April/May Elections

2022 Class Presidents


Hello! We are Jennifer Nguyen (she/her) and Isabella Acuña (she/her), and we are running for your senior class presidents! Isabella is a Posse scholar from Houston, Texas majoring in Political Science, and Jennifer is from Chicago, Illinois majoring in Sociology! We both have served on the E-Board for Zami+, a club on campus for QTPOC, and are dedicated to working for marginalized groups on campus to have a greater presence and respect in this PWI. Jen is also an active member of ASA and Isa is a member of Mujeres*. You’ve probably seen Jen whipping up your delicious drinks and snacks at the Uncommon evening shifts, while Isa calls for phonathon to gather donations for the school! 


We hope to make SGA more welcoming and accessible to marginalized people on campus, and we hope to represent those groups as best we can as senior class presidents. Through our experience running Zami+, we know how to host fun events that everyone feels welcome at. We plan to host a lot of fun senior events, including a halloween costume contest, happy hour, senior picnics, boba nights, and plenty of outdoor activities as well as plenty of remote activities. We want to make our senior year as enjoyable, successful, and memorable as possible, especially after all the changes we have struggled with during a pandemic. We hope to get back to hosting in-person events, but also plan to have a virtual element to all these events as well as hosting zoom-only events in order to fully incorporate remote students and accommodate students with busy schedules. We know senior year is a busy and stressful time, but we hope to make this easier with an abundance of fun activities where we get to interact with other seniors and make the best of our last year here. Bryn Mawr has been an amazing home to many of us for the last four years, and we intend to honor that by celebrating our years here!


Thank you for your consideration and feel free to email jnguyen2@brynmawr.edu or iacuna@brynmawr.edu with any questions!



 COVID 19 has brought us grief, separation, and disparity in the last two years. It has been especially felt by our class of 2020 and 2021 seniors who had their graduations through computer screens. Many were not able to live on campus and take semesters off to help with health and academic career. We still don’t know what the future holds. Each class year has experienced difficulty in various ways since COVID happened. There is still so much to overcome but as your class presidents we hope to bring some happiness and fun to your last year here.


To be senior class presidents would mean to recognize the different states our school and country are in and be as safe as possible while still uniting our community. With the hope of vaccines and safety guidelines continually practiced, we have hope that we will be able to have a more normal senior year. A big part of that normalcy at Bryn Mawr is senior week and senior class activities throughout the year. We want to be your voice and have every opinion heard to ensure the safest, and most fun senior year possible.


We still have hope that this next academic year will be one we can start to heal from. Our jobs will be part of that motion to help bring back normalcy in our lives. With this position comes hard work. We have been student workers all three years at Bryn Mawr, meeting at Wyndham Alumni House our first year. With leadership positions and a strong work ethic for school and work, we understand the amount of responsibility we are willing to put on our shoulders. We want there to always be inclusion at every event we hold, never having a single person feeling excluded. As mentioned before, we want to bring our community together and that means events for all students, so we all know who we each are looking out for. These past couple of years have put a lot of stress on us all, and we would love to hold de-stressor events like yoga and meditation among other practices. We will always be open to suggestions and will support what the class wants and needs.



Let’s build this coming up year on growth, love, and happiness. 


Jourdan Catchings (She/her) ‘22

Ingrid Engelhardt (she/her) ‘22



Hi BMC Community! Our names are Miles DeClue (they/them) and Aaliyah Joseph (she/her), and we are running for Senior Class Co-Presidents. During these past three years at Bryn Mawr, we have had the pleasure to hold many on-campus positions such as Admissions Tour Guide, Curriculum Committee Representative, Customs Person, and Community Diversity Assistant. Each of these jobs has given us the tools to be able to plan and host successful events, cultivate open and honest communication, and foster a strong community. In addition to these jobs, we are also a part of the BSLC E-Board. As E-Board members we have experience planning art pop-ups, sit-ins, and hosting both school and Trico-wide events. Most importantly, as BSLC E-Board members, we have worked to make the campus a more anti-racist environment and we want to continue these endeavors as co-presidents by having joint SGA and BSLC meetings/hangouts. 


