Nov 2019 Emergency Election: Candidate Statements

Head of Committee of Campus Safety

Chloe Stapleton-Gray ’23

Hi! I’m Chloe Stapleton-Gray (she/her, class of 2023), and I’m running for Head of Committee of Campus Safety. I have been a part of student government, city government, and a model government for many years before my time at Bryn Mawr. From middle school on, I was part of my student body government, as well as getting involved in other civic activities. For the past two years, I was the chair of the Community Media Access Committee for my city’s government. This position gave me the knowledge to chair and head meetings, draft agendas, and act as a representative to other groups and government bodies. Throughout my four years in high school, I also participated in a program called Youth and Government, where I wrote proposals and argued them, as well as presenting legal arguments and fielding tough questions. These experiences have given me confidence in my abilities to work with others and help to lead meetings in a manner that also gives autonomy to the other people on the committee, as well as the student body as a whole. I want to be the head of this committee because I believe that Campus Safety is a vital part of this campus community, and I would love to help facilitate that. The purpose of Campus Safety is to protect the students at Bryn Mawr, and be of service when students need help. However, there is sometimes a disconnect between the nature of Campus Safety’s actions, and whether students should worry about calling for help. Serving on the Campus Safety Committee, the Residence Council, and the Alcohol Party and Review Board, as well as acting as a liaison for Campus Safety and other organizations on campus would allow me to help bridge the gap between students and Campus Safety, and learn about SGA in the process. Coming to Bryn Mawr, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the Student Government Association leadership because of my passion for government, and giving voice to others while also ensuring that meetings run smoothly. I will bring my enthusiasm for government, desire to learn more about Campus Safety and the surrounding groups, and empathy in serving the other students at Bryn Mawr to effectively preside over meetings and vote consciously as a part of the Representative Council. Please consider voting for me for Head of Committee of Campus Safety! Chloe Stapleton-Gray


Head of Social Committee

Andreanna Papatheodorou ’22

Hey, everyone! My name is Andreanna Papatheodorou (‘22), and I am running for Head of the Social Committee.

I plan on introducing new and innovative ideas for out-of-class activities, speakers, writers, thinkers, parties, and more. With that in mind, as Head of the Social Committee, I would like to curate events on campus that reflect the changing political landscape in the United States, and allow us to engage in politics while also creating safe spaces in which we can disengage and avoid burnout, as I believe in sustainable activism. I will work for Bryn Mawr to become a space that more prominently places the voices of marginalized students at the forefront.

As a first generation, queer, latinx student coming from a mixed-status family, I find it most important to approach leadership and organization from a place of service, transparency, and community. My activism began in 2015, when I joined Community of Friends in Action (CoFIA), a local non-profit organization that dedicated itself to advocating for the rights of undocumented migrant workers, and went on to work directly with their Chair. With them, I participated in national calls to action for law reform, organized fundraisers, and played an extensive role in standing up for the protection of undocumented immigrants, especially regarding their wages, workplace conditions, and labor rights. I have gone on to participate in campaigns in all levels of government, even training in activism with the ACLU.

These experiences have made me well-equipped to represent and provide for the student body’s social and programming needs. I ask for your vote because I believe that the next year will be one of extreme political salience, Bryn Mawr’s SGA and events should reflect that.

As your next Head of Social Committee, I plan to:

● Ensure that the initiatives and events led by the Social Committee reflect the desires of the greater student body and provide a well-rounded, enjoyable experience for students.

● Uplift marginalized student’s voices in meetings and through my vote in the Representative Council.

● Reaffirm and uphold the power and necessity of Community Day of Learning, as was discussed and passed as a resolution during Fall 2019 Plenary.

● Continue the work of past SoCo heads to create consistent events that students and future SoCo heads can utilize in years to come.

I am happy to see a plurality of voices represented in this election, and I hope I have earned your vote and confidence in me as your next Head of Social Committee!

Betty Xu ’20 and Cathy Zhang ’20

Hello members of Bryn Mawr Community, our names are Betty Xu (She/Her) and Cathy Zhang (She/Her), and we are running for the Head of Social Committee.

In previous years, we have had the privilege to work as International student liaisons, member of SGA Election board and Class representative. We also have experiences with event planning both on and off-campus. On campus, we have experiences working at the Conference and the Events office, The Alumnae Relations Office, and the Pensby center. Off campus, Betty has worked at the West Bund Art Fair in Shanghai, where she expanded client pool through outreach. Cathy is currently the student ambassador at Barnes Foundation, where she fosters a relationship between the Barnes and Bryn Mawr College. With these experiences, we are confident that we will plan great events for the campus.

Previous social committee have worked really hard on making Bryn Mawr a safety space to have fun. We hope to continue working on this initiative by collaborating with Campus Safety and the form presidents. We plan to organize various de-stress activities, such as meditation sessions, sunset yoga, group sessions, etc. We also aim to work with the health center to provide better support for our seniors.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail: Betty Xu at and Cathy Zhang at