Feb 2020 Emergency Election: SGA Secretary Candidate Statements

Ilianny Grullon ’21

Hey everyone!! My name is Ilianny Grullon. I use She/her pronouns and I am a part of the class of 2021. I am running for Secretary. I consider myself to be a very organized person because of how I manage to balance class, work at Erdman, working as a TA, being on the appointments committee and still having time for a social life. I take pride and responsibility in always being attentive and responsible for my assignments and other activities. Organization and planning are two strong assets to have as Secretary of SGA as I will be responsible for keeping track of what is said at meetings. Being apart of the appointments committee has really made me want to keep my presence in SGA and really create an impact. Being a secretary will allow me to be in a space I’ve never been in before.

Soaad Elbahwati ’21

I would like to run for the SGA Secretary position because I want to give back in service to my friends and community that has helped me grow over the years. Since the SGA is for the students by the students, and the student body has been the most impactful to me during my time at Bryn Mawr, I would love to work with them in representation and expressing their desires and helping to realize them in this institution.

I have served on the e-board of the Muslim Students Association this past year and I would love to transfer what I have learned from serving in this capacity to our greater campus population. I’m organized and I’m really emotionally accessible so we can make goals and do our best to complete them next year.

Liz Kunkel ’21

Hello! My name is Liz Kunkel and I am running for SGA Secretary. I am running for secretary because I hold deep value for the SGA and believe that SGA is what makes Bryn Mawr an absolutely amazing college. As secretary, I would expand the ways that the SGA communicates with the student body in order to make information about the SGA more easily accessible through using social media and reviving the SGA website. I have experience managing a variety of communications, both through my time as secretary for the Bryn Mawr College Democrats and through my time interning with various lawmakers. I have experience taking the lead on large events and commit to making plenary run quickly and smoothly, while ensuring that the community has its voice heard.

Katherine Hahn ’23

I would love to take this position, because I am highly interested in continuing my involvement in student government from high school, where I served as Student Body Vice President. I also served as Secretary for so many other clubs, and believe that my time management skills and sense of responsibility will establish me as a good candidate for secretary that will be able to make sure everything in SGA is running timely and appropriately. I am a very organized person and like to plan out things and actually bring them to action as well! I hope that through this position, I’ll be able to learn more about SGA and what it does for the student body, as well as contribute what I have to offer to better the community as a whole!