Aaliyah and I hope to be your co-presidents because, throughout our time at Bryn Mawr, we have noticed the ways our class has formed an undeniable intimacy. Within those moments we have been able to witness a set of both particular and unique moments including but not limited to: the strike, the post-strike climate we currently inhabit, Bryn Mawr before and during COVID-19, the establishment and proliferation of CDL, the current DEI requirement that is in the works, and the ongoing movement around M. Carry Thomas. The takeaways from these experiences disproportionately affect folks who identify as people of color, queer, low income, and first-generation. Our hopes as Senior Class Co-Presidents is to work with SGA to make Bryn Mawr a space truly committed to equity for our fellow seniors, the current students on and off-campus, and the incoming first years. 



Hello, class of 2022! We are Gemma and Bailey, and we want to be your senior class presidents. We are both very excited about the opportunity to serve our community. We are very passionate about environmental issues, anti-racist action, reinvigorating the community, accessibility, and of course, having fun! After this year, we are probably all struggling with feelings of isolation. One of our priorities would be to reinvigorate our community and bring each other together for our last year as a senior class. Protecting the environment is super important to both of us. If we are elected, we commit to making all our events as environmentally friendly as possible. We are committed to intersectionality and want to center marginalized communities’ needs and effectively represent all of our classmates in everything we do, especially to SGA and administration. We will finally be seniors! Next year will be extra hard — which is why we want to make every one of the last moments we spend together as a class as fun and exciting as possible.


Here is a little info about our experience: Gemma has a lot of experience communicating between professors and students, through jobs as an online course coordinator and a TA. She also has experience with balancing budgets and working with numbers both through her personal life and by budgeting for a research grant this summer. Gemma is also a supervisor at UnCommon, and so has a lot of experience overseeing other people and working independently of authority. She is prepared to serve the senior class by listening to students, working on independent projects/events, and budgeting for them.


Bailey is extremely passionate about organizing large events and has experience working with SGA and in DLT. She is the Dorm President in Merion this year, serving on RepCo and ResCo as well as spearheading dorm-wide events like WTF week. Last year she was on the Traditions Committee and helped to organize and work during the traditions. Bailey has experience with event planning outside the college, working on events for YouTube and other media companies, as well as an internship this summer with an event business. She hopes to represent the needs of her senior classmates effectively to administration and SGA to create actionable change — and make the class of 22’s last year memorable! 


2022 Honor Board Candidates


My Name is Rania Hammami (she/her), class of 2022, and I am running for rep on the honor board. I have been involved on campus through my new project peer health educators on campus. It has been such a rewarding experience, where I got to work closely with admin to ensure that we have a safe semester while maintaining and caring for the wellness of Bryn Mawr students. Being a representative on the honor board would allow me to contribute more to the community by upholding the values of the honor code. I plan to:

work with the head of honor board to make the honor code less daunting, more inclusive, and accessible for all students.

Minimize the impact of the honor board decisions on students’ mental health and make sure that BIPOC and international students are not disproportionately affected by such decisions.

Ensure a fair process that takes into consideration the students’ circumstances to get a full understanding of the situation in question.

Promote positive confrontation on campus, accountability, and commitment to ensure that our Bryn Mawr community is a place where we can have a respectful dialogue with each other. 

Hold students and Faculty accountable to the honor code, prevent any party from weaponizing it against any other party.



Hello, my name is Sofia Mondragon. I am incredibly honored to be nominated and now running for a position on the SGA Honor Board as a Senior Year Representative. 

Bryn Mawr has been a home to me and has welcomed me with open arms. The Bryn Mawr Honor Code is the foundation of the Bryn Mawr community and by extension, the SGA. I decided to run for this position because the Honor Code has been instrumental to my time as a student, I want to uphold the values put forth by the Honor Code, and give back to the community that welcomed me so graciously. I would like to create safe space for students of all backgrounds to thrive. I believe that the SGA Honor Board should promote a restorative attitude if an Honor Code violation does occur. I believe in creating an honest environment where discorce between the students, SGA, and faculty is celebrated and there is a level of trust between all that is outlined in our Honor Code. I hope my dedication to the Bryn Mawr community throughout my career as a student proves how qualified I am for this role. I hope the Bryn Mawr student body believes in me to be an accurate representative for the SGA Honor Board. 



Hello everyone! My name is Anderson (he/him), I am a rising senior, and I am running as an Honor Board representative for the 2021-22 academic year. I had a great experience serving on the board this past year, and I hope to continue this work during my senior year. I hope to make the Honor Code more accessible and comprehensible to all students, but especially those coming before the board. The language in the Code could definitely use some re-working! In addition, I will continue to advocate for transformative hearing resolutions coming from a place of care, compassion, and benefit of the doubt. The board should serve as an avenue for conversation, mutual understanding, and forgiveness—not fear and punishment—and, if elected, I will continue to push to make interactions with the Honor Board less intimidating.


In addition to serving on the Honor Board, I have also been a CDA for the past two years. This has given me copious experience in maintaining confidentiality, seeking generative solutions to conflict, working with community members to restore trust, and prioritizing justice for students holding marginalized identities, namely BIPOC and low-income students. These skills greatly helped me serve in my position on the board this past year, and I hope to carry them forward into another year of service. 


Thank you, and please feel free to contact me at agaskill@brynmawr.edu if you have any questions/comments/concerns.



2023 Honor Board Candidates



Hey y’all! My name is Amina Choudhry and I’m running for a 1-Year-Representative to the Honor Board for the class of 2023! I’m very involved on campus, I’m a part of Afreen and Pulso dance clubs, I work as an Elivade fellow to advance networking for POC students, I’m a Spanish tutor, and I work in the dining hall. I am running for 1-year representative to the honor board because I’ve been involved in similar work in the past.  I’ve served as Head of “Community Council” (a forum like Honor Board) for 2 years at my high school “The Masters School.”


I have experience coordinating meetings with the Dean of Students and the Dean of Residential life to discuss matters of plagiarism, theft, academic dishonesty etc. When an instance of this nature arose I coordinated with the Dean of Students to conduct a 20/30 minute forum and discuss the instance and deliberate on a resolution. I worked to rebrand the Honor Board at my school from the Disciplinary Committee to Community Council in an attempt to foster a productive school environment that facilitates healthy and equitable relationships between students and repairs relationships when conflict occurs. 


When an instance of academic dishonesty or anything of that nature occurs, we rely on our Honor Board to center that mistep around restorative justice and community healing. I want to be a part of the governing body that creates an environment that nurtures honesty and models high standards for the student body. I also want to advance POC students’ concerns about social honor codes and the implications that brings.  



Hello everyone,

My name is Eden Valdivieso, I am a Sophomore of the class 2023, and I am running as an Honor Board representative. Since I was a senior in high school, the Honor Code and the trust of our community have interested me. I decided to run this year because I was nominated by Liz Burke. As a representative, I want to uplift and uphold that transparency and trust between the faculty and the students.

Along with diplomacy and advocacy, I would bring my unique perspective as a BIPOC student to the Honor Board. I would use my perspective not only in the cases but also in updating the bias report system. If elected, my first goal would be to change the form. I want the whole process to be more transparent and less intimidating.  

My second goal is to make the Honor Code more accessible. I would continue Honor Code discussions in Thrive, but I would also add a social media element. The current SGA Instagram should have a link tree on resources and post short videos periodically throughout the semester. And for those who don’t engage in social media, there could be short videos on the website or even a Monday Minute type of deal. Along with the education of students, faculty should have a thorough discussion with students about the Honor Code and expectations, to avoid future infractions.

I envision the Honor Board as a system of calm intervention, mediation, and resolution. It is important to me that the Honor Board does not punish our community, but serves and helps us throughout our time at Bryn Mawr. If elected, I would approach cases with a neutral and diplomatic approach. While my ability to listen would be an asset to my position, my love of advocacy would be too.

I hope I have your vote,

Eden Valdivieso



Hello! My name is Avalon Vanis and I’m running for Junior Honor Board representative. I served on the Honor Board last year and would like to continue to offer a kind and listening ear to students. I strongly believe in creating a restorative environment and in taking time to understand and talk with each person who comes to the honor board, whether as part of a hearing or just with questions. I am well versed in our honor code and in the honor board abstracts. I have read all of the previous hearing abstracts and am working with the honor board head, Liz Burke on updating abstracts on the website with more recent cases; although these abstracts will not be published for at least a year in order to keep the anonymity of students. In my time working on the honor board, I can confidently say that neither the honor code nor coming in front of the honor board is something to be afraid of. I hope that this year I can continue working towards making the honor code accessible by updating the website and creating a more interactive online presence. Engagement and understanding on all sides will make it so that students can effectively advocate for themselves in matters related to the honor code and will also help us best advocate for you to professors and administration. I’d love the opportunity to work with you all again next year! 


