a “meet and greet” with BMC SGA executive board and haverfords. This would be a great way to have everyone introduce themselves, in an informal way, and discuss what both schools want to see happen in the future, and how we plan to remain strong allies. I want to make sure that Bryn Mawr students feel comfortable and safe when they go to Haverford, and to make resources easily accessible to them. I feel as though some Bryn Mawr and Haverford students do not know what resources are available to them, at the other school, and I want to make them more readily and easily accessible.

Catie Beveridge ’22

Hello! My name is Catie Beveridge (she/her) and I’m running for Haverford College Representative! So, let me tell you about myself! I’m a first year living in Brecon (Yay Brec Trek!). I’ve been a Girl Scout my whole life (now a lifetime member!) and even did an internship with my local council office this past spring! I participate in the Bi-Co orchestra and planning on majoring in astronomy so I am both enthusiastic and involved at Haverford! My one goal with any job given is not focused on my own success or status but rather being useful. My personal mantra is “If I am not doing something, I know I’ve forgotten something”. I pride myself on being open to anyone and I’m glad to offer a helping hand or take charge if necessary. I want to serve to and keep a good, healthy Bi-Co relationship and I want you, the voters, to tell me what that relationship looks like so I can represent you well at the Student Council meetings at Haverford. If you want to get in touch please email me! ( It was an honor to be nominated for this position and I promise not to disappoint! Vote Catie Beveridge for Haverford College Representative!


Faculty Representative

Sydney Kim ’20 and Ellie Lee ’20

Hello! Our names are Sydney Kim and Ellie Lee and we are both juniors in the class of 2020. Ellie is a math major and a math major representative. Through her position as a major representative, Ellie has gained a lot of experience working closely with both students and faculty and how to effectively communicate between the two, especially in areas where we have our differences. Sydney is a pre-med biology major and works as a tour guide in admissions. As a tour guide, she has gained plenty of background knowledge about Bryn Mawr and the SGA. She has the ability to work well in a team and represent the student body as a community.

In our past two years here at Bryn Mawr, we have both become close with a multitude of professors and feel comfortable talking to them directly. The main motivation behind running for this position is the fact that many important decisions get discussed and decided by faculty, many of which are not visible or transparent to the student body. As such, we want to be able to change this habit and the culture that has arisen out of major decisions being made behind closed doors, and we want to bring a voice to the student body and bring change to how we communicate between students and staff. We realize that this position is as much of a job as it is a platform, and we intend to use it to change the culture and the gap that exists between our student body and the faculty. If elected, our mission is one of transparency and advocacy, and we will work to this end with each other, the student government, our fellow students, and the faculty.


Class of 2022 President

Suleiny Cordero

I am the average student. It’s not the labels that have been given to me, orphan, black, poor, and gay, I am still the average student at Bryn Mawr. I believe that I could be a voice for the class, and it is not my voice, it’s the voices of the affiliation groups, the voices of the commenters, the McBride students, and all students who want change on this campus. Why I think I’m qualified, because I want change. My hundred hours in community service and social activism and the discrimination I faced has caused me to be the president. I know myself, and I know that I listen I will be empathic and truthful to what’s right because I grew up somewhere that people never listened to me. I am the average student that wants to represent the extraordinary student body and improve the relationships between the Tri-Co colleges, the upperclassmen, and our own community for the betterment of our class.

Alina Peon

My name is Alina Peon and I am a member of the class 2022! I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived there for 17 years until I moved to Boca Raton, Florida during my Junior year of high school.I attended both private school in Argentina and public school in Florida. Having experiences at both will allow me to be a representative for our student community. I see myself as half-and-half; I am a public and private school student, as well as an international and technically domestic student. These  aspects have given me the special point of view and mindset that I think will allow me to empathize with the diverse members of our class.I have previous experience in leadership positions. During my academic career at St. Brendan’s School, in Argentina, I was selected as Team Captain for my school’s field hockey team as well as my club team for five continuous years. I was also School Captain, comparable to a Class President, from Elementary to High School. Both positions have helped me develop leadership skills, on and off the field and inside and outside the classroom.Connecting with students, building a community and being a fair liaison between us and the Board, Administration and other representatives is my goal – and my previous experiences in leadership roles have given me the necessary tools to afront this mission.

