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Candidates’ Statements

Members at Large

Head of the Committee on Public Safety

Representative to the Office of Intercultural Affairs (Pensby Representative)

Representative to the Faculty

Off-Campus Representative

Class of 2018 President(s)

Class of 2015 Songsmistress/master/mistex


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Members at Large

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Bruce and I am running for one of the Member-at-Large positions for the 2014-15 academic year.

If I am elected as a Member-at Large, I promise to act as a liaison between the Bryn Mawr community and the SGA Executive Board by working with my fellow officers to create new ways of communicating with SGA, as well as to encourage more transfers and underclassmen to become involved with this organization. If elected, I hope to establish office hours in which any member of the Bryn Mawr community can come ask questions and discuss hot topics on campus.

As a member of the Class of 2018, I am new to this community, however I promise to always be passionate, enthusiastic, and honest when carrying out my duties as a Member-at-Large. I have been in positions of leadership in the past, including Vice President of my high school’s SGA and President of Model UN. If elected, I will use these experiences to help introduce SGA to a new generation of Mawrters. What I love about Bryn Mawr is the ability for students to have a say in the future of this institution and truly make a difference.

I am SGA, I am empowered, and if elected, I hope to help others realize that they are empowered as well.

Please contact me at if you have any questions, as well as to say hi!


Matison Hearn-Desautels

My name is Matison Hearn-Desautels and I am running for the position of Member-at-

Large because I am passionate about Bryn Mawr and I would be honored to support, maintain,

and enhance its service to its members. The fact that I, a first-year student, have already been

deeply positively affected by the SGA, speaks to its extensive effectiveness, efficiency, and

general success. I am excited about the prospect of representing this community, and would

strive to do so as accurately and comprehensively as possible.

I have been a teachers assistant, a personal and research assistant for a disabled woman,

and have been involved with clubs and events at my school in the past. These experiences have

tested my organization and communication skills, and have made me an accessible,

communicative, and involved member of my community. I would love the opportunity to use

these experiences in the context of Bryn Mawr, as I grow to further understand the community

and its SGA. !

If elected, my goals for my term would include: !

- provide prompt and comprehensive service to as much of the Bryn Mawr community as


- create office hours for Members-at-Large

- increase interest and participation in SGA by educating Bryn Mawr students on functions of

the SGA and providing incentives for participation !

I am a passionate and dedicated member of the Bryn Mawr community and am excited to

become more involved with the Self-Government Association.

Julia Kim

Hello, my name is Julia Kim, class of 2018, and I am running for Member-at-Large position.

I am passionate about Member-at-Large position because I love to inform the Bryn Mawr community more about our unique and efficient Self-Governance Association and strive to become the connection between SGA and the students. I am eager to dedicate my time and effort for all tasks such as working on Mawrk Notes cooperatively with others and planning for SGA events such as Plenary. Being a very organized person who frequently checks emails and calendar, I will continuously keep every student updated through emails and SGA bulletin boards. In addition, I will ensure to deliver important messages in a short period of time by walking and posting new versions of Mawrk Notes and other fliers throughout the campus.

In my high school years, I held numerous leadership positions including being a member of Student Advisory Council, representing my high school at the meetings and working with the school board. I will love to represent the place where I receive my education again, but this time representing Bryn Mawr College and its friendly community.

SGA consists of two significant aspects of college life, academic integrity and mutual respect, and I genuinely appreciate SGA at Bryn Mawr. I have attended all SGA meetings at the Campus Center so far and I am looking forward to participate more in SGA by listening to different voices, suggesting innovative ideas, and even making new changes as a community.

We are all in SGA. SGA is FOR the Mawrters, BY the Mawrters, and OF the Mawrters. Vote for me, and I will work my best and give back to the wonderful community. Thank you!


Julia Kim, Class of 2018, running for Member-at-Large

Please feel free to contact me at

Shirah Kraus

To the Bryn Mawr Community,


My name is Shirah Kraus and I am incredibly excited to be a first-year here at Bryn Mawr! I am running for Member at Large—a versatile position that assists SGA executive council with their projects. I would love to get more involved in SGA, so that I can be part of a positive forum for change. When we have moments of frustration, when we complain, when we have great ideas, I hope that we can utilize SGA as a means to express ourselves directly and meaningfully. I want to give people who feel voiceless that voice. I hope that SGA can become at least as accessible as napkin notes. I especially want to encourage those of us who are new to the community—like myself—to get involved and share their voices. I plan to use my infectious enthusiasm to get everyone as excited about SGA as I am.


