April 2018 Election: Candidates Forum Part II

Head of Social Committee

MC ‘19: Currently a head of social committee and I am running for re-election. I have run the dry Halloween party and am throwing a Spring formal on the 28th. I have been getting a lot of questions about that because I have not planned it yet but it will happen. But I want to run for re-election because first going into this position, I didn’t know how much money I needed, but now I know what to expect in the upcoming year.

DL ‘19: What kind of changes would you want to do going into next year?

MC ‘19: I think definitely a more structured way for me to get a budget. When I cam in this year they were like “ok, all you need to do is apply for special event budgeting, ok I’ll do that, but then I was like how much, and the people were like “we don’t know” So i was like ok I’ll figure it out so I think definitely to apply for regular event budgeting and not having to go through for juts special events so I would want to have a budget for the semester rather than applying. I’m also trying to get a bunch of neighborhood moms, neighborhood pet owners to walk their dog around exam week during certain time so everyone has a time to see the pets, because I know pets are brought in sometimes but not everyone gets to see them. Just have a cycle of pet owners so everyone gets pet love and it’s free.

NB ‘19: Considering you’ll be a senior are their any ideas you have considering collaborating with the senior class president or maybe help support 2019?

MC ‘19: I think something that would be fun is collaborating with the senior class for more organized formals so I know haverford has senior party and i think we have senior cocktails and not like copying their party but maybe in the fall for the seniors such as a formal or a coffee event just to kick off the year for them would be fun for them and fun to collaborate on it with them. I haven’t talked to them yet but I think it would be fun to have periodic events throughout the year that do not need to be expensive, to remind the seniors that they will be graduating soon and it’s an exciting time and everything will be ok.

NB ‘19: I know this position is a lot of responsibility, but I know something that you struggled with is having not enough committee members but is that something that you are interested in outreach?

MC ‘19: I’m not so concerned with how many committee members I have because it is up to the student body on how much they want to put into it, it is when I have my committee members and since I didn’t have it in the fall i did the Halloween party by myself so having them before Halloween would be nice to delegate some work 30min before I throw the snacks at them and having bouncers ready instead of looking for them last second. 


Members of Appointments Committee

VS ‘21:

DL ‘19: why do you think you would be good for this role, and what are some past experiences that make you qualify for this position?

VS ‘21: So I am a first year so i don’t have a whole lot of experience at brynmawr and for the past two semester I’ve been a green ambassador so i have experience with sustainability and seeing the way the co heads handled the meetings and the way they handled themselves and how they can facilitate the meeting i can see and know what  a good leader is so even with DLT and my previous HA has been amazing with everything and seeing the way the leaders mediated the conflicts and trying to make an impact I think this impacted me to make a changed on campus and I think this is the best way for me with little experience on this campus.

NB ‘19: Past leadership experiences that would help you with this position?

VS ‘21: During my senior year, I started a peer tutor initiative and i would help kids that were struggling with school work, i was also part of the year book and captain of a couple sports, so i am pretty familiar with leadership positions.

DL ‘19: As a member of the committee, you are supposed to choose between your peers and how would you feel comfortable doing so?

VS ‘21: So just me as a person i am very unbiased and even from my person life i am unbiased and i try to see everything from every side and with everything i do i am pretty organized and very thorough with everything i do so i can see  how others are innovative and how others can make an impact on the community.


SGA Archivist

DL ‘19: Why do you want to be SGA archivist and what skills and experiences will aid you?

CD ‘19: I am interested in running because I know currently institutional memory is a big deal, it should be accessible to everyone and not only to the people seeking out institutional memory, so it should be a place harder to avoid. I think there definitely is an issue of people that want to seek it out seek it out and people that don’t, don’t. It is not an accessible system. As far as skills and experience I am a history major and I archive work this summer, i will be doing 30 hours a week so i will have plenty of archival research, and I am a history major rep and my job is to make history accessible and interesting to others. I think translating that is something I do there.

BG ‘19: For the past couple summers, I’ve worked with history museums and national archives and i take historical archive documents and find ways to make them accessible through outreach and committee events and working to create more teaching documents and more community events to teach about and contextualize history and sort of create change for an innovative future and we are at a point that we need to seek out. The fact that I was shocked that there was a SGA Archivist was a little upsetting, and how not even the people seeking out it out can find the informations, so we want to create many many channels to make history accessible. Thinking about the role as a sga archivist not just someone who is digitizing and creating interpretations for history but also as stepping in to the role as a librarian and there is a lot of talk rn for people I’m interacting with specifically about the changes we are making here and how about we are making the same changes it is support of a feedback look how we consider everything is ok or we just assume changes have been happening. And that sort of lack of information is really hurtful to the community and to actually making progress and finding ways to give voice to the changes that people are working on to make this a more better and save community. They’re already working to make the change they should not worki to have their work remembered that should be our job. So finding ways to stumble upon this information via email bulletin boards, events.

NB ‘19: I think both of you guys have mentioned that making archive more available and I was wondering how you guys would do that?

CD ‘19:

BG ‘19: I’m really interested in institutional memory…


2019 Song mistress

Lizzy Sobiesk ‘19:

NB ‘19: What’s your favorite new song?

YJ ‘20: What are the responsibilities as a senior Songs mistress?

LS ‘19:

YJ ‘20 (on behalf of LB’19 and BP ‘19): How would you manage your time as a senior and as a songsmistress?

LS ‘19:


Class of 2019 Honor Board Representative

RK ‘19:

SC ‘19: Why do you want this position?

RK ‘19:

SC ‘19: What is one thing you think that Honor Board can do better?

RK ‘19:

SC ‘19: How do you see yourself…

RK ‘19: One thing that is great about the honor board is that… my other thought is that the Honor Board deals with things on a case by case basis, which is unique

NB ‘19:

RK ‘19:


Class of 2020 Honor Board Representative

TMc ‘20: Hello my name is Taylor McClain and I am Class of 2020 and I use she/her pronouns.

NN ‘20: Also, Kaia Valentine is running for Class of 2020 Honor Board Representative but she is not able to make it today.

SC ‘19: Why do you want to be on the honor board?

TMc ‘20: Well I was on the Honor Board this past year and I had a lot of fun and I know that sounds really weird because it is the Honor Board. But it was really cool for me to work with the professors and other students to try to interpret the honor code and just to get a different perspective on how the Honor Code works because I remember my first year here, i had no idea what the Honor Code was and I thought people here got like Honor Code violations and I had no idea what anything was. But it was really cool for me this past year to just have the experience to learn more about the honor code and actually reading it as opposed to my first year. So I really value this experience and meeting new people.

SC ‘19: What’s one change that you want to make to the Honor Board?

TMc ‘20: I agree with Rebecca that Honor Board can be more transparent.

NB ‘19: do you have any thoughts on change in Haverford’s honor code?


Class of 2021 1-Year Honor Board Rep

AS ‘21:

LS ‘19: What do you feel about the change on Haverford’s honor code?

AS ‘21:

LC ‘19: Could you give an example of a time when you used confrontation or saw confrontation on campus?

AS ‘21: I cannot think of anything on the top of my head but I feel that having people to mediate.

LC ‘19: How do you see yourself being an advocate?

AS ‘21:


Class of 2021 2-Year Honor Board Representative

DS ‘21:

SC ‘19: Why do you want to be on Honor Board?

DS ‘21:

SC ‘19: What’s one change that you would make to the Honor Board?

DS ‘21:

TMC ‘20:

DS ‘21: