2016 Spring Elections Candidates Statements

Class of 2017 President

Alexis Wiltshire and Valerie Salas

amcdonald@brynmawr.edu ; vsalas@brynmawr.edu

Hey 2017! We are Alexis Wiltshire and Valerie Salas and we are running for the position of class presidents. Alexis is a History and Italian double major and Valerie is a Sociology major with a minor in Psychology. Alexis has experience in SGA, as she was a Dorm President of Perry House in 2014-2015 and is currently the class president of 2017. She is also a co- student representative for the history department. Valerie has been a Student Coordinator for Dining Services since 2014. She was also a Supervisor at Erdman from 2014 to 2016. Currently, she is Mujeres* Co-President. We believe we are qualified for the position of Class Presidents due to our experience in student leadership roles working in affinity groups, SGA, and with faculty, staff, and administration.
If elected Class Presidents, we want to build and maintain a close relationship with our Sibling Class of 2019. We plan on holding sibling class socials and hangouts where the Class of 2019 can ask the Class of 2017 questions about declaring a major, studying abroad, classes to take, and other general topics. We want our classes to become resources for each other.
We have spoken with one of the class presidents from 2014 as well as the current senior class presidents about responsibilities and expectations of the position. We are well aware of the workload we have ahead of us and are ready, willing, and able, to tackle all challenged headed our way in order to make senior year fun and memorable for everyone. We plan on having one or two senior cocktail events in the Fall of 2016, along with a sibling class hangout and a trip to an arcade or a theme park. For the Spring of 2017, we want to emphasize that our events will be used to destress because we know that many people in our class will be writing and finishing their theses at this time. We want to have many fun and exciting events planned for senior week, and both of us are very receptive to criticism and feedback.
We hope that we can serve as Class Presidents during our senior year to make this time very memorable!

Hannah Henderson-Charnow and Priyanka Dutta

Our names are Priyanka Dutta and Hannah Henderson-Charnow and we are running for the position of Co-Presidents for the Class of 2017! Senior year, we believe, should be a celebration of our growth at Bryn Mawr. Therefore, if elected class presidents we plan to foster a meaningful final year, and create both relaxed and exciting events for our peers.

We believe we bring a wide set of skills and experiences to the job. Both of us have held leadership positions at Bryn Mawr — we have been involved with community building on campus as Customs People and Hell Week Representatives. In addition, Priyanka is the former president of Pulso Latino and a Wydham supervisor and Hannah was one of the founders of the club Spokes and has coordinated with outside performers; she currently works for Conferences and Events.Through these positions we have gained substantial experience working with different departments and resources on Campus to produce a multitude of events.

We have worked together before and we believe ourselves to be a dynamic and energetic team, and are very excited to create truly unique senior cocktails and senior week events. For example, one of our brainstorms include a jazz/R&B evening under the stars & potentially bringing an outside musical performer! However, most importantly we value community engagement and we hope our ideas will be critiqued, and supplemented by our peers next year.

Priyanka Dutta – pdutta@brynmawr.edu
Hannah Henderson-Charnow – hchenderso@brynmawr.edu

Class of 2018 President

Connie Lam

My name is Connie Lam and I am running to be the 2018 Class President. I am a Posse Scholar from Boston and in my free time I enjoy catching up on TV shows and jamming out to songs…everywhere. I am co-manager of the badminton team and am also the secretary-treasurer of ASA. All those experiences provide me with a background of being able to plan and organize events, develop a better social presence, and handle time well.
As class president, I will strive to be someone that everybody feels comfortable with sharing their honest opinions with. I intend to make sure that everybody’s voice is heard and that everybody feels included. For the past two years, being the 2018 Class President was an amazing experience. I had gotten to meet a lot of members of the class through the many events I had hosted including movie socials, sibling class teas, and hell week mixers. I have also helped plan an event during hell week and the sophomore celebration, both of which had an incredible turnout. Through all these events, I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge as to what is the best way to foster the class spirit and unify our class.
It’s great seeing many of the members of the class sporting the Class of 2018 sticker and for the next year, I plan to design more items to develop a more unified class. I look forward to being able to work with the new class presidents of 2020 as they will be our new sister class and I already have several ideas in mind for class socials.
If elected as your 2018 Class President, I aim to make this position stronger, make the class happier, and to reach out to each and every one of you guys. It’s always so much fun planning these events to unite the class even more and I hope to be able to plan and host more of these events in the future! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at clam@brynmawr.edu!

Class of 2019 President

Lillian Oyen-Ustad and Nikitha Shankar Shakamuri

Hello everyone, Nikki and I are excited to start the sophomore year with all of you next year and would love the opportunity to re-represent us as a class. My name is Lillian Oyen-Ustad; I am an biology major with a double minor in environmental science and health studies here at Bryn Mawr, a SAAC representative, a varsity athlete, and one of the sitting co-presidents of the wonderful class of 2019. Nikki Shakamuri and I are re-running for this position so we may continue to serve you all as we have for the past school year. You can reach me atloyenustad@brynmawr.edu or in Rhoads S 102 and Nikki at nshakamuri@brynmawr.edu or in New Dorm 112. Nikki is a prospective biology with a minor in neuroscience and statistics that is deeply involved with SAS, dance, and cultural life on and off campus.

After a full year of being your class presidents, we are excited at the chance to do it again in the upcoming year. From bringing together our class and the rest of the community through bud and roses teas and sister class socials, to celebrating the holidays of different cultures, to coming together to battle finals, Nikki and I cannot imagine not being involved in SGA. We know first hand what comes with this position, the budgeting, the planning, and working with the E Board and other SGA members. With us, you get experience and a true love for this position. Beyond the last year, I have served in student government as president of my school for two years, president of my class for one and liaison between the clubs the administration throughout high school. Nikki served as LEO club president, dedicated herself to practicing Bharatanatyam and Tennis at a competitive level, and recently went abroad to pursue her research in Oncology. On top of this experience, we are always open to new ideas and various contributions from any and all members of the class.

We cannot wait to help guide our class through our second years here at Bryn Mawr. Between strengthening our bonds with other classes to creating new friendships with the incoming class and transfer students, the upcoming year has much to give us. We hope to increase attendance to class events while also increasing the number of events we have throughout the year. By an increase in our budget, we hope to increase the opportunities we have in planning. We can’t wait to celebrate the milestones that come with our second year, from participating in traditions, to acting in DLT and gaining leadership positions in other clubs, to declaring our majors and minors of studies, we hope that you feel the same way.

We hope you give us the opportunity to act as your Co-Presidents again, and share the excitement we have for a new and prosperous year.

Class of 2017 Honor Board Rep

Justine Robinson

My name is Justine Robinson, and I am running for a one-year position as Honor Board Representative for the Class of 2017. You can contact me at jtrobinson@bmc.edu. Since my first year at Bryn Mawr, I have been interested in the inner functions of the Honor Code and how to incorporate it to the productivity and flourishment of the students here, and not to their detriment or failure. I have studied under a system of academic and social trust placed on students since high school, so I understand the value and need for a foundation like the one we have at this school, and would never take it for granted. As a Haverford major, I have seen the differences between their Honor Code and ours, and as a member of the Bryn Mawr Honor Board, I would make sure our Honor Code keeps its distinctiveness and singularity. I like to think of myself as a calm, rational, and logical person, and if elected to the Honor Board I would look at each case without bias and try to come to the most satisfactory outcome for everyone involved. As far as experience goes, last year I was Co-Treasurer for the Bi-Co Women’s Rugby Team, and I am also Vice-President of the United Students Against Sweatshops Club here at Bryn Mawr, giving me great leadership experiences and responsibilities I had to fulfill. The Honor Board needs people who can lead not only with questions but with introspection and observation to help keep the integrity of the Honor Code, and improve its purpose at Bryn Mawr. If you elect me, I will try and live up to those high standards and make Bryn Mawr a more accessible transition for future students.

Meera Jayaraman

Being on the Honor Board as One-Year Representative to Class of 2017 last year and the year before has been a powerful part of Bryn Mawr experience and way to give back to the community, and I hope to be reelected to the position. 
I have learned many of the important aspects of the job. If elected, I will serve as a confidential representative of my class in the student body in hearings and other situations, a resource for students who have questions about processes associated with the Honor Board, as well as a facilitator of communication and outreach to help educate students constantly about the details of the honor code and how it directly affects student life. I have prior knowledge of the job and all that it entails, and hope to improve outreach and publicity by being a member this upcoming year. 
In the past, I have been trusted with issues of a critical nature while being a member of the Customs Committee as well as a Customsperson and a Hall Advisor. Both the DLT and being on the Honor Board have given me experiences with issues that must be kept confidential, and I have proved myself and believe that I will serve the Honor Board well in that respect. I also consider myself articulate and open to speaking about the Honor Code to help educate upcoming first year effectively. With information sessions or teas, first-year students and beyond would have a free, safe space to express thoughts about the Honor Code and different aspects of it such as confrontation and micro-aggressions, both of which have proved a problem in the past.
Finally, I believe that I would be a great candidate to be reelected for the position because I truly care about educating the student body about the Honor Code, resolving academic and social issues, and creating an environment that is respectful and welcoming to all students, regardless of race, class, gender, or sexual identity. As a woman of color, I am witness to many issues that divide us as a student body, and I believe that respecting and educating people on the honor code will facilitate a safe space for all members of the College.