Because I am new to the community, I know that I still have a lot to learn, but I can also bring fresh insight. I want to make SGA and SGA meetings more accessible, inviting, representative, enjoyable, and fun. One idea I have is to incorporate a “motion to commotion” during SGA meetings whereby we would take a two-minute dance party break to refresh and re-center ourselves—and also just to have fun! There are definitely important things that need to happen at SGA meetings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate some fun.


I am fully prepared to fulfill all of the responsibilities of Member at Large and even surpass them. SGA is one of my priorities: my attendance and participation at SGA meetings and other related events reflect my dedication to this position and to SGA in general. I have had experience at General Assemblies and other meetings that operate by Roberts Rules of Order. I have also had leadership positions in my youth group and school clubs. As a community member, I value engagement in SGA, regardless of any official position I may or may not hold.


My enthusiasm is unique and unwavering. I care deeply about building relationships and building community through conversation, openness, excitement, and even just learning names. I am a fast learner and willing to work hard to support SGA projects. I love to write, craft, program, and plan. I am organized and open-minded. I am so excited to learn from and listen to my community and to contribute my own insights and ideas.


I am empowered (and I want you to be, too). I am SGA.

Stephanie Montalvan

My name is Stephanie Montalvan and I am running for the position of member at large. I am interested in running for this position because as a Latina from the south I know that I am a minority at Bryn Mawr and understand the importance of inclusion. My impression of the responsibilities and skills this position will encompass is that I will have a large variety of responsibilities, including but not limited to making sure all students are informed about all upcoming SGA events, sharing the Mawrk Notes with all of Bryn Mawr, and most importantly representing the entire Bryn Mawr community. During high school I was very much involved with SGA, serving as Class President my first 3 years of high school. Also, as a member of the Posse Foundation leadership and prioritizing commitment is constantly stressed upon us all. The Bryn Mawr self governance association signifies empowerment to me, and I want every single member of the wonderful Bryn Mawr community to feel empowered everyday that they are here.

Angela Motte

My name is Angela Motte, and I am a sophomore at Bryn Mawr College. I would be honored to represent the Bryn Mawr community by being a member-at-large. I am seeking this position because I think that I have the ability and the dedication to accurately and fairly represent the student body as a whole. Since the beginning of my freshmen year, I have grown to love Bryn Mawr as a home, and I feel an innate responsibility to be a part of our self-governance system.

I have worked in many group settings, and in independent organizations. I have experience with large groups of people, and have held management positions. I have my Child Development Associate, and through this experience, I have hands on knowledge when working in a learning environment with people from different backgrounds, who are concerned with prevalent issues.

I recognize that by being a member-at-large I will be representing the student body, rather than myself. The job that I hope to undertake is centered on listening to students, and working to represent the views of the campus. Another job aspect will be to help the executive board with projects and other endeavors that will present themselves as the year progresses. My dedication to the greater cause will spark interest with first year students to become involved with SGA.

If elected as a member-at-large, I hope to spread my love of the Bryn Mawr community to other students. I hope to be an approachable and reliable resource for all students on campus. I would like to attract other members of our community to SGA, encouraging them though action and word to become more active in our system of governance, including but by no means limited to, SGA meetings and plenary.

Thank you for your time, and consideration! Voting will take place between Monday (September 22, beginning at 9am) to Tuesday (September 23, ending at 7pm) on Moodle. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at For other questions, please contact the Election Head, Molly Mac Dougall, at Information on the other candidates can be found at

Shaina Robinson

Hi, my name is Shaina Robinson, 2017, and I am running for the position of Member-At-Large.


I am running for this position because I believe that SGA is one of the most unique and powerful tools that Bryn Mawr can give to its students. As a Member-At-Large, I want to be someone who can help intersect the many and diverse voices on this campus so that they can be heard and accurately represented as a part of the student body. Because of this, I believe that Members-At-Large should be active and engaged members in the community.