2023 Songsmistress/master/masterx


Hello there! I am Catie Robinson (she/her), and I am running to be nexts year’s junior songsmistress. My favorite thing to do is to have fun and get others hyped to have fun and sing songs together! Events and traditions like step-sing and lantern night can be such an important opportunity to come together and have fun despite our day to day worries, and I want to once more play my part in helping out with these events. I loved being your songs mistress this past year and would love to be your songsmistress again!


2024 Class presidents


Hello Class of 2024! 


We, Abhi Suresh and Lillian Ernst, are so excited to run again as the Co-Presidents of the Class of 2024! We want to bring forth transparency, communication, and open access to the resources on campus for our class body going into our Sophomore year of college. 


We have spent this past semester learning the ins and outs of what this role entails throughout the Covid-Era, and we look forward to implementing this knowledge by creating more events for our class engendered from student reception and feedback for the upcoming school year. We have been collecting feedback all semester and are incredibly excited to further engage with our class as Covid regulations ease and we are able to host larger events for our entire class.


We will also be aiming to make resources, and ourselves, more accessible to our class body through work with the Civic and Career Engagement Center, the Health and Wellness Center, and student-led organizations like the Black Student Liberatory Coalition (BSLC) as well as the Student Government Association (SGA) as a whole. We recognize the upcoming year for our class is demanding in all aspects from academic to social. Thus, we want to make information, opportunities, and events brought by these and other departments more accessible to our class. We also aim to improve communication and transparency between faculty and students to allow students to feel more knowledgeable and empowered as members of the BMC community. 


Additionally, the two of us want to reaffirm our commitment to transparency and communication. We are here for all of you and want to be accessible and responsive in working through any concerns you may have. We want to help you progress towards your respective futures and help foster a supportive community for all.


Thank you for your time!


2024 1-Year Honor Board


Hi! My name is Darpan Chahal, I am a part of the Class of 2024, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to run as an Honor Board Representative! The Honor Code can often feel like a punitive or intimidating presence on campus, and that is why I am committed to embracing a culture of compassion and kindness. It is imperative to listen to each case with tenderness and understanding. We trust students to follow the honor code, and, perhaps even more importantly, they trust us to apply the ideals of the Honor Code in an equitable and consistent manner. It would be extremely impactful to create an easily accessible online space with a variety of easy-to-understand information about the verbiage of the Honor Code and its application on campus. If elected, I promise to work to demystify the Honor Code and establish the lasting positive impact it can have on the Bryn Mawr community. 



Hi! My name is Xenya Currie (she/her), and I’m a member of the class of 2024 running to be a one-year representative to the Honor Board. I’m interested in running for this position because one of the reasons I chose to attend Bryn Mawr was because of its Honor Code and the ways in which the Honor Code fosters trust and places responsibility in us as students. I found this to be particularly appealing and important to me because my high school also had an Honor Code, which meant that we could self-schedule and self-proctor quizzes and tests on our own academic honesty. That was a really valuable aspect of my experience, both then, in high school, and now, in college. I am deeply interested in considering philosophical, ethical, and interpersonal issues with integrity and a genuinely listening ear, through which I seek first to understand. For I value and dedicate attention to practicing listening, as I’m of the opinion that engaging in active listening both necessitates a valuation of the other person’s (or people’s) experience and involves extending my self in order to imagine myself in the shoes of another. If elected to serve on the Honor Board, I would dedicate myself to seeking proportional solutions with the ultimate goal of restoring trust. Additionally, I am interested in helping Liz Burke, the Head of the Honor Board, with her project of reimagining the bias reporting system. Please feel free to contact me—by email (xcurrie@brynmawr.edu) or in person—if you have any questions! Information about other candidates (and candidate statements) can be found on the elections blog at the following link: https://elections.blogs.brynmawr.edu/. The voting period lasts from April 30th through May 2nd, and a Google form will be emailed to you. Additionally, please feel free to contact the Election Heads, Bharati Ganesh and Shreya Bhutani, with any questions at elections@brynmawr.edu. Have a lovely day! 




2024 2-year Representative


My name is Carlee Warfield (she/they), and I am a first-year here at BMC. I am honored to have been nominated for the 2-year representative position, as the Honor Code is the prime reason why I chose to come to Bryn Mawr. I value that the Honor Code creates the fabric of our community; therefore, I want to work to make it accessible and inclusive of all students. 