Class of 2019 Honor Board Rep (1 yr position)

Katya Olson

My name is Katya Olson Shipyatsky and I am running for a position on the Honor Board as the Class of 2019 one-year representative. I believe that the honor code is an integral part of the Bryn Mawr community, particularly powerful in that it pushes the students of the college to hold themselves to personal standards of integrity and promotes an atmosphere of respect and independence within the college. The honor code, in my opinion, uniquely allows the students of Bryn Mawr to be autonomous: adults accountable for their own actions. The honor code system drives us to compete with ourselves within ourselves. It asks us to strive to be the best version of ourselves.
It is my impression that, above all else, being a member of the honor board requires a strong internal ethical framework and the ability to carefully weigh and examine all sides of a situation. As captain of my high school’s large and competitive speech and debate team, I had to make many difficult decisions and look objectively at many complicated situations. Mediating relationships between debate partners and making confidential disciplinary decisions for members of the team who had broken our team’s ethical competition policies alongside my speech and debate coach taught me how to be weigh all arguments and hear all sides of a story while keeping an open and fair mind. Being a member of Bryn Mawr’s honor board is a big responsibility, but I believe that I have both the skills and the ethical frame of mind to succeed in the position.
The Honor Board, by virtue of the role it plays for the community, has to maintain a precarious balance between the somewhat contradictory values of confidentiality and transparency. Respecting the privacy of those involved in hearings is necessary to maintain consistency with the spirit of the honor code. However, I think that the Honor Board could adopt some community outreach policies to help Bryn Mawr students feel as though the workings of the honor board are less mysterious. For example, hosting abstract discussions or releasing modified abstracts about recent honor board hearings in very general, broad language might help the community begin to feel that the honor board is more transparent and that its members have more accountability. Such discussions/abstract releases would serve the purpose of informing the community, and, more importantly, would act as springboards from which the community could begin to engage in productive and (hopefully) restorative discourse surrounding the honor code and its interactions with day-to-day life at the college.
I believe passionately in Bryn Mawr’s honor code and its significance for the special community we are a part of. The duties of the honor board are essential to the functioning of the honor code as a living document that governs the Bryn Mawr community. I want to serve on the honor board because I care about the unique climate of respect and independence it has created in the college. I want to put myself in the best position possible to both ensure that the honor code continues to govern the student body in the way that it has and to ensure that it can continue to move and evolve with the community. Most simply, I want to serve on the honor board because I care deeply about justice and fairness and want to do everything in my power to make sure that the spirit and values of the honor code are well reflected in the Bryn Mawr community.
Any further questions can be sent to kolsonship@brynmawr.edu.

Sofia Colosimo

Hi Bryn Mawr! I’m Sofia Colosimo ‘19 (she/her pronouns) and I’m running for the position of One-Year Honor Board Representative. If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t consider this position until I was nominated for it. But after learning more about the position I can now say that I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to be a part of what makes Bryn Mawr so special— our Honor Code. In my year at Bryn Mawr, I have appreciated the Honor Code and the community it helps foster. It’s only when I leave the Bryn Mawr Bubble that I remember just how special and sacred the agreements we keep as a community are.
My understanding of the position of Honor Board Representative is that it requires a great deal of sensitivity. It requires sensitivity to the nature of the hearings process, sensitivity to the situations of my fellow Mawrtyrs, and a sensitivity to the needs of the Bryn Mawr community at large. I feel confident that I could engage in Honor Board work with sensitivity. However, I also understand that serving on the Honor Board requires objectivity. The Honor Code works well at Bryn Mawr because of the mutual respect we all have for one another and for the Code. I also have the ability to look at conflicts objectively and thoroughly to maintain the respect needed for our community to flourish.
One need I have heard in the Bryn Mawr community concerns the inaccessibility of information and processes within the Honor Code and Honor Board. As a first year, I struggled to understand how the Honor Board functions and found it difficult to find more information. I hope to bridge those informational gaps, especially for first years, but also for anyone who finds the Honor Code difficult to grapple with. Furthermore, I hope to work towards changing the relationship between the Honor Board and Bryn Mawr students and also hope to find new ways to spread information about the Honor Code to every corner of the campus and beyond.
I want to be a part of the Honor Board because I want to be a part of a process that builds respect and trust. I am so grateful for the community the Honor Code has created and I would love to see that community continue and grow into something more accessible for every student. You can reach me at scolosimo@brynmawr.edu

Class of 2019 Honor Board Rep (2 yr Position)

Rebecca Kaplan

My name is Rebecca Kaplan (’19, she/her) and I am running for 2019 Two-Year Honor Board Representative. I intend to major in psychology and minor in health studies, and am on the premed track. One of the things that initially drew me to Bryn Mawr was the way that the school’s commitment to student self-government, as embodied in the Honor Code, demonstrates a fundamental respect for us as students. Now that I’ve been here for close to a year, I have come to understand the integral role the Honor Code plays in virtually every aspect of life in the Bryn Mawr community. The trust that the College places in students is unique, but like all trust, it comes with responsibility. My goal is to uphold the Honor Board’s tradition as a body that solves problems, rather than hands out punishments, and to make the Honor Board less fearsome and more accessible to the community; I also hope to be able to use my ability to understand and empathize with others in order to facilitate social and academic harmony. Finally, I understand that serving on the Honor Board is a major commitment, but I am confident in my ability to balance my academics, extracurricular responsibilities, and my work on the Honor Board. Please feel free to contact me at rbkaplan@brynmawr.edu if you have any questions.

Class of 2017 Songsmistress

Sofi Chavez

My name is Sofi Chavez, I’m class of 2017 and I’m running for re-election for Class of 2017 Songsmistress. I’m grateful to have served as Songsmistress this past year, and would love the opportunity to serve as Senior Songsmistress. This year I was able to attend Lantern Night rehearsals, lead Step Sings, and help with clean-up for the traditions. I also served on the Traditions Committee as a way to be more involved in Traditions and strengthen my connection to the community. If elected, I’m excited to work closely with the next Traditions Mistresses and ensure that the Traditions and Step Sings are as safe, fun, and inclusive as possible. If you have any questions, please contact me at schavez@brynmawr.edu.

Class of 2018 Songsmistress

Paige Weber

My name is Paige Weber and I am running for class of 2018 songsmistress! I love participating in step sing where I am always front row. I know that changing songsmistress will be a little strange but I promise to bring a lot of energy to keep the spirits up at step sings. I have participated in Lantern Night as a runner and I am willing to work hard alongside the traditions mistresses/Misters/Mystics this coming year to make lantern night the best it can be for the upcoming class of 2020. Step sing is a great example of the community we have at Bryn Mawr. Even though the classes are divided by evens and odds we still come together a sing our hearts out. I would love to help lead this really special tradition. I know that many of our classmates will be going abroad but I will try my hardest to keep the spirits and energy up even though we have fewer numbers! I feel like I have the ability to take over songsmistress this year and make the upcoming step sings, lantern night, and all other traditions the best they can be.

Class of 2019 Songsmistress

Daniela Lopez Lopez


Traditions Mistresses

Cassie Paul and Katherine Lee

Cassie Paul – cpaul@brynmawr.edu
Hi! I’m Cassie Paul (she/her). I’m class of 2018 and an art history major. I hardcore love traditions! They played a big role in my desire to attend Bryn Mawr. I know that not everyone feels as strongly, not everyone feels the same, when it comes to traditions. While I know our community’s relationship with traditions is complex and intense, I want to be Traditions Mistress because I want to see as many Mawrters fulfilled through traditions as possible. I’ve also had some experience planning and carrying out Bryn Mawr’s traditions: I’ve been a runner on Lantern Night and a maypole dancer on May Day; I was the head sophomore rep for Pembroke West during Hell Week 2013 and I was the head sophomore rep for Merion during WTF Week this year (yes, this is my second time being a sophomore); I was also on the Traditions Committee this year. Ultimately, I’m excited to help translate the feelings and opinions of our college community into a productive practice of traditions that we can engage with together.

Katherine Lee – klee4@brynmawr.edu
My name is Katherine Lee (she/her) and I am running for the position of Traditions Mistress. I didn’t come to Bryn Mawr for its traditions. Truth be told, I didn’t really know that much about them until I arrived on campus. And since, arriving here, I have become, what many would call, a “bad” Bryn Mawr student. I don’t usually know what’s happening on campus. I rarely venture past the arch on any given day. And over the past four semesters, I have spent the majority of my time at Haverford. I’ve been called a bad community member time and time again for skipping out on my civic responsibilities, and yet, there’s something, some choked up, eye-watering, heart-racing thing, (I’m not sure I could even tell you what it really is) about traditions that each and every time they occur, I make it a point to be there.
Bryn Mawr’s traditions tie us to our history, of generations who came before us and generations who will come after. With them, we share secrets, we share tears and we share joys. We share sorrow and heartbreak and stresses. They allow us to be a part of something bigger and greater, and yet bring us back to those first few days that we were on campus, lowly, un-jaded first years. And this Bryn Mawr community, this one which dates across classes, has always welcomed me with open arms, something for which I am so grateful.
This past year, I had the wonderful joy of working with the Traditions committee revamping WTF week. I saw injustice in the system and I heard the cries of people who loved the tradition as much as I did and do. There is more work to be done and many more voices to be heard. The spirit of our traditions are what keep us true to the generations of Bryn Mawr students who came before us, and what make us genuine and real role models to those who will come after. They are what make this place, which often times is stressful and overbearing and just awful, they are what make it so special. I didn’t come to Bryn Mawr for its traditions, but they are the reason that I’ve stayed and as traditions mistress would see to it that they remain true to their original intent.

We understand the frustrations surrounding traditions. What we value most about this community is our willingness to talk about issues and to come to, at least, some sort of resolve. We want to listen to people talk about how passionate they are, about how their hell weeks and Lantern Nights and Step Sings went. Traditions is part of what makes this community so special, and yes, they change and yes, sometimes that change is forced and we are committed to making sure that in that process, student’s voices are being heard and communicated in the most powerful way.