As a member of this community, I value the time that I have had to get to know Bryn Mawr in addition to the knowledge and skills that I have been able to gain from leading and participating in various groups on this campus. As a result of my interactions with others, I have heard many opinions about SGA and how it can better represent and serve its community.  While I am excited to see what can be done with these thoughts, I also look forward to hearing from those who I haven’t gotten a chance to know yet. As someone who knows personally how nerve wracking and stress-inducing it can be to meet a new person, I would like to conduct surveys in addition to conversations so that I can be accessible to everyone who wants their ideas to be heard.


As a first-year dorm representative and community member last year, I attended the first SGA meeting of the fall semester with the hope that I could get a better understanding of self governance as well as what being a part of SGA meant. I ended up identifying with it so much that I attended all of the following SGA meetings and plenaries that year.


As someone who wants to make the empowering effects of SGA approachable and inviting to everyone, I am excited by the opportunity of joining SGA as a member-at-large and as a representative for you.


Please feel free to contact me at

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Head of the Committee on Public Safety

Rhea Manglani

Bryn Mawr is an all-woman’s (and trans/non-binary’s) college. While Bryn Mawr exists in an affluent area, that does not mean the campus is always 100% safe and more importantly, Bryn Mawr students aren’t always on this campus. I want students to feel safe not only when they’re leaving the library at 2AM after a long day of studying, but also to feel safe as they return from parties or long weekends. I want students who go to tri-co events and parties to understand there are resources here for them in any issue of sexual assault, harassment, or stalking by a member of the tri-co community. Furthermore, I want students to know what to do in case of emergencies whether they are weather related or dangerous persons are on campus. While not ignoring rape culture, I want to expand resources for preventing sexual assault (more classes, a section dedicated to self defense videos on a website, etc) and resources for victims. I want every student to have a clear understanding what to do during an fire emergency, snow emergency, and how to utilize their resources if they’re off campus (as long as it is within the jurisdiction of this campus).

I transferred from a campus that was not well-lit, had few resources available to students on weekends, and had massive amounts of crime. As a result of the three, two attempted abductions took place on that campus and one actual abduction occurred. Few women ever felt safe on that campus again.

I am also open to a myriad of safety concerns students have on this campus. I am new here and I want to know what makes students feel unsafe on this campus and how they want SGA to go about resolving these issues. I want to know the confines of this position and how much positive change I’ll be able to make on this campus. I also enjoy what SGA stands for in terms of empowerment and how a self-governing student body is to proactive. I am eager to get more involved with Bryn Mawr and make this campus a home for me and improving its safety while working with other great individuals.

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Representative to the Office of Intercultural Affairs (Pensby Representative)

Xavia Miles

Are there elephants in the room? My name is Xavia Miles and as a contender for  the position of  Intercultural Affairs/Pensby Center Representative I assert that many of the elephants that may be gallivanting through our social space can relate to diversity. There are many things that catalyzed by decision to run for this position, one is my desire to strengthen communication between the Pensby Center and the rest of the community. In addition, I have always been intrigued by the terms and methods used to showcase diversity and I would like students to have a more direct say in the way Bryn Mawr College advertises and discusses diversity with alumni and parents. During my experience in self-governance I have appreciated the level to which students may be involved and I desire to work more closely with faculty and staff to facilitate conversations regarding diversity on campus, and make all fo the resources provided by the Pensby Center more accessible.


During my time at Bryn Mawr I have been apart of multiple organizations and initiatives that would prepare to effectively serve in this position. I have served on the Sisterhood Exectutive Board I am member of the Customs Committee and  a Member-at-Large. Both of these positions have allowed me develop my ability to communicate with and one behalf of  multiple constituencies, effectively compile and implement the ideas of others, as well as extensive communication with the faculty and staff. I also work assiduously to organize and prioritize my obligations and to alot for time should something need my immediate attention and I am dedicated to ensuring that every student feels included in self-governance proceedings and informed on all  the resources the Pensby Center has to offer