In the transition from online to in-person learning next year, all students will be expected to navigate new expectations of academia. I am prepared to work extensively to ensure that the Honor Code can act as a guide for new students and all other community members through additional transparency and collaboration with other sectors of the college. Furthermore, I believe that education on the Honor Code/Board must extend past Thrive. I intend to create opportunities for critical discussion on the meaning of the Honor Code and videos and other materials to reiterate the core values of the Code. 


Serving as an Honor Board Representative, I will approach each case seeking justice and equitable solutions for all involved parties and work towards ensuring that the Honor Code acts as a tool towards restorative justice, rather than a tool of weaponization against fellow students. 


2024 Songsmistress/master/masterx


Hi everyone! My name is Grace Curtin (she/her) and I am running for ’24 Songsmistress. Everybody who knows me can attest to the fact that I LOVE to sing, even though I am no good at it. I never pass up an opportunity to sing, and love to sing all the songs at Step Sing – it doesn’t take much encouraging to get me to start singing, which has previously resulted in me singing songs at Virtual Step Sings that I wasn’t really supposed to be singing, but did anyways because I was just too enthusiastic. Three fun facts about me are that I somehow have the Sophias memorized, I make a mean Spotify playlist, and I also have the Rasputin dance from Just Dance in my back pocket to enact at any given moment, so do with those facts what you will (and hopefully I will have a chance to show them off at some point!). What I lack in traditional singing talent, I make up for with my personality and school spirit – I have been described as “a golden retriever personified” and love to make people smile and laugh. As Songsmistress, I would love to bring joy to the Class of 2024 by making people laugh with my singing during Traditions. Contact me at gcurtin@brynmawr.edu with any questions or music recommendations!  


Appointments Committee


My name is Claire Hylton, and I am a sophomore Classical Languages major. I am running for re-election as a member of the Appointments Committee. This past semester on the committee has given me invaluable experiences with building committees, and understanding what makes a good team. Since the Appointments Committee is responsible for building SGA committees, I am committed to appointing candidates who make anti-racist work and intersectionality the center of their action plans, to make sure that this is at the center of the work that SGA will do. I hope to do this by directly addressing this in interviews. I hope to work to make the interview and appointment process one that is accessible and fair, and making sure that interviewees feel comfortable and heard during interviews. 


Hello, my name is Palmer Jones, and I am campaigning for the position of Member of Appointments Committee. As a BIPOC student at Bryn Mawr, it is important to me that everyone feels that they have a community to belong to. I am committed to providing an opportunity to help those who want to be more involved and ensure that they find a committee that suits their needs. Bryn Mawr has so much to offer to so many different people and I want to be a part of the continuance of that in the future. I think that Appointments can be helpful in so many ways and would like to make information about it more accessible to students, especially as a first-year student. Thank you!


Hello peeps! My name is Gillyoung Koh (she/her, Class of ’24), and I am running for Member of Appointments Committee! Before my time here at Bryn Mawr, I have held leadership positions for a wide range of clubs at my high school: captain of the golf team, secretary for Orchestra, treasurer for Future Business Leaders of America, and secretary for Science Olympiad. I know how much responsibility and commitment are needed, so I want to appoint people who are ready and willing to take on the leadership for the position he/she/they want. As a Member of Appointments Committee, I want to get to know all of the potential candidates for committee positions not just as a checklist to see if this person meets the requirements but as someone passionate to make a change, promote diversity, and help make Bryn Mawr an amazing and welcoming place to be. To me, what matters are the 3D’s (not the 3D glasses but I do love them!): dedicated, determined, and dynamic. If I am elected, I want to help appoint people who are full of ideas, ready to put 100% of their efforts, and representing who we Bryn Mawr students truly are. 


Thank you for taking the time to read! If you have any questions or just want to say hello, feel free to reach out to me at gkoh@brynmwar.edu. Stay safe everybody, and don’t forget to practice self-care because YOU matter!