Upon moving to Florida, I realized how challenging adapting into a new academic environment can be – quite comparable to adapting to college as a freshman! Faced by this, as a Junior I founded The Handshake Club, a school wide organization that helped domestic and international students get to know peers, adapt to classes and even helped with tutoring, standardized testing and college applications. I also founded The Libro Club, a charity at the Hollywood Public Library in Florida that teaches children in impoverished areas Spanish through reading. To finance both projects, I became a non-profit entrepreneur by starting my own bakery, Made by Two.

These experiences have provided me a solid foundation for what I believe is needed to become an honest, relentless and skillful leader. My promise to you is to continue pursuing the best version of these qualities, be the best representative of the BMC class of 2022 values, and an example of a strong, independent woman.

I promise to be honest, to be fair, to be relentless, to be an open door for your voice to be heard.

Vote Alina Peon!

Jennifer Nguyen & Shelley Zhu

Dear Class of 2022, I can’t believe we have made it to nearly a month at this institution. It feels like we’ve just moved in yesterday, and yet, Bryn Mawr already feels like home. I hope it does to y’all too. I’ve learned the community is one of the most welcoming and kind ones I have ever been part of, and I’m so happy that I am here, experiencing it with you all. We still have so much of our legacy at this school to discover, and I hope I can help to guide us along that journey, along with my co-president Shelley Zhu, and run this institution, even as first years. The image that comes to mind when I think of Class President is that one scene in Mean Girls, where Lindsay Lohan breaks up her crown and shares it with her classmates. Similarly, I hope I can share my role with you, listening, learning, and advocating for our class’s values as we embark on these four years together.

Sincerely, Jennifer Nguyen & Shelley Zhu

Vivian Phung

My name is Vivian Phung, and I am running to be the President of Class of 2022. If elected, I will be a dependable, transparent representative unafraid to enact change.
What does that mean?
– As President, I will hold weekly office hours, have a website (and email list) dedicated to informing the Class of 2022 on current school issues and anonymous forum(s) to inform me (and/or our class) of the issues that concern you.
– Having a page dedicated to anonymous tips/concerns where class members can ask questions about BMC culture or my policies and give me feedback (good or bad).
– Before voting on any issue, I will inform the class on the issue, create a form for our class to vote, publish the results (ex. 102 votes – Yes and 130 votes – No), and update the class on what I voted on and why.
– I want to be a representative you are not afraid to reach out to, either by emailing me at, texting me at (510) 755-8184, or DM-ing me on Instagram at @vivian_phung and expecting a response in 24 hours or less. My breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be public knowledge and open for anyone to join. I want to know each of you personally and the issues that concern you. Please eat with me when you can!

A little about me…
I am a computer science and mathematics major from the San Francisco Bay Area with experience in activism, passing/writing policy, and representing youth interests. In high school, I was the youth representative appointed to the Hayward Community Task Force by the City Council to rewrite our city’s – the third most diverse city in the country – Anti-Discrimination Action Plan. I also held various leadership positions on the Hayward Youth Commission, Alameda County Office of Education TUPE Board, and Alameda Unified School District Homework Workgroup.
This summer, I helped teach girls computer science as a teacher assistant at the Black Girls Code Summer Camp (Session 1 and 2) in Oakland, California, along with Kode with Klossy Level 1 Scholarship Camp in Denver, Colorado. At Bryn Mawr, I am the Erdman freshman dorm representative.
Feel free to stalk my Instagram (Personal Blog) at @vivian_phung and for a completed resume and list of my experiences, check out (or connect with) my LinkedIn at

2018 – 2019 Goals:
– Make sure every minority voice is heard
– Resolution for air-conditioning at Plenary [I will send out a Google Form and get your input]
– If students are interested, a forum for students with disabilities. As an individual with an invisible disability, I want to create a safe community and support system for students with disabilities where we can learn and help each other.