While Bryn Mawr as an institution has been praised at its attempts to diversify its student body, and thrives on the  contributions of a diverse community,  discussing the many facets of diversity is fraught with complex terms can be difficult to navigate. However, should I be honored to hold this position I endeavour to encourage more student involvement and collaboration through:


  1.      1.         I think one of the reasons Pensby Center is not utilized as a resource are the issues with  accessibility. Thus, I propose that whenever possible gatherings occur in more accessible spaces such as the Campus Center or Dalton.
  2.      2.         Lexitalks. Often students assert that during interactions with The Pensby Center, they feel that the jargon is inaccesible, whether it be the approriate terms to use when discussing gender identities or concepts such as “microaggressions”. In order to encourage effective communication it is important that everyone has access to the same rhetoric. During these discussions, terms such as these will be defined and discussed (and is tradition there will be snacks).
  3.      3.         I think advertising the Pensby center is crucial to creating a stronger bond between the office and student body. Thus, I will work closely with Stephanie Nixon and Vanessa Christman to advertise new initiatives and report about the discussions occurring in Pensby Center.


Thank you all for you time and consideration and I would be honored to serve you all as the Pensby Center Representative and may all of your elephants be small!

Rhett Richardson

I’m Rhett Richardson, class of 2015, and I’m running for Pensby Representative.

I held the position last year and quickly realized that the position didn’t have much information surrounding its purpose and constituency. During my time in the position, though, I made connections to ensure that the position could have a more active role in the upcoming years – so that our diverse community would feel more accurately represented through SGA than it has been in years passed.

Things I propose to do in the role:
- Creating space for diversity sessions for the community primarily with more basic learning experiences such as “101″ discussions
- Ensure more knowledge around accessing Pensby resources is available to everyone (not necessarily just in crisis but certainly then) through advertising and holding “get to know people” teas featuring AMO (Alliance of Multicultural Organizations) groups and/or Pensby faculty.
- Supporting students by listening to concerns and “reporting back” either to SGA or Pensby.
- Spreading advertisements for student event focusing on diversity topics.

As someone who already works closely with the Pensby Center – in my roles in AMO groups, my position as Pensby generalist/intern, and past experience as Pensby Rep – being a active participant in these ways would not be difficult next steps. I would hope to use my knowledge and experience to better make the position involved with the community.

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Faculty Representative(s)

Kristian Sumner

My name is Kristian Sumner. My email is and I am interested in being a representative to the faculty because I would love to be the liaison between faculty and students at Bryn Mawr. I want to help make change on this campus especially within the faculty and this position will help me do that. I have experience working with faculty and both receiving and conveying opinions of different groups.

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Off-Campus Representative(s)

Ava Hawkinson & Brenna Levitan

Hello, we are Brenna Levitin and Ava Hawkinson, and we are running for the position of Off-Campus Representatives.

We are interested in this position because we care about the needs of off-campus students and are excited to represent this diverse group in SGA. We think that this job will require frequent engagement with the off-campus student body, seeking out and listening to their opinions, and dogged pursuit of positive changes.

Our goal is to help bridge the gap between on-campus and off-campus students. We will plan daytime events, as they are more accessible to those of us who live off-campus. Many of Bryn Mawr’s social activities aren’t very convenient for students who live off-campus, and it’s important that off-campus students still feel like part of the community.

We plan to communicate regularly with fellow off-campus students to encourage an open flow of information from SGA to individual students as well as hosting social events and roommate mixers.

We understand that traditional-age students and McBrides live off-campus for a variety of reasons, and we are committed to representing each of them and helping people with financial issues.

Some of what we do in our spare time includes: Brenna is on the Constitutional Review Committee and is an Independent Major Representative, and Ava is a Supervisor at Erdman, a member of the Bryn Mawr Green Ambassadors and is a Student Representative on the Creative Writing Search Committee. Brenna is also the Transfer Student Advocacy Representative, which has taught her how to listen to constituents and advocate for them to faculty, administration, and fellow students.

Thank you for reading!

Jingling (Renee) Li

When I was planning where to live during freshman year, I spent decent amount of time doing researches about different housing possibilities including school apartments such as HCA, Overbrook apartment, student-approved housing in lower Merion township, and house/apartments in Philadelphia or Swarthmore. Therefore, I fully understand how complicated the process is for a Bryn Mawr students to live off-campus. Thus, I want to be a useful resource for the community to let all the researches I have done also be available to them. At the same time, I want to act as a bridge to let the students who live off-campus still have the opportunities to enjoy campus life and involve in campus events. Moreover, I feel it would be great if students who live off-campus can still get to know their Bryn Mawr neighbors and have close relationships with each other. If I have the honor to be an off-campus representative, I would like to create possibilities for off-campus students meet together and get to know their neighborhood—we can go grocery shopping together, help new comers with problems such as how to set up the internet and so on.

Growing from a freshman to a sophomore, I even more enjoy the Bryn Mawr community and would like to be a more helpful and active participant in Self-Government Association. Therefore, I feel much honored that I could be nominated for this position so that I could have the opportunity to better represent a specific group of students in this community. I hope that we together can create a close-related environment between off-campus and on-campus students, to make living off-campus a more affordable choice for students who want to try. Off-campus, but still of campus.

Fergie Liang

Dear Mawrtyers:

Hello, my name is Yan Liang, go by Fergie and I am excited to represent the community of Mawrtyers who are either currently living off-campus and looking forward to live outside of the campus and lower the living cost and build an off-campus community among Mawrtyers. I am currently a junior in the math program and I have been exposed to the living environment outside campus for over a year and a half ever since I was a freshman. I am a frequent “mover” and I have done a lot researches about the apartments around Bryn Mawr and Haverford, I visited almost every single one of them and had a contact with the managers of these apartments. The reason why I chose to live off campus was that I love cooking, baking and share my fresh home-made cookies, lemon pies and cupcakes with my peers who are living outside of the campus as I do. I am very curious about this whole community not because only because they are part of the Bryn Mawr community, but that I am a significant one of them.

When I was taking a journalism class, I wrote an article reporting the how the life is if a bryn mawr student is living off campus, which was greatly appreciated by my professor. I did a questionnaire and interviewed several students who were living off-campus about why they chose to move out of the campus and thus, i have a deep understanding about the reason and motivation behind this act. Therefore, I would love to offer my helps to people who met troublesome during their daily life off campus based on what I observed and sympathized.

I was involved with the responsibility of an off-campus representative when I was a sophomore. I helped out Sara Kim, who is the off-campus representative last year, designing the surveys sent out through emails to the whole off-campus community and organized meetings. I thought it would be a great idea if we have a more fluent information share among the off-campus community regarding opinions about new-semester hauls, different apartments, utility-installment, goods-trading, furniture-sale, food-share, credit-building.. all aspects of life! You want a car pool late at night? You have trouble setting up your comcast wifi? You have trouble understanding your lease? No problem! I am here for you, and I have the whole bryn mawr off-campus community behind me. So stop worrying! I would arrange several necessary meetings throughout the semester with my home-made desserts freshly baked offered. I will also build a virtual community for better communications. If I were selected, I promise to build a beautiful website for off-campus  community for exchanging information purpose. So stay online!

My biggest wish is to lower the living cost, keep people safe and have home-made deserts! If you think this simple, sweet idea of mine would serve you well, vote for me! Thank you for your consideration and I sincerely hope you see me as a worthy candidate for this position!!

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Class of 2018 President(s)

Connie Lam & Ann Tran

We, Connie Lam (pronouns she/her) and Ann Tran (pronouns she/her), are honored to be nominated and co-running for Class President of 2018. We can be found at and, rooms Denbigh 115 and Rockefeller 245- feel free to stop by and talk anytime. When we applied ED to Bryn Mawr through Posse Foundation, a networking merit leadership scholarship that trains young leaders from urban high schools to empower some of the best college campuses, we both understood the responsibility we carried to surge life into the college.

While presidency requires a dedicated time commitment, we believe that it is a position that never fully leaves you. Let it be known that we are the type of people to fearlessly say “Hi!” first and embrace it when people don’t return it. Please expect this during the school year. While we have many traits in common (from a mutual love of science to publicly dancing and singing), we also diverge in some interests to be well rounded, something that this position needs. You need presidents who you find common ground with, who you can vibe with, and with our plethora of interests, we’ve got your back.

We both have leadership experience: Ann was