Residence Council Head

Bridget Murray and Kyra Sagal

Kyra Sagal ‘17 and Bridget Murray ‘17: After being dorm presidents this past year, we have decided to run for ResCo Heads together. We have both enjoyed being on Residence Council this year and hope to become more involved with the role, with the Dorm Presidents, and with our community. We see this position as an opportunity to deepen our involvement with both the student body and the staff here at Bryn Mawr and facilitate communication between these two. Moreover, we also anticipate active involvement as leaders of the Residence Council in aiding and advising Dorm Presidents over the course of the year. We hope that our experiences this year as DPs of Erdman (Kyra) and Rhoads South (Bridget) will aid us in providing perspective to new and returning presidents over the course of the year regarding their positions, dorms, and DLTs. Both of us are actively involved in our community and have substantial experience with leadership and organization. Bridget has been a supervisor and student manager at Wyndham, working with a team of 40 student workers including 10 supervisors and other unit managers, and was Head Traditions Representative for Rhoads South this year, working with a small but loyal team to plan, organize, and execute our new tradition. Kyra has been a Teaching Assistant and tour guide the past two years, learning how to interact with and lead groups of people. This year, she is part of the Customs Committee and has learned how to identify and foster leadership skills within herself as well as others.
Our goals include making both the ResCo Head and the Dorm President positions more known to campus. We plan to make the position descriptions for DPs clearer and better known to encourage a greater level of student involvement while working internally to make the council more engaging for students. Moreover, as presidents ourselves, we recognize and respect the commitments DPs make, and want to find ways to make the role more enjoyable. Beyond the council, the ResCo head position entails serving as a liaison between various faculty and staff departments and the dorm presidents, who in turn disseminate important information to their dorms and Dorm Leadership Teams. The aforementioned organizational skills will aid us in doing so, while our continued involvement in multiple spheres of the Bryn Mawr campus community places us in touch with student needs to be discussed with departments including Housekeeping, Campus Safety, and Dining Services.

Contact Information: ksagal@brynmawr.edu and bmurray02@brynmawr.edu

Social Committee Head

Sam Heyrich


My name is Sam Heyrich and I am running for re-election to Head of Social Committee (SoCo). As I enter my senior year at Bryn Mawr, I am pondering how I can give back to the College community and Social Committee continues to surface as a platform to serve my peers. My term as SoCo Head has been successful and I am excited by the possibility of building upon the wonderful strides the committee has achieved under my leadership.
This year, I organized, planned and ran Bryn Mawr’s most successful Campus Center Halloween party with attendance exceeding 500 people. The Spring Fling, held in Rhoads Dining Hall also was a huge success with high attendance from the tri-co community. If re-elected, I would like to continue the use of our newly implemented committee blog, increase transparency and attendance at SoCo events. Additionally, as Head of Alcohol Concerns Review Board, I wrote and presented a successfully passed plenary resolution, which modernized the board by renaming it to The Board of Social Life Orientation and Wellness (BSLOW) and shifted the focus from reviewing party infractions to a peer-led drug and alcohol education system. As a result of the BSLOW resolution, I have created a working group comprised of Dean Balthazar, Mary Beth Horvath, Reggie Jones, Kathy Tierney and Colm Daly, to develop a comprehensive curriculum to be implemented in the Fall of 2016 by the peer-leaders on BSLOW. BSLOW also has hosted alcohol and drug education seminars. If re-elected to SoCo Head, I can envision the continued growth of BSLOW, the peer-education system and increased visibility on campus.
During my time as SoCo Head, I have grown the Paid Bouncers Program by hosting bouncer-training sessions. I have had numerous meetings to re-structure the Paid Bouncers Program to make it an independent club with numerous new and expanded student leadership opportunities hopefully to be launched next year. Requesting a paid bouncer and signing in guests to parties has become easier due to the transition to electronic Google forms.
Finally, I have created a Social Committee Manual to preserve the institutional memory of the Committee. It proves imperative that the future leaders of Social Committee have documentation and guidance to ease the transition of leadership. This Manual will be published to the community by the end of the semester.
I am confident that my successful year serving as Social Committee Head has afforded me many skills and opportunities that prove applicable to serving the Bryn Mawr Community for a second term. The potential opportunity to build upon the success of the committee under my leadership excites me. In conclusion, I am eager to continue to serve my peers and the greater College community.

Curriculum Head

Ananya Kumar

I, like most others, chose this college for its unique curriculum, which encourages an extensive engagement with academics, by encompassing the depth and breadth of the best a liberal arts curriculum has to offer. I would like to take this opportunity to take this engagement a lot further, and become a part of a greater conversation on both academic and personal levels. I would love to be the students voice in the committee meetings, and review, revise and change our curriculum for the better. I think I am very well suited to the roles and responsibilities of this position due to my intellectual interests on campus, as well as my skills of organization and effective communication.

My relationships with my peers and professors at Bryn Mawr have led me to believe that being a part of the Curriculum committee can achieve so much, especially in this time of a much needed discussion on diversity requirements and other important changes in our college community. I believe that I suit the position of Curriculum Head and I am ready for the responsibility and the tasks.

Thanks for Voting!

Candidates Forum Minutes

Candidates Forum Day 1

G.P 19’- Welcome to candidates forum. We are going to be using robert’s rule use of order, it is in the election by laws. We are going to motion for a time to start candidates forum. First position, 2017 honor board representative. Name and class year and then 10 minute question period

S.C. 17’ Why do you guys want this position

J.R: always been interest in the honor board and this year i want to make a year. I want to promote the honor code and clear the ambiguities around it for incoming and current students

M.G 17’ I’ve felt this position for a couple of years now, i have seen what has to be changed, i have seen the critics that they have proposed. However, i know there are things that are needed to be done to diversify the honor code and hope to this this year.

L.O. 19’ what qualifies you to hold this position?

J.R 17’ i have had a couple of positions. I was vice presidents of United Students Against Sweat shop here at Bryn Mawr and co-treasurer of rugby. I am ready to take the next step to be Honor Board Representative.

M.G’ 17’Ii have a had this for two years. I am also involved in the pensy center, I’ve been Hall Advisor and i think i can connect these experiences to the honor board and a lot of it is trusting your gut and understanding the complexities of why people respond certain ways. I think I am the kind of person who strives to understand where people come from.

__ ‘ What are the differences between the Haverford and BMC honor codes?

J.R 17’: I am a majoring at haverford and I see how the honor board is important because it is much more disciplinarian and concrete whereas BMC allows you to confront the person. But also to decide whether or not confrontation is the best option without the honor code to be resolved.

M.G. 17’ Two major differences that they make you sign off,which we dont do, before exams and they have mandatory report clause. Thus, if you see an infringement of the honor code you have to report it. It can be argued whether or not we need to have a clause like that. But, that’ a completely different story.

R.B.18’ If you could change one thing of the honor board what would it be?

J.R.17’ I would allow to change the bias of those people who may have not have the advantages of understanding honor code. Typically, minorities. Just understanding those views more and being less permanent and totalitarian.
M.G.17’ I think I would change a lot how the faculty and staff are trained. Since, we are often not in charge of that and they usually have different cycles of when they are on it, whether it’s three years. Also, faculty often come from a position of bias against the students.

G.P 19 Any More Questions? No.. We will more to 2019 Honor Board Reps.

R.B 18’ Why do you want to run for this position?

R.K.19’ One of the things that attracted them from BMC is the honor code because it gives us an opportunity to shape the environment. It is something that I am very grateful and it can also can make improvements and want to be part of these improvements.

S.C. 19’ I also came to BMC partly because of the Honor Code. I have been grateful for what is given me but, also this past year at BMC has taught me to understand more the honor code. Also, my friends have come to me with concerns about the accessibility of the honor board. And how that plays out in real life for means my friends.

K. O 19’ I really want to be in this position and I am aware about the individual autonomy it places on the different students. I think it also pushes us to reflect on ourselves and decides on what we want to be. I am motivated to continue this emphasis through this position.

L.O. 19’ What experiences have changed you to be prepared to be honor board representative?

R.K 19’ Before the fall semester, I actually participated in the Tri-Co program, which was a great experience and taught me to view different perspectives and approach sensitive topics.

S.C. 19’ This past fall, there was a situation in my high school and needed restoring healing in community specially of color and i worked with previous connections at my highs school to work for the discipline

K.O. 19’ So, something I think prepared me for this position was a position a had in my years of high school when I was captain of my debate team. In that experience we had to abide by an honor code with rules of evidence. I had to deal with disciplinary hearings about lack of rules of evidence to make sure people were abiding by those terms. This helped me learn to isten objectively.

R.M. 17’ Have you read the honor code?

R.K. 19’ yes

S.C. 19’ yes

K.O. 19’ yes
G.P 19’ Now we move on to the next position. Which is 2017 class president.

Priyanka 17’ Hi my name is Priyanka, class of 2017.

H.H 17’ HI I’M Hannah Henderson, class of 2017

A.W. 19’ Hi, I’m Alexis Wilthshire, class of 207, I’m also running with Valerie Salas.

R.B. 18’ Why do you want to run for this position?

P.D17’ Me and Hannah realized that senior year is a very important year for obviously everyone. We know that senior year is very packed for everyone, however, we want to make sure that everyone that is enjoyable and to be something they can remember.

A.W. 17’ I really like organizing things and I have had this position before. And I want to make senior year memorable for everyone, i also want to make events such as cocktails, etc.

L.O.17’ What qualifies to hold this position?

A.W. 17’ Um well, this last year i was a historian for Sisterhood, this year I am one of the co major representative for my major in the History Department. And currently I am the 2017 Class President.

H.H. 17’ Priyanka and I have had different leadership positions on campus on different spheres of influence, which i think is really important. Priyanka was a student manager at Wyndham I used to be a student supervisor at Erdman and now I work for conferences and events. I really engage with the students creating the events we have on campus and you also work really closely with them. We were also customs persons on custom and now we want to really work with roles regarding SGA specifically and she is also head of Pulso, which organizes all the events that happen.

R.M. 18’ Why do you guys work good together.

A.W. 17’ I’m running with Valerie Salas and we are similar affinity groups and we have worked as e board members in our respective affinity members and we have worked together before.

H.H. Well, Priyanka and I have a customs person and we have organized a performance for our customs groups at Goodhart. We also taught and choreographed the dances. I also think it’s really important is that we are both in dance groups and we are used to hearing critique, accepting critiques giving critique to each other. So, i feel very comfortable with Priyanka telling her what I think and what would work better.

R.M 17’ OS you guys do senior cocktails can you guys give us themes might be?

A.W. 17’ We have already talked about them, to have either the first one of the last one be very formal where we would dress up and everything.

P.D.17’ So, we had a couple of ideas we have thought about but, we would like to have a outdoor event kind of like a starry night and get a jazz group so we won’t have to spent so much on decorations. We would make it a really nice night.

R.B. 18’ what ideas do you have to work with your sister class?

A.W. Well I already budgeted events and i have talked to the presidents about events in the fall that we could do if i get elected.

H.H 17’ I also believe it’s very important to foster camaraderie between the sibling class would like to do really chill and relaxing events. However, i don’t know why dorm elections have not been realized and maybe we could realize a class olympic-event type of thing.

Unknown 17’ What is your ideal day at Bryn Mawr look like?

A.W. 17’ Well, maybe brunch or hanging out in a carpet in Merion green with no work.

P.D. 17’ Definitely no work, i would also like it to be cheese me please me day at Erdman one more time because i missed it. Also i would like to have nice weather like we are having today and having the hammocks outside with friends. Or May day everyday.

G.P 19’ Next position is class of 2018 class president.

C.L. 18’ Hi Connie Lam class of 2018

R.M. 17’ So, since a lot of juniors go abroad, how are you planning to keep the class spirit alive.

C.L. 18’ So because a lot of juniors go abroad i was planning on send and write postcards and send them to students who are abroad.

P. W. 18’ Why do you want to run for this position?

C.L. 18’ So i want to run again because in the past two years I have held this position. Annie and i have had movie socials, siblings class teas, and heller-helle mixers and those were a lot of run to plan. I also feel like really enjoyed the brainstorming part of it and just enacting them and then seeing all the class of 2018 come together and have fun.

L.O 19’ why do you and annie work so well together?

C.L. 18’ Well annie and I are not running together this year because she is going to be abroad for the fall semester and i plan to write her a post-card.

N.S. 18’ What’s your favorite fruit?

C.L. 18’ So, I like watermelon because it’s like hard but when you bite it’s sweet but, then you get the occasional seed, which is kind of a pain. But then you understand the sweetness is more important.

R.B. 18’ Will there be more stickers next year.

C.L. 18’ Maybe not stickers but there are definitely some surprises. And watch out because there are surprises at the need of the year guys.

G.P. 19’ 2019 class presidents

L.O. 19’ Lillian Oyen-Ustad class of 2019

N.B 19’ Nikitha Shankar-Shakamuri class of 2019

R.B. 18’ Why are you running for this position?

N.B. 19’ SO, like at the beginning of the year we were scared about not having turnout in the events we were having. The first event we had like 30 people but at the ned which was ‘’They See me Rolling’’ we had around 70. With that progressive vision it made us want to run again.

C.L. 18’ So it seems you guys had pretty interesting ideas for the fall semester so, what other ideas do you have planned for the upcoming year. So, you know how we did the indian themed thing we sort of want to. So every three months we want to have a culture themed event and have people contribute to it.

R.M 17’ So, the difference between first year and and sophomore year is the workload tends to come up in terms of hell week. So, how do you busy see each other working with the different workload?

L.O. 19’ So when we both joined the Bryn Mawr community, Nikki and I talked about how besides sharing our friendship we wanted to share being class presidents so, although we both have a very daunting workload, but since this is something we both wanted to do, we sort of have budgeted time for it already. So, like i can’t come into my sophomore year without being class presidents.

P.D. 17’ So, what ideas do you have planned to work with your siblings class?

L.O. 17’ So this last semester we had a sister class social, t was a time to come chill out and talks about study abroad. Something good about having close tight community at BMC is that it allows us to talk about declaring which is something pretty scary for some of us. So, i think having an open community to talk about this we other upperclassmen since, it is one of the hardest years at BMC. I think centering our relationship around that for the upcoming year is probably one of our biggest goals.

G.P. 19’ Next up, traditions mistresses.

K.L. 18’ Katherine Lee, class of 2018

C.P. 18’ Cassie Paul, class of 2018

A.W. 17’ How do you guys feel about the changes in hell week?

K.L. 18’ So, we have a lot of feelings about this, Cassie and I met on the committee and working with Jasmine and Celeste and i have a lot of respect for them. I think it’s safe to say that we were not happy about the changed and we understand that there is still a lot of work to be done. I also think it’s important to see how things work in the committee and see how things are gonna go.

R.B. 18’ So, why do you want to run for this position?

C.P. 18’ So, Katherine and I have a lot of feelings about hell week, and we have been working together in the traditions committee, i know i had to be a dorm representative during hell weeks in the past and i know that personally wanted to come to BMC because of the traditions. Being in the traditions mistress position has a lot of positions and i know you are not thanked for doing the job you do, and i think we both are prepared to take this on. And we are dedicated to having our feelings come together to progress.

L.O 19’ How do you guys intend to break the gap between the experiences of the upperclassmen and the upcoming students.

C.P 18’ The committee after the SGA meeting talked to community members about how they felt, and I think it’s safe to say that they were not happy about the changes. Usually those feelings come from upperclassmen and not from first years at the meeting since, they didn’t want to know about the changes. It’s important to have open discussion with the community to see how much people care since as an upperclassmen you understand how important hell week was for you. And like to keep those feelings going for underclassmen.

M.G. 19’ Are there any upcoming changes that the administration has decided upon that we should know about?

C.P. 19’ there has been a lot of discussion about transparency and administration intervention about hell week. There has been a lot of discussion in the committee about transparency decisions in the college community and after hell week was over there was a lot of regret on behalf of the administration. The idea is to have less apathy towards traditions by the committee.

J.R 17’ What do you think are the duties of the traditions mistresses? Like all the ones you could list.

K.L. 18’ Well, planning and the formation of the traditions as well as working with students to make sure that things are going smoothly for upcoming traditions; for example, ordering lanterns, making sure there is enough glass, restocking the bookstore, talking to the administration to see if the information about traditions is being presented and distributed properly. Working the McBride traditions mistress, to make sure they are included in the traditional community traditions.

C.L 17’ So, apart from being in the traditions committee, what else do you think qualifies you guys to have this position.

K.L. 18’ We made a list! So we both have had leadership position on campus, so Cassie has been a peer mentor and she was a dorm representative for hell week, and a treasurer. So, I am he bi-co radio director and a historian or Liberty in North Korea, but largely what qualifies us is that we are willing to listen about those who want to have these discussions about how things happen.

R.M. 17’ Do you guys have support for yourselves?

K.L. 18’ So, when i was in the committee and some events finalized i took a break for things while Ann was organizing for the bra dance, while i was taking time for myself. I think Cassie can agree that we both have to take time for ourselves to sit and do nothing or to sit and do some work is really important.

C.L. 17’ What is a stressful situation you have had to deal with?

C.P. 18’ During goodhart performances i was standing in the door basically, preventing people from coming in because of the occupancy count, and it was quite stressful because I had people yelling at me about why they could not come in our were not able to bring their coats in. I was standing in the door preventing from letting people in while having people slam the door from the inside and the outside. All in all goodhart went well even with the occupancy count which is a larger concern for the school.

J.R. 17’ What are your other commitments for next year since traditions is pretty overwhelming.

K.L. 18’ Um, so I am Haverford computer science major which requires me to spend a lot of time not a Bryn Mawr. But i think at least in this past year is been making time for traditions since we both like it And it is something both Cassie and me have talked about. If it’s something that is important, you will make time for it.

M.G. 19’ So, we can do a couple of things, we can end the Q&A here or we can motion for more time.

G.P. 19’ So motion to extend time?

Unknown: Motion to extend time, motion for five more minutes

G.P 19’ Okay , five more minutes.

C.L. 17’ Who have you talked to that makes you think that you are prepared for the commitment of traditions mistress.

C.P. 18’ So, well I have talked to Catie and Murray which are the McBride traditions mistresses, to Rachel Hier, Judy Balthazar, number of HA’s, there a lot of them, i don’t have time to list the names. I have spoken to Kate Cass.

J.R.17’ So traditions change over every year sometimes gradually or abruptly. If you would change something about traditions, what would you change.

K.L. 18” I would change about the process and the transparency. Since people are willing to have discussions about this but, sometimes we are not the ones willing to have these discussions including the community and we value it a lot.

C.L. 17’ So, why do you guys think you guys work together so well.

C.P. 17’ I have hear from Jasmine that we work together and we were in the committee together and we got to know each other because of that. We also have similar feelings about hell week.

J.R. 17’ How do you plan to include these goals into your position?

K.L 18’ So i didn’t want to do hell week in the first place because of the hazing but the reason I ended up doing it was because my heller was someone i knew from high school and really supported me from that experience. I think a lot of it has to deal with a heller saying you don’t have to do anything, it about you feelings welcomed by the community. And, because of that i had a great time.

M.G 19’: Anymore questions? Okay.

C.L 17’: How are you with emails/correspondence?

C.P 18’: I love email. I have all my email streamed into one email client so I never have a problem with that. I respond usually within a couple of hours. I like color coding things.

C.L 18’: [Scenario: Somebody gets all in your face, angry]- what do you do?

C.P: Oh I let them finish. I let them say whatever they need to say and get it all out then I tell them that this has happened to me. I tell them I appreciate that they are sharing their experience with me and that I will make to bring their thought, feelings and opinions back to katherine. And that id they have anything else they need to say that they haven’t already said they should email me, the traditions email, they can…

G.P 19’: That is the end of questioning period. Motion to extend the questioning time period for five minutes.

G.P 19’: Motion to extend until the end of speaking order
Motion has passed.
[unknown] How will you make traditions more accessible?

C.P 18’: Well I live on a handicap accessible floor so people can come visit me in my room, they will be able to do so. Secondly we will both be managers on the traditions facebook page, the traditions blog and the traditions twitter. So in terms of social media, if people want ot reach us in a more anonymous fashion they will be able to do that as well and we will be answering to their things. We will also be on the traditions email so that will be another way.

J.R 17’: What are you looking forward to? What is your favorite tradition?

K.L 17’: We both talked about having feelings feelings towards hell week but I can’t personally say what is Cassie’s favorite traditions is. There is a lot of secrets around traditions so I think you join a really cool ranking of people and like you guys are super cool and working with the committee is really fun and you get to learn a lot about a lot of different people. And t-shirts is what Cassie said.

G.P 19’: You can say yours.

C.P 17’: Mine is hell week.

K.L 17’: Mine is like a cross between hell week and Lantern Night. Like combined that would be really cool.

M.G 19’: Okay well that is a wrap.

G.P 19’: Wait there is more.

M.G 19’: 2017 Songs Mistress

S.C 17’: Hi! My name is Sofi Chavez class of 2017!

[Unknown]: What did you enjoy most about being songs mistress last year?

S.C 17’: Um I really enjoyed the energy. It was really fun because junior year is really difficult because a lot of people are gone. There weren’t a lot of juniors there last semester but it was still really fun because the people that were there were really excited so I got a chance to intereact closely with the small group of juniors.

R. M 17’: Give us a 15 sec-preview of what you will bring to us as a songs mistress.

S.C 17: Um i am trying to think of a song that we could sing together. We could do 2017 class song. Or we could do a song I want to add. I want to add stevie wonder’s Isn’t she lovely? It’s like: *sings*
J.R 17’: How would you want to form a bond with the traditions mistress?

S.C 17’: Well whoever they are, if I don’t know them already, I would go introduce myself and let them know I am very excited to work very closely with them. Especially during lantern night I know that lantern l=night is very stressful with rehearsal and schedules. So I would try very hard to be mindful of their schedules and let them know i am definitely a resource because i was on the traditions committee so i am aware. And I really don’t my role as songs mistress to stop at step sing. I am very open to helping with whatever way I can be useful.

[unknown 17’]: What is something you learned this year that you would love to bring with you next year or leave behind?

S.C 17’: I think that something I learned is that it is very important to have a setlist of the order of the songs that you will be singing at step sing. And to be able to publicize that to let people know what the list is because yelling out during step sing is helpful but then again people are drunk people are excited people are not very present. You know, it’s just the reality of the situation and it’s hectic. So to be able to publicize what the list is gunna be or to text people before hand. I mean I started to text people before the step sing. That was really helpful, so that is something I am going to try to keep doing.

[Unknown 17’]: Who is your favorite Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna ?
S.C 17’: Whatever I am going to answer I am going to get, it’s not going to be very popular. I would say in terms of fun public image i would say nicki minaj. In terms of who I would want to be my mom, I would say beyonce, and in terms who I’d like to go out with I would say Rihanna. So it doesn’t directly answer your question but…

[Unknown 17’]: What is your favorite water activity is?

S.C 17’: That is really important, thank you for asking that question. I am going to have to say seaworld.

M.G 19’: Anymore questions? Thank you

G.P 19’: Okay, next up is 2018 songs mistress.

P.W 18: Hi I’m Paige Weber Class of 2018

R.M 17’: 15 Second preview.

P.W 18’: Rachel Give me a song.

R.B 18’: Shoot, ummmm, Birthday Sex mashup.
P.W 18’: Okay, *Sings*

R.B 18’: Why do you want to run for this position?

P.W 18’: Okay so, I didn’t run my freshman year, which i am kinda sad that i didn’t because during step sing i always get really excited. I am always on the front row and i am ready to scream until i lose my voice. And so i just love the energy that all the songs bring and I think i can bring that energy too, i just love singing so much and i get so hyped. And i think after traditions everyone is kinda of tired so i guess someone up there can help them get pumped up.

[unknown 17’]: What is your fave song?

P.W 18’: Any Ed Sheeran songs.

[unknown]: IF you could live in a music video, which one would it be?

P.W 18’: Probably, I would live inside, the first one on my mind, I [unknown]

M.G 19’: Anymore questions? Okay. So the 2019 songs mistress she told me she’s on her way.

G.P 19’: Oh she’s here!

2019 Songs Mistress
R.M 17’: 15 second preview.

D.L 19’: What song should I sing? I’ll sing the class song *Sings Hey Now*

[Unknown]: IF you could live in a music video, which one would it be?

D.L 19’: Okay so before I came here I was obsessed with this song by [unknown] and I was like oh my goodness I would like to live in a place like that. And after I got admitted I was like wait! That was filmed at bryn mawr. So that’s the music video I want to live in. I am kinda already living in that music video. Life is pretty good.

(Projector) : What is your fave song?

D.L 19’: My favorite ding now currently is Hey Now by outcast

(Projector): Why do you want to run for this position?

D.L 19’: Honestly, I just really like this school and I just really like my class. And I just want to motivate people, I jsut really want to to do something that I am not doing to put on a resume but to put on in generally because I care. Yeah, this i sit for m, because i really like this class and i really like the song they choose and I think everything is so wonderful and i just want to help my people of that because i know we are going through a rough time right now.

L.O 19’: Have you been to all the step sings?

D.L 19’: I have. I was even at the one in the cloisters.
[Unknown]: What is your fave vegetable?

D.L 19’: Okay, broccoli.

[Unknown ]: Spinach or kale?

D.L 19’: Spinach
R.B 18’: If you could add one song to the song book what would it be?

D.L 19’: Let the rain by Sara belle’s because it is so uplifting.

M.G 19’: Anymore questions? Great that’s a wrap.

Candidates Forum Day 2

G.P 19’: Welcome to Candidates’ Forum!

Okay, so according to the elections by-laws Article III section 3 subsection B: The Elections Head(s) may call candidates and/or audience statements/questions out of order. The Elections Head(s) may also put a time limit on questioning and on specific responses.

So we will be using a speaking order similar to that of Robert’s Rule of Order.

We will not be needing to reach quorum.

We will begin by motioning for a 10-minute questioning period with a 30 second response time by the candidate.

A motion to extend questioning period is allowed.

Motion to begin with a ten minute questioning period. Yes? No? Abstain? Motion has passed.

Curriculum Head’s up.

Ananya Kumar 18’ (she/her):
Sam Heyrich 17’: Why are you running for this position?
A.K 18’: Like most people here at bryn mawr i came to bryn mawr for the curriculum. After working with professors and the committee I realized that there is a lot of work that needs to be done. I think I am very well suited for the role because I understand the responsibilities.
Charlie Bruce 16’: What were some of the problems that people have told you about and what will you do to address them?
A.K 18’: One of the problems that people told me about was scheduling conflicts and how people do not show up to those meetings even though they scheduled to come to those meetings. Both from the students side and the administrative side and also the professors involved in the committee. So I think the best way to kind of deal with that is to emphasize the fact that people are interested in talking about this and that this really matters to our community. And that this needs to be addressed.
C.B 16’: If elected, what would you do about the diversity requirement? How would you convince the faculty?
A.K 18’: I definitely think it should be in place, personally because I am a woman of color but also because it is important. This is a stage and this it where you can take your position as leading the college and setting an example for all the other colleges out there. But I have talked about the diversity requirement being one of the main challenges that exist and um I think that talking about it is one of the best solutions that is there. People who are really for this haven’t really attend the meetings and haven’t really states the fact that they really wanted this implemented.
C.B 16’: What would the diversity requirement look like?
A.K 18’: In my ideal world I would not be the one making the diversity requirement because I do not understand every intersection of diversity. I would just talk to a lot of people and I would just ask them what diversity means for them and what they want from a diversity committee; as in a group of people who wants to be represented.
C.B 16’: Describe a time when you had a disagreement with them and how did you get them to believe your opinion?
A.K 18’: Okay, last night. I am also on the board for south asian students and we have been having a few conflicts on the way we have been conducting our elections and the way that it has been portrayed. Like the way people have been talking about it. And we didn’t want people to talk about us as individuals outside of the board or outside our community so we just held a mediated discussion with the people involved and one of the problems was the our elections don’t really require a passcode or a name to vote and you can not vote more than one time but you could have people from the community to vote. And this is something that we noticed with people and people were like I have a problem with this and my personal view was that the honor code exists so that we don’t have to make these special arrangements and constantly agrue with people. This is not the right way to do things and we placed emphasis on the fact. So we just talked about the fact that this is what the honor code says and we came to the conclusion with the people involved. And we changed the procedure.
M.G 19’: How is the discussion around the diversity requirement being shaped?
A.K 18’: We definitely talked about this and we said that there needs to be a transparency of this discussion itself and we thought about holding a discussion similar to how we have discussions to talk about WTF week and what these changes are. But we also were also thinking about the community day of learning, to kind of have people come to us and say what they want from the community day of learning.

Bridget Murray 17’: What was your favorite curriculum requirement?
A.K 18’: IT because I didn’t think I was going to talk a history class, but I took a middle eastern history class and I really enjoyed the class so.
G.P 19’: How are you going to hear out the entire student body?
A.K 18’: Um I think that having an open forum is important and while I understand the importance of inviting your friends to these forums, I think the very fact that we are not trying to target a specific type of person like my friend is going to be helpful and it is also this idea that there’s this going to be diversity in the sense of administrators and faculty being involved in so i definitely don’t know most of the faculty involved in the curriculum committee or the administrator.

Mariana Garcia 19’:Any More questions?

G.P 19’: Okay, now we will move on to ResCo Head. If you guys could introduce yourselves and then we can begin the ten minute questioning period.
Bridget Murry 18’: I am bridget Murray Class of 2017
Kyra Sagal 17’: Hi, I’m Kyra Sagal class of 2017
B.M. 17’: She/her pronouns
K.S 17’: Yeah, she/her pronouns
B.M 17’: And we are running for resco Heads

Anushka Robinson 17’: Why are you running for resco head?
K.S 17’: Okay so, one of the reasons we are running is that we are both currently dorm presidents, um and we thought we had a really great experience so far being in resco this year but we really want to make sure the dorm president are really enjoying their time being dorm presidents and also that the role of the resco head is more apparent to the community.
C.B 16’: How will you accomplish your goals?
K. S 17’: Okay so I think for one, during customs week before everything has gotten into play, I think having a lot of bonding time between the DPs would be really great way to begin to initiate that bond between the community. And in terms of making the roles of resco heads more apparent, I think just having a bigger presence on campus and in general and during sga meeting and attending dorm events and things like that.
C.B 19’: What are your t-shirt design like?
What are your experiences with leading teams of people?
B.M 17’: My t-shirt design skills are great. I have had previous experience which is great compared to someone who has never had training in this before. I got great compliments on my arts and crafts in hell week so let’s just say that. I thought this through.
So what was the other question?
C.B 17’: what is your experience leading teams?
B.M 17’: Right, I mean as dorm presidents we lead our dorm leadership teams. We put the t in team. That was terrible. So we have to like have meetings with everybody and everyone and those meeting are very difficult. We also have been on DLT sophomore year. WHy don’t you say other teams you’ve been on.
K.S 17’: Yeah, I’ve been a T.A and I’ve done a lot, I’ve worked in admissions where I had to communicate with a lot of people a lot of the time so I think based on my other roles on campus I think I am pretty good on making sure that people get where they are supposed to go at the time and be able to relay what message i am trying to do.
B.M 17’: I am also the student manager in Wyndham so i am great at sending assertive emails and in general getting to know everybody and making sure they feel comfortable and welcome but also making sure they are doing what they need to be doing.

A.R 19’: As resco what role will you play in the three huge dorm parties that happen every year?
How will you make sure the dorm parties are run safely and successfully?
B.M 17’: SO I feel like our role is really to support them and really check in with them and really early on especially because if i am thinking correctly, there is no chance any of the returning presidents can have the party again since they are returning. Yeah yeah because they are all senior, so making sure we meet with them will before the party, so we can be like ‘okay this is what happened last year, um how we can help you with this’ and helping them get into contact with campus safety and letting take the reins and letting them know we are a resource if they need in terms of management and in terms of ‘oh my god this sucks, how do I cope with this?’ and what was the other…?
A.R 19: Just how you will make sure parties are run smoothly and successfully?
K.S 17’: Yeah I think another thing we can do is that when we meet with them in advance they could reach out to their dorm and everyone in the dorm and make a personal decision about how involved they want campus safety to be and what they want that to be like. If we do this well in advance as bridget was saying then we can really implement that so that it is carried through the way we want it to be carried through.
B.M 17’: Also coordinating really closely with the bouncers and trying get all of that out as soon as possible so that the week of the party doesn’t roll around and then you see all over facebook that we are looking for bouncers because life sucks. This is a hard process and parties are fun but they are not at all fun to run from the other side. But I think it is something that if we are really proactive around it we can help the dorm presidents make that happen and especially if by themselves is not cool. So helping them feel secure and making sure everything is going the way they want it to go.
C.B 16’: Name a time when you had to mediate a dispute between two groups of people and how will you handle talking to them again in the future?
I know this is very specific but it is important.

K.S 17’: Yeah I know, I am just trying to think of a situation.
B.M 17’: Okay I can go first I don’t want to say anything specific because obviously this is sensitive issues um but I have as student manager at wyndham um there are also things that happen between worker and supervisors and workers and it’s not super fun but i have had to have one on one with them and meet together or just address it. As a group with these kinds of situation it seems to call for, “hey this seems to be happening, how can we work this out, we’re a team we work together we are together all the time” It is important that we have a healthy dynamic because we don’t need to resolve a personal conflict with just you walking out and I don’t want this conflict to come out with you feeling like I wasn’t fair to you, that I wa biased toward another person, so really, I just don’t want to go into specifics.
K.S 17’: So, Again, don’t want to get into specifics but a situation i can think of is when two parties really didn’t want to do anything with each other. So rather than just mediating the conversation i had what bridget said, more of like an individual conversation with both parties, to the point where I think they needed to get out whatever they needed to get out whatever anger it was whatever emotion it was so that we could get to the core of that actual problem and once we got to that actual core of the problem I was able to give them whatever advice I really could offer them in order for them to get back together at one point and eventually address the issue with each other.

G.P 19’: Are there any more questions?
Okay, thank you guys. Next up we have social committee head. Say your name and class year and then we can start questioning period.
Sam Heyrich 17’: Sure, I am Sam Heyrich, Class of 2017, She/Her pronouns and I am running for reelection of social committee head.
G.P 19’: Any questions?
C.B 16’: Why are you running for this position again?
S.H 17’: Yeah so this year has been a really productive year for social committee. We had our most successful halloween party with over 500 people which is amazing and I am looking to expand upon our success and additionally, social committee, this position has been very influential in writing a plenary resolution to advance modernize the former [Couldn’t decipher words] so in addition in increasing prty attendance and to expand student leadership on campus through the social committee I would also like to continue with my work and working group i have established of administrators to fully implement and develop a new drug and alcohol peer led education system.
C.B 17’: What were some of the challenges that you met and how will you handle them in the future?
S.H 17’: Sure so one of the challenges of Social committee head is that they, the head has a lot of different caps that they wear, um, in particular the paid bouncers program, I have been working this year to develop it and make it ready to stand on its own. As of now the position has too many sub positions that are required of it, B-Slow, and running the committee itself is a really great pairing, but the paid bouncers program, which i really work hard on, has a lot of meetings with people from swat and haverford and campus safety and administrators on developing a more independent program so i think
hopefully in the fall the paid bouncers program will be self sufficient.
M.G 19’: ANy more question guys?
A.R 18’: How will you get the first years involved in what the soco is?
S.H 17’: Sure, that is a great question. I think that posters/fliers/mailbox campaigning is really effective at bryn mawr and utilizing our social committee blog and the B-Slow blog and the paid bouncers blog that we have set up this year will be an effective way through social media. It is also a really great platform to reach out to students, utilizing the class pages and also making announcements through listservs and meetings. Freshman are alway eager to become involved and social committee is a great way for student to get their feet wet in SGA. In addition to that something that I am looking to continue is to preserve the institutional memory of leadership at bryn mawr so I am in the process of finalizing a manual for how to run Social committee which will be super helpful by the end of the term.
B.M 17’: What kind of plans do you have for social events?
S.H 17’: Sure, that’s a great question. So we have used to be winter formal which transitioned tobe spring fling this year just due to space restriction and dining hall and concurrently change of season. I think that thinking about some alternative opportunities for students for the other big parties on campus is a really great idea and that is something that i think the committee can really focus on. Providing more alternative activities and that is something B-Slow is also going to looking into. Maybe starting a listserv for students who are interested in substance free programming.
M.G 19’: Any more questions guys? Alright thank you.

Dorm President Elections Results!!!

Congratulation and Good Luck to All!!!!

Brecon: Veda Nambi and Adriana Gay
Denbigh: Juhi Aggarwal
Enid Cook ’31 Center: Makeda Wade and Fanda Ilboudo
Erdman: Shakari Badgett
Merion: Emma Porter
Pembroke East: Jasmine Rangel and Evelyn Aviles
Pembroke West: Emily Drummond and Madison Brown
Radnor: Emma Lasky and Emma Levin
Rhoads North: Clair Romaine
Rhoads South: Claire Gaposchkin
Rockefeller: Sarah Awad and Celeste Ledesma
New Dorm: TBA


Congratulation to our newly elected candidates!!!
Nora Dell is our New SGA Archivist for the remaining of the academic year and for the next academic year!
Shiwei Zhu and Kat Phifer are our new members at large for the remaining academic year! Goodluck with your positions!!

Thank you all for your participations in this voting round!!

2016 Spring Candidates Statements

Member at Large Candidates

Kat Phifer ’19

My name is Kat Phifer (they/them, she/her) and I am running for Member-At-Large. I am interested in this position because I am passionate about SGA. Self-Governance is a very important part of our community that needs to be respected and honored. In this position, I would do my best to accuarately represent the voices of all students. Since I am involved throughout campus in a variety of different activities, I have the opportunity to get a diverse and more holistic view of the opinions, needs, and wants of the students on this campus. In high school, I was very involved in my school’s government and took on many leadership positions, such as president of two clubs and secretary of another. This position is very important to me and I hope you will consider voting for me this election.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at kphifer@brynmawr.edu.

Shiwei Zhu ’19

I am Shiwei Zhu, class of 2019, she/her pronouns. One of the reasons that I want to participate in SGA is that most schools in China, at least my high school, administer everything and students have little freedom to decide any issue, but it’s fairly different at Bryn Mawr. Admittedly, colleges are more likely to regard students as adults, while high schools and below are dealing with “kids”. But I believe when non college students are empowered to be in charge of their life and school, they can succeed operating the system as well. (Many colleges in China have Student Council but it is much less powerful than SGA.) By participating in SGA, I may find out the effective part and dysfunctional part of self-governance and try to promote it in China. What rules and constitutions are particularly functional and constructive are worth exploring. How SGA got started and how it went through difficulty can be good lessons for other similar organizations and SGA in the future. (Right, I’m interested in SGA’s history and hope the Archivist will present interesting moments of SGA to us.)
Additionally, I hope to bring environmentalism to SGA. Climate Change is direr than we perceive in daily life and without huge social political changes, it is not possible to slow down the rate of global warming, let alone to stop it. It is urgent and important to make institutional changes. On the other hand, I also understand that we have to use energy (emit carbon dioxide) to guarantee quality life, especially to better life condition of the disadvantaged (i.e. bus service for students who live in Brecon, or have disabilities). This conflict, current human needs vs. sustainable future, which is also for the benefit of people, is indeed distressing, and to be honest I don’t know what to do. However, I think it is important to take the environment into account when we make decisions.
I am running for Member at Large. If I can be a Member at Large, I would deliver other students’ concerns, opinions and suggestions to SGA and hope to be a representative that reflects students’ interests and values.
I can be reached at (484) 685-2020 or szhu2@brynmawr.edu and I live in Pem West 102.

SGA Archivist

Nora Dell ’19

Hello Bryn Mawr,

My name is Nora Dell, class of 2019, and I am running to be your SGA Archivist. The SGA Archivist is a newly created position, as of spring plenary 2016.

