Feb 2018 Election: Candidates Forum Minutes

Candidates Forum Spring 2018 (NOT EDITED)

SGA Secretary

SS 18: Can you talk about one position you’ve had at your time at Bryn Mawr?

YC 21: I think my current position is class president has helped me a lot because I’ve been trying to get a feel for what our class wants so I’ve been sending out surveys and trying to get a clear and put so I can build on that and also one of my experiences from co class president this year i’ve learned that my leadership skills or more Taylor towards supporting other leaders and higher positions so if I am given the task i’d better be fit to deliver that as I suggest receiving feedback from the student body.

SS 19: I’m currently in the president of NAACP and was the treasurer of the n-double-acp and has taught me how to communicate and communicate between amo groups and I’ve been trying to bridge the gap between groups that don’t really come together it’s a lot of what I’ve been trying to do this year is reach out to a lot of those groups to encourage dialogue things that to see what things we can work together towards so we can have things that we want.

TH 20: I was one of the founding members of a student publication on campus last year I wasn’t elected to this position but but I kind of became the unofficial secretary for that and so that was like reading emails and taking minutes of our meetings and then emailing them out to the group to make sure that like everyone was on the same page and sending out reminders for dancing like publication dates and stuff I like learning how to communicate with a vast spread of people and people who aren’t necessarily there when when things are being discussed to ensure that they understand what has been discussed and what was that determined said.

HC 19: Show me so I’m one of the currency for me so I’m one of the current CDA’s co heads and I as many of you know who live in my dorm like I send out a lot of regular emails with like a lot of information and what I found in this role is that my strengths line communication and crisis management for lack of a better term. What I mean by that is somethings that been really important to and like my possession is consistently being a leader but realizing being a leader requires constant communication clear communication engagement when people need things from you  and making sure making sure they know what you like them to engagement and how can you make that easier I think something that the past SGA board has been working  towards and it’s something that I would like to continue working towards if I were elected to this position.

AC 18: How are your guys’ writing skills? Do you have experience writing emails? How prompted you to your email responses? Students have a lot of questions.

HC 19: I’m an English major so I’m good at using concise terms for people that need to know and how they need to know it. I also send out a lot of emails all the time and I do check my email.

TH 20: I also check my emails fairly frequently and I work in the library. As secretary for my student publications, I send out emails. I try to answer students to the best of my ability and figure out how to put students in touch with those who know the answers that I don’t.

SS 19: I think I’m good at emailing and going beyond that I think it’s also really important to communicate with people like one-on-one when email isn’t convenient for people. Coming up with alternate options is good.

YC 21: I think I’m a good email writer. I think something else I’m really good at is learning my place in relation to who I’m talking to him so that means I adjust my tone based on who I am writing to.

NB 19: One thing I things that this past year that  EBoard has seen is significant of facet works and vision and mission of SGA what are some ways that you could bring submission is that you can bring to SGA?

YC: different social structure issues and in civil rights matters in my class some people are just performing the other people don’t realize that we go through I might be on the back burner watching others instead of using my voice in my ability sticking out and incorporating my voice another way.

SS 19: anything that  Bryn Mawr is SGA and Alicia are in a really strong position to empower students I’m telling administration of the need to speak on hoping you SGA as a platform for student power instead of waiting for a administration and do things powerful Avenue for students is constantly having to go through administration so really stressing out a way to create a  collective compartment of students I’m questioning that kind of power the basic level leaving.

TH 20: kind of going off that to working with the E board member and SGA members  in the faculty And the undergraduate community and in the area another student garments and maintain communication and transparency I feel like when I’m talking to other friends about things what is going on I feel like when people have a lot of good ideas they just don’t know how to go to and how to bring those ideas that is to be a space for people for not necessarily the members of SGA so they can be competitive.

HC 19: I work at communications in admissions so I like dad get to see what’s going to prospective students and and we talked about Sga all the time  but I think that we were very rarely have students talk to prospective students about what SGA is for and how they got their concerns heard specifically like this is what happens this is how you do it I think that this past SGA board had a spring open house that was a part of the panel and that was a good step but I want to make sure that Communication goes out to students who to whom SJ would typically feel intimidating intimidating and inaccessible maybe it was something they were not engaged in maybe they’re not engagements you government in high school maybe they don’t really like understand and I think my duties as secretary would be to use the influence I already have to town to reach out to her already in my network  hey hair is how you can get connected with the power that you need to to make the ideas that you already have.

SS 18: So each position on the keyboard has her own committee and yours is the members at large who are mostly freshman so how do you think you would utilize them for outreach?