Off-campus Representative


Hi everyone! My name is Leila, and I’m running to be Off-Campus Representative for the 2021-2022 school year. I’ve lived off campus for the past year and plan to continue living off campus until I graduate next spring. I know the concerns that many off-campus and commuter students have, and I’ll do my best to communicate those concerns to the SGA/the broader Bryn Mawr community


Haverford Representative



Hello! My name is Leo Mediratta (she/her, class of 2022) and I am running for Haverford Representative. Over the last three years, I have really gotten to know Haverford’s Campus and students. I take a lot of my courses at Haverford, and I think I would make an excellent Representative!


Res-co Head



Dear Bryn Mawr Community,


Hello! My name is Taylor (she/her), I’m a Sophomore English major with an Anthropology minor, and I’m running to be your Head of Residence Council. As your ResCo Head, I hope to foster community in both DLT and residence halls as a whole. I have experience with DLT as the current Dorm President of Pem West (which has been a blast!) and I wish to continue working within the ResCo. As Dorm President, I have attended both ResCo and SGA meetings frequently, allowing me to learn the general ins and outs of what needs to get done in order to make campus living enjoyable. Due to my current DLT position, I am used to common residential issues and have the tools to solve them efficiently. I realize how much goes into making sure these residence halls run smoothly- from communicating with SGA to groundskeeping employees. With many thanks to Pem West’s current housekeepers, I feel comfortable communicating issues and helping solve them in a timely manner. I am also very involved in the community, including clubs like HerCampus and SPT, as well as jobs in both the dining hall and bookshop that allow me to connect with students. I believe this is very helpful in working in an elected position as I already have familiarity with those I am representing. Furthermore, I am used to completing a heavy workload accurately due to my positions across campus. I would like to encourage the DLT to become more of a community by creating shared documents where members can share hangout ideas, helpful resources, and other plans in order to enrich on-campus living. I also plan to hold regular office hours to allow DLT to meet more personally on issues.


Due to COVID-19, on-campus living has changed drastically. Working remotely was an adjustment that was required, meaning many students may have not felt the community of a residence hall during a normal year. I think these issues need to be considered in the coming year because, even though the pandemic is winding down, health and safety has never been more important in our halls. I wish to create a positive space where students feel comfortable approaching ResCo with any concerns about safety on campus, as well as fostering more community during such a difficult time.


I am incredibly passionate about making life on campus enjoyable, and I believe that starts in the rooms we stay in. I know I am well qualified with dorm leadership and hope you will consider me as your next Head of ResCo.


Much Bryn Mawr Love,

Taylor Walsh ‘23

Traditions Mistresses/Master/Masterx Candidates’ Statements


Yael Eiben and Kalyn Wiley are excited to announce that they are running for Traditions Mistresses!


Yael and Kalyn both chose to apply Early Decision to Bryn Mawr for many different reasons, but the Traditions here and their uplifting acts of inclusivity were a deciding factor for both of them. Traditions are central to the identity of the Bryn Mawr community, and Yael and Kalyn both feel as though Traditions are what assured their places at Bryn Mawr. Yael and Kalyn want to ensure that every student, regardless of their background or identity, also feel welcomed by the Traditions on campus. Students of every race, gender identity, sexuality, and nationality call Bryn Mawr home, and Yael and Kalyn plan to establish a community, fostered by Traditions, where every student feels like they have a place. Further, in their roles as Traditions Representatives this past year, Yael and Kalyn are aware of how much thought and time goes into making Traditions successful. Both Yael and Kalyn are effective communicators with strong leadership skills and are fully confident that these skills would shine through in executing Traditions next year. They will each put their best foot forward in making Traditions the most cheerful and comfortable experience possible for all, so they are the perfect pair to take on the role as your Traditions Mistresses.


Yael and Kalyn met during Customs Week and became fast friends, having grown even closer since then. No matter the setting — whether they’re in class, the lab, or out and about around campus having fun, Yael and Kalyn are a dynamic duo. They rely on one another and complement one another’s personalities and skill sets. Yael is a Pisces and Kalyn is a Gemini — even though it is written in the stars that they should be enemies, they click very well and balance one another out. Yael and Kalyn develop different emotions, thoughts, actions, and approaches to problems, which contributes to their strong teamwork skills. Both Yael and Kalyn are very approachable and want to know how they can best facilitate every tradition to make sure that it is enlivening and accommodating for all. They love talking to people and would be happy to have a conversation with you any time!