This past semester, I had the incredible opportunity to be a member-at-large, and not only did it allow me to grasp our system of self-governance, but it also exposed me to the campus community en force. And born out of that exposure came a great care for said community. But just because we care about things, does not mean that we cannot also be critical of them. That philosophy pushed me to begin this project, and now pushes me to see it come to fruition.

Being in two different spheres – the representative council versus the community at large – has made me aware of how little information disseminates between them. Many people do not know what the head of the curriculum committee does, nor how club budgets are allocated, or even what a member-at-large is supposed to do. Frankly, we do not know ourselves. And every year we start over; it is at the discretion of those who came before to make sure those who come after are informed enough to do their job. One component of this position (and committee) is to standardize that practice. To capture the knowledge that hundreds of mawters have accumulated, and preserve it. To create, as I detailed at plenary, a working public archive.

Not only did I create this position, and introduce this vision to our community, I am also the best person to carry it out. But don’t take that statement for granted: for the past month, I have been meeting with special collections, surveying the SGA Archives and working to draft a procedural timeline for digitalization. I am also working with web services to create the most intuitive platform for the archive. Once the committee is appointed, we may begin work in earnest, but until then I have already started to draft the procedural by-laws for the committee. If all goes according to schedule, the relevant material in special collections should be digitized and published by the end of next year.

Though this project has come a long way from its inception, but it is still largely an idea. It will require a huge amount of work to turn that idea into reality. I have spent this past semester getting to know that work – creating it. Most importantly I am hard working, passionate, and dedicated to seeing this through.

Someone wise once told me that our greatest power is not necessarily the power of persuasion, it is the power of being a living example of what we believe in. I believe in making this community a better place. I believe that exploring our past will help us do that. We have a desperate need to reclaim our narrative – to preserve our narrative. Everyday I build a stronger network of administrators, staff, and students to help me carry this out, and I would be honored if you voted to make me your SGA Archivist.


2016 Spring Special Elections Candidates Forum Minutes

Mariana Garcia 19’ – Hey guys welcome to candidate’s forum. We are going to try to make this as fast as possible

we all have things to do.

Genesis Perez 19’ First up SGA Archivist. So, any questions?

Rachel Bruce 18’ Why do you wanna to run for this position?

Nora Dell 19’ Umm I want to run for this position because one of the reasons I started this project. I am

interested in using institutional memory to help our institutions function better. Umm I want us to be

able to have, I want information to be disseminated to the entire student body and to be accessible.

Umm and I want to kind of dispel rumors and fears and anything that other people are feeling about the

SGA and about the history of our college related to SGA and I think this is a great way to do it and Im

passionate about it and that’s why I’m running.

GP 19’ Any more questions? Yes

MG 19’ So I know in previous occasions you’ve talked about the meetings you have conducted and that

you have scheduled with special collections, I was wondering what is the status of those until know?

ND 19’ Umm well I had a meeting with special collections last week, and I had a meeting with web

services as well and actually we’ve had some really interesting developments. Well first of all, there is

this thing in special collections called the finding aid and it is basically a list of everything that is in the

collection and previously we thought we had lost the finding aid for the SGA collection and so like I

started going through making a list of everything that was in there but then we found the finding aid for

the collection umm in the finding aids it just not alphabetized so that was exciting. Umm so the next

step from there is prioritize what we wanna put an additional archive umm with the finding aid. The only

thing that I’ve been doing with web services which is really interesting is starting to set up the word

price I’m really working on the logistics of the databases and where we are going to store everything and

how were going to organize the stuff in categorization. So that’s what’s happening now and the next

step in my meeting schedule is to meet with special collections to talk about digital native archive

creation which is how we create our own archives and that’s happening with SGA now and like the

meeting minutes is part of that. We are also looking at to starting oral history so I’ll be starting that as

soon as the committee is appointed. When the committee is appointed that’s when the heavy lifting and

the work begins with creating this archive and bringing it to the student body.

MG 19’ Thank you

GP 19’ any more questions? No, oh okay one more.

MG 19’ What’s you favorite fruit? …………

ND 19’ I knew this is coming Umm bananas.

GP 19’ Ok thank you, next people member at large. Any questions?

RB 18’ Why do you wanna run for this position?

Kat Phifer 19’ I wanna run for this position because I’m really passionate about SG and this school and I just

really want everyone to feel their voice is being heard and I think that there’s always going to be a

problem like there’s no perfect government, there’s no perfect self-government you know and I think

that umm I could be good at listening to people in what they need so we can fix it.

Shiwei Zhu I run for this position because I’m curious of how students run this organization which is the

first self-governance association in the United States. I’m also interested in solving some problems. Last

semester we experienced some issues related to diversity, body image, which we talked about in our

wellness seminars were we learned confrontation methods

GP 19’ Any more questions?

What is your relationship like with your email or like text messaging?

KP Umm I check my email all the time and I actually have time so I just like sit down and go through like all

of them. I like to be like, plan ahead things like that so im always checking and im like always on my

phone you know. So

GP 19’ Any more questions?

MG 19’ what are your guy’s favorite fruits?

KP I really like bananas, like potassium.

SZ Umm mango.

RB 19’ What do you think that you could bring to this position?

KP I’m really active around campus so I think I can bring a lot of different voices um I’m involved in very

different ways with acapella, umm feeder, umm I’m gonna be peer mentor next year, so I feel like I

could hear a lot of different voices and get a really diverse opinion out there and hopefully represent

those accurately.

SZI’m actually a great investor and cares about environmentalism and want to incorporate these into SGA

which makes our school great and makes our future more sustainable and I kinda want to umm just be

very prudent to avoid dysfunction of democracy because I see in the plenary I saw a lot of people

wanted to discuss a issue like further but people didn’t want to waste time so I feel like this position

gives me an opportunity to delve into a certain topic like weekly to consider them now and more


MG 19’ I kinda want to ask this question because gen and I have been very concerned about the amount

of resignations we have received recently. We understand that student run for these positions without

really knowing if it fits their schedule or if they have the time to commit. I just wanted to know how your

schedules are looking like in order to set aside a specific time for SGA?

KP So like I said before, I love to plan ahead and I’m always planning things and I think I’ve learned through

high school how to manage my time and I’ve always been over involved in clubs and things like that and

I just like being busy. So I think that also there are other areas that I lighten up in if I need to and this

position is definitely gonna go ahead of those things.

SZ I have to admit the schoolwork is king of heavy and I involve in the equestrian club, rock climbing, lots of

fun thing but I kind of want to be umm responsible about this position just like my other commitments

so I would definitely go through it even If I can like spend a lot of time in this position.

GP 19’ ok guys thank you for coming to candidate’s forum remember that voting will take place on

Monday from 9 am to 7pm on moodle. Candidate’s statements and candidates forum minutes will be

posted on the elections blog if you have any questions please email us. If you guys are going to the

posters remember to use the six points of information.

Candidates Statements for SGA Archivist

Maeve White 18′

I am Maeve White, class of 2018, and I’m running for the new position of SGA Archivist. I was very excited by Nora’s Plenary resolution that created this position because I believe that our community’s values of institutional accountability and historical transparency should be reflected in our self-governance system. My Emily Balch Seminar, Building Bryn Mawr, sparked my interest in the college’s history and my love of our extensive special collections. I am currently a Banter Blogger for the school, so I have a lot of experience with social media and website arrangement that will be useful for this position. I think that the vast troves of knowledge contained in special collections should be disseminated for the community’s use. As a member of the executive board of Nimbus, the literary arts magazine, I know how frustrating it can be for clubs to try to figure out their history with the institution. It would be amazing to be able to easily call up the minutes from an SGA meeting in 1941, or find Plenary resolutions that created things we take for granted, or track the history of a club on campus. I know that this position will be a lot of work, but I am prepared and excited to take on the challenge. As we have seen from student initiatives like Black at Bryn Mawr, our community is passionate about our history—but more importantly, we are passionate about uncovering all of the histories, refusing to present a singular voice or narrative. I think that the work of the SGA Archivist and the Committee on Institutional Memory will be crucial to solving the problems faced by our current SGA, but more importantly, this will create something for future generations of Mawrtyrs to refer back to, whether they need more information on a position they’re interested in running for or if they’re curious about the budget of a certain club in the college’s history. This year has seen a great deal of turmoil in relation to changes in traditions and doubt in the self-governance tradition. I want to enable a reconnection with our community’s past so that in the years to come, we will have better ground to stand on when making important decisions. I can be contacted at mbwhite@brynmawr.edu with any questions or comments.

Nora Dell 19′

Hello Bryn Mawr,

My name is Nora Dell, class of 2019, and I am running to be your SGA Archivist. The SGA Archivist is a newly created position, as of spring plenary 2016.

This past semester, I had the incredible opportunity to be a member-at-large, and not only did it allow me to grasp our system of self-governance, but it also exposed me to the campus community en force. And born out of that exposure came a great care for said community. But just because we care about things, does not mean that we cannot also be critical of them. That philosophy pushed me to begin this project, and now pushes me to see it come to fruition.

Being in two different spheres – the representative council versus the community at large – has made me aware of how little information disseminates between them. Many people do not know what the head of the curriculum committee does, nor how club budgets are allocated, or even what a member-at-large is supposed to do. Frankly, we do not know ourselves. And every year we start over; it is at the discretion of those who came before to make sure those who come after are informed enough to do their job. One component of this position (and committee) is to standardize that practice. To capture the knowledge that hundreds of mawters have accumulated, and preserve it. To create, as I detailed at plenary, a working public archive.

Not only did I create this position, and introduce this vision to our community, I am also the best person to carry it out. But don’t take that statement for granted: for the past month, I have been meeting with special collections, surveying the SGA Archives and working to draft a procedural timeline for digitalization. I am also working with web services to create the most intuitive platform for the archive. Once the committee is appointed, we may begin work in earnest, but until then I have already started to draft the procedural by-laws for the committee. If all goes according to schedule, the relevant material in special collections should be digitized and published by the end of next year.