SS 19: I say I think freshmen are unique set of students that come  because they don’t really have experienced Bryn Mawr yet  I think really providing them not just the school resources but providing like here’s what’s happening This is what we were doing about it and starting conversation on the base level so they don’t go into sophomore and junior year disillusioned starting dialogue from the get-go.

YC 21: There was a lot of communication about lack of communication or ineffective communication with our incoming class over the summer so we’d like to be able to contact people in higher positions It would be easier to talk with my peers if I knew the specific person who had information or actual place or thing that can listen.

HC 19: I really like first years I consistently prioritize working with them bc they’re a really big part of my time at Bryn Mawr so I think being a secretary mentoring members at large as a first year I had a lot of new ideas and new energy and the secretary  mentored me through that and id love to do that for them.

TH 20: I think coming In and not really knowing where to go makes you feel like you’re floating along the river of bryn mawr so going along with mentoring members at large and first years so they feel like they can take the paddle and make a change


SGA Treasurer

JK 21

AH: Treasurer is a position with lots of time commitment what are your time management skills during budget season as interviews can take hours?

JK 21: It’s all about what you prioritize clubs are what makes up your school and the ambiance being treasurer is important allocate the means for clubs to function. Timewise I’m excited to incorporate that into my roles and schedule.

NB 19: What about telling clubs you have less or more money how would you manage that?

JK 21: When it comes to allocating money, it’s really important to be analytical in how you approach it give time and thought to how you spread that money and working with people on that team and keeping communication with SGA team and people receiving money.

AH: Why do you want this position?

JK 21: I want to be more immersed in the Bryn Mawr community. SGA is a big part of Bryn Mawr and I want to be a part of this and helping clubs.

AH 19: What can you bring to this role?

JK 21: I have a lot of hope and ideas and I can work with people on the team.

SB 20: Since you’re a first year, what experience with treasurer and finance work do you have?

JK 21: Growing up, my dad was very frugal. These clubs are driving force of campus and they need money. I worked as a cashier in the gym so am capable with dealing with money.

SS 18: What do you plan to do with reimbursements and reallocations: strict or flexible?

JK 21: I don’t know a lot about reimbursements obviously people will be late with forms but I will work with sga team early on and figure that out.

AC 18: It falls into the hands of someone who can educate. How have you demonstrated being a leader?

JK 21: In order to get a lot done you need constant communication not just with SGA comprised of students but also administration who have a lot more say in where money is allocated. In high school I was in MUN at a low income high school we had to be in contact with principal every year. That will prep me for this position being able to negotiate and talk to administration and have purpose in what I say and being able to explain and stay communication.

AH 19: SFC is volunteer position requires a lot of hours a lot of patience with them who don’t have that much motivation so how will you motivate people?

JK 21: With committee members I hope we can rely on each other for constant motivation and desire to get work done and stay informed with another and having goals and making sure we meet these goals is really important.


Co-Heads of Elections

SB 20: I have been on the Elections Board since my freshman year so I think, first and foremost I know how elections at Bryn Mawr work and getting the word out and getting candidates to run so for example fun and silly themes, email, Facebook, flyers, in person. I know what works and what doesn’t in getting people motivated for elections in getting people to vote and Bryn. I’m really organized and being Head of Elections requires knowing everyone who’s running and keeping tabs on them. You have to run candidates forum and info sessions and get candidates statement the morning after candidates forum so you have to stay on top of that which requires organization. I have a lot of leadership skills as I’ve founded two clubs. I’m in the process of holding elections for Pre-Law Society to get new president to get fresh perspectives and I’ve led this club called Productions of Color. I’ve directors lined for up next semester but while I’ve led both of these clubs they’ve done incredibly well with students of all backgrounds. Elections Heads have to be leaders because they are part of the RepCo so they have to be there for other students and show up every week. They also need to put their foot down when they see someone violation elections bylaws during campaigning or not showing up to info sessions.

NN 20: Something great about running together we work great together we balance each other out we’re involved on campus E Board members of LINK and I’m founding Spoon University We’re very approachable we send out a lot of emails we know how to communicate with people. We’re also very organized. We try to keep in touch with people on campus.

YJ 20: People have to know just making elections more accessible. I’m a customs person in Pem East I know how to respond to people. People need to know how to run be nominated.

SS 18: Since the busiest time of the year is during an election, what will you do in the offseason?

YJ 20: Asking people around campus as head of elections how to improve in getting nominations and making it visible that elections are happening. Trying to get everyone involved handing out pieces of paper.

NN 20: Sending out more info having more communication with members of the community.

SB 20: Nanda has encouraged heads of committees to have pop ups and reach out to the community. I would hold a session where we tell what each repco position is and how to run as well as office hours and appointments. Heads of committees aren’t that good at reaching out to the general student body so having transparency is good.