Yael is currently a Customs Person on Merion 2nd and a tour guide in the Admissions Office. She loves connecting with people. She is also a Traditions Representative in Merion for the 2020-2021 school year. Yael has been involved with research on campus in Dr. Melvin’s chemistry lab, where she enjoys having a hands-on campus experience and working with other passionate people. Yael also interned with Campus Philly last semester as a Content Marketing Intern, so she is no stranger to event planning, social media outreach, and working with students from many different backgrounds. In her free time, Yael can be found playing Animal Crossing, listening to Taylor Swift, working out at Schwartz Gym, or making art with Bi-Co friends. If you’re ever trying to find Yael, look for a pop of yellow! It’s her favorite color and is part of every outfit. Yael brings initiative to every task to go above and beyond, and she would channel this energy into her approach to each Tradition and bring a positive outlook to every event. Bryn Mawr is Yael’s second home, and she hopes that her work with Kalyn as Traditions Mistresses would help foster the same experience for all Bryn Mawr students. She is very excited about Traditions, and she was a Runner this year for her favorite Tradition: Lantern Night! Yael loves how Lantern Night brings each class year together to be part of the broader Bryn Mawr community and is awaiting the arrival of Baby Reds next year.


Kalyn is currently a Customs Person on Brecon 2nd and a supervisor at Wyndham Alumnae House. Kalyn has also played a role in Bryn Mawr’s SGA as a representative of the Social Committee and has previously written articles for Bryn Mawr’s Her Campus page. She is also a Traditions Representative in Brecon for the 2020-2021 school year. In addition to these current roles, she will also be joining Dr. Malachowski’s research team this summer, where she’s excited to contribute more to her favorite department and campus community. During her free time, Kalyn loves to read books on Senior Row, grab coffee from Uncommon Grounds, and workout at the Schwartz Fitness Center. She has lots of leadership experience on and off campus and is hoping to make Traditions as positive an experience as possible. Kalyn is passionate about all things Bryn Mawr and wants to make sure Traditions make everyone feel as welcomed and at home as they have made her. As our community starts transitioning back to normal, Kalyn wants to make sure everyone will have an amazing experience back on campus with fun-filled Traditions. Her favorite Tradition is Hell Week, and she’s very excited to reunite with her Hell Family once again and receive wonderful grandchildren next year! 


Please email yeiben@brynmawr.edu or kjwiley@brynmawr.edu with any questions regarding Yael’s and Kalyn’s campaign. They are happy to address any Traditions concerns! 



We, Liz Tompkins and Chloe Stapleton-Gray, are very excited to announce that we are running for Traditions Mistresses.

Traditions are a fundamental part of the Bryn Mawr experience for all that want to participate and help to build a strong sense of community on our campus. We want to foster conversations on how Traditions can best be enjoyed by everyone to the fullest extent and make sure that they are inclusive and accessible. We are both passionate about this, and Chloe has experience with working on accessibility through an internship with an organization focused on accessibility and also on a city committee relating to media access. We will also continue the work around accessibility and inclusion that was furthered by the strike and plenary. As leaders, we will work to obtain community input since we are there to serve the larger community. We will work to provide transparent communication regarding our work throughout the year and provide regular updates.

The roles of Traditions Mistresses are a huge responsibility, and we are more than ready to take that on. We have experience working together in class and have been friends since last year. We both bring different things to the table, and our combined skills and strengths make a great team.

Liz is a current member of the Bryn Mawr lacrosse team and previously has been hired for traditions events. She enjoys taking on responsibility and loves working in teams. She will also be a Peer Mentor next year in Rhoads North and is looking forward to serving the Bryn Mawr community. She would love to be more involved with Traditions on campus since they are one of her favorite parts of Bryn Mawr. With her experience in leadership, she looks forward to transferring that knowledge and skill to the Traditions team next year.

Chloe’s favorite part of Bryn Mawr is traditions; she’s grown up hearing about the campus traditions from her mom and was so excited to participate in them when she got here. She is a part of the mock trial team and holds two on-campus jobs: at Uncommon Grounds and the Career Engagement Center. She loves working with people and has held many leadership positions prior to this, including chairing a committee in her city for two years. She looks forward to adding work for Traditions to her schedule for next year and is more than able to make time for this passion.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about why we want to be your Traditions Mistresses, feel free to email us at ltompkins@brynmawr.edu or cstapleton@brynmawr.edu.

Thank you!

Liz and Chloe