Though this project has come a long way from its inception, but it is still largely an idea. It will require a huge amount of work to turn that idea into reality. I have spent this past semester getting to know that work – creating it. Most importantly I am hard working, passionate, and dedicated to seeing this through.

Someone wise once told me that our greatest power is not necessarily the power of persuasion, it is the power of being a living example of what we believe in. I believe in making this community a better place. I believe that exploring our past will help us do that. We have a desperate need to reclaim our narrative – to preserve our narrative. Everyday I build a stronger network of administrators, staff, and students to help me carry this out, and I would be honored if you voted to make me your SGA Archivist.


Candidates Statements For Curriculum Committee head

Jwahir Sundai ‘19

I am running for the Head of Curriculum. I chose to consider running for this position particularly after the Diversity Talk last week in which faculty, students, and administration convened to have a conversation about the possibilities of a diversity requirement and the efforts that have happened in the past. I was very intrigued by this requirement as this would be an incredibly impactful institutional change in an effort towards inclusion.

Issues pertaining to diversity is also something that I am very passionate about. As of right now, I am on the Enid Cook Committee where I make important decisions pertaining to the ECC as a residential space and cultural center. I am also a member of the Financial Aid Services Advisory Board which demonstrates past experience and interest in SGA activities since I’ve stepped onto campus.

I also have years of organizing and government experience prior to coming to Bryn Mawr which serve as skills that can translate into position as Curriculum Head such as working closely with my City Council in Cambridge, MA as a Youth Consultant, organizing race education/dialogue workshops pertaining to the topic of education and the opportunity gap through being Co-Chair for the Cambridge Youth Council. I was also selected to be member of the National Teen Council and served as the only youth voice on the Citizens Committee for Civic Unity which is another committee that focused on diversity issues in the context of the City. Overall, I am incredibly excited about the possibility of being Curriculum Head and would love to contribute in any way that I can!

Nathalia Santos 18′

I’m Nathália Santos, I’m a Brazilian sophomore and I want to be the new Curriculum Committee Head. I’ll make the reasons why you should consider me for such position short and sweet:
My Goals:
* Finding Proctors: Finding Proctors for finals shouldn’t be a burden. They are extremely important to most of our community that needs to take self-scheduled finals. With that, I intend to create small incentives for people to become one.
*Advocating for a change in wide-requirements: The main one is the inclusion of the diversity requirement and how that diversity requirement should be implemented. I also will advocate for requirements that are more flexible, (i.e. cheaper alternatives rather spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars in access codes and books for poorer students).
*Advocating for a better acceptance of ‘external’ credits: Bryn Mawr can be very harsh in accepting credits. However, this is not fair for some of us that have to retake some of the classes and study exactly the same thing, or end up majoring in Haverford because they will accept credits.
*Increase the input from the community: This is definitely the most crucial point. I’ll work for us and the future Bryn Mawr students and thus I’ll need to hear a lot from you! I know we all have busy schedules, so I’ll make sure to have online forms to gather inputs (anonymously if desired) besides in person meetings. I will also give feedback to the community on the topics that were presented in meetings!
My motivation and qualifications:
I have attended almost all meetings regarding diversity with KCass and staff that were open to the community. The fact that so many students struggled with being accepted, being understood or even with conciliating their heavy academic life with work because they come from low-income families opened my eyes and I knew I had to do something about it. It’s inadmissible that some people have to change their majors because of requirements or incurred costs from some requirements and I’ve suffered from that on my skin.
Besides that, I have been mentoring Brazilian kids for 4 years now as well as helped to design an academic program on my old high school to bring students to the United States. They range from the 10th to the 12th grade and are assisted both financially and academically. I also have a lot of experience in management; I’ve worked for 3 years as a manager of a veterinary clinic and Pet shop.
My contacts:
Nathalia Santos – Class of 2018 – nsantos@brynmawr.edu or you can reach me at Facebook: www.facebook.com/lsnathy I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Spring 2016 Emergency Elections Candidates Forum Minutes

Positions Up for Elections:

Curriculum Committee Head
Member at Large
SGA Archivist

Mariana L. Garcia 19’:: hi guys welcome to candidates forum. I am head of elections . This is emergency elections for member at large…etc.
So we will quickly start with MAL
Quick questions
You have one minute to speak

Daniela Lopez 19’: I am running for member at large. I will make sure that student voices are heard. I will fight to make sure no voice or concern is overlooked. SGA is for the people and not for personal agendas and that is what I stand for. As person elected for this position I will fight for what you want me to fight for because your battle is my battle. So if you have questions about my patience or anything else feel free to ask. You can contact me at dllopez@brynmawr.edu

Nora dell 19’: How are you going to accomplish those goals?

DL: I think one of the greatest things that you can do is reaching out to peers and asking how involved they are in SGA.

Genesis Perez 19’: What previous leadership positions have you had?

Dl19’: So I will give a long answer since it is two people. In high school I was in debate for four years. I was the leader of that team but I also started the debate team here in collegeand obviously that was this past semester. Also in high school I was on student council for three years and on the executive board for two years.

GP: What is your favorite fruit?

DL19’: Watermelon. Hands down.

Jwahir Sundei S 19’: I am Jwahir Sundei, she/hers, and I am running for Curriculum Head. I heard about this position in the diversity talk last week, faculty, staff, and administration came and talked about the diversity requirement. I am very intrigued by the diversity requirement because it would be a very institutional change and hopefully very impactful. Diversity is something I am very passionate about. Right now I am on the ECC board, and I make important decisions relating to ECC as a residential space. I am also on the financial aid services advisory board which demonstrates my interest and my past experience in SGA and I am a member of SGA also. I am just really interested in the diversity issues.

Rhea Manglani 17’: Isn’t there supposed to be all candidates up?

GP16: yes, I am very sorry about that.

Nathalia Santos 18’: My name is Nathalia and I have been advocating for the diversity requirement since the first meeting. I want diversity inclusion to available on campus. But I am not only interested in changing diversity requirements but all requirements because I feel like there are some economical limitations that these requirements place on students. And I would like to make finding proctors not as hard because I know that last time there was a hard time doing that so I would like to make that more efficient. I have some ideas on how to improve that and also to let students have their ideas heard. It would also be good to give student progress reports on the improvements that have been made.

ND 19’: How will you ensure that financial aid services can provide students they help they need in fulfilling this requirement?

NS18’: I feel like the financial aid don’t address is how some international student’s countries enter in crises and can barely sustain themselves in college and that they have to start taking five classes and working two jobs to sustain themselves in college and that is something that I think that is not right. I myself had to choose one class than the other based on the price of the books, so that was the point I was talking about in making sure that the curriculum requirement go with the financial aid. Something else that I was thinking was having fincacial aid include the price of books for required classes.

JS19’: Yeah, diversity requirements, wellness, and esem was something important for me too.

RM17’: I was the former curriculum head and the meetings are so long that you really can’t get to what you want to address. So how will you respond to the scenario where a meeting is not addressing your interests and passions.

JS19’: I would bring it up to the in the beginning or the end of the meeting to make sure that my interests are being incorporated.

NS18’: Well, I tend to reach out to people after and before the meeting, like you just said, to make sure, and I have been manager of a vet and I am not really into veterinary services, I love animals but, and I had to do it most of my like and I had to make sure to combine the things I was interested in. Like I pushed to make the space more social. So I feel like I have experience in integrating in not just what I want but what I think is important for college and what other students think is important to college. Because if there is something that is not important to me that doesn’t mean it is not important to them otherwise it wouldn’t be discussed.

RM17’: So there will be a new idea next year expand Community college to be accepted for summer school courses. If you are placed at that math class that doesn’t include trigonometry getting into calculus class you want. And over the summer you take that class at a community college and the new dean is not super excited about that idea. How would you build your case for it and how will you leverage the economics of that since community college is much cheaper.

NS18’: the main concern I would be concerned about is quality.
I feel like it is amazing and Bryn Mawr should like test or a reading to test that quality. Also, it would benefit the students because classes at community college are cheaper and can help students graduate faster. That howi would build my case out there.

JS19’: I would def meet with the dead to make sure the student is being listed to and try to show how community aid can be significant to the education of the students.

MG 19’: Any more questions? Thank you guys, we are going to move to SGA Archivist.

ND19’: Hi everybody my name is Nora and I’m am running for the SGA archivist to finish the work I started at the end of last semester and the beginning of this semester. I also created the committee for institutional memory. I want to make a reality the things that I presented in the plenary resolution. Also because I care about this community and see it be better.

RM17’: what is your experience with this?

ND19’: Well, my experience with this is that I created this position and I am already working with special collections as well. And I already have about a month of scheduled meetings. I started this work at the end of fall semester when I was member at large and I took the minutes of these meetings. I hope that those meetings will be in the archives for people to read so yeah.

MLG19’: What past leadership positions have you had?

ND19’: So, I was member at large in the fall semester but I haven’t had any other past leadership positions but I hope to gain experience through this position by becoming a better leader.

GP19’: What is your favorite fruit?

ND19’: okay I had a kiwi yesterday and it was really good.

MLG 19’: Any more questions? No?

GPM 19’” That’s a wrap, thank you everyone.

***Due to scheduling conflicts Maeve White, who is a candidate for SGA Archivist, was met separately to answer the same questions the other candidates for SGA Archivist was asked. She also had one minute to respond as well.***

Genesis Perez-Melara 19′: Okay, so what is your experience with this? (asked by Rhea Manglani)

Maeve White 18′: Well, I’ve worked with special collections occasionally for certain classes and i’ve done a lot of research projects. I am familiar with setting up a website and organizing it for showing the history of the school and making information more accessible.

GP 19′: What past leadership positions have you had? (asked by Mariana Garcia)

MW 18′: I am on the e board of the literary magazine, I was the head of my highschool’s costume design group for the theater department. I founded and was the president of a photgraphy club for two years and I also did a leadership fellowship over the summer. `
I ham the head of my high schools theater
president of photo club
leadership fellowship

GP 19′: What is your favorite Fruit?

MW 18′: gonna go with raspberries.

GP 19′: Okay awesome, thank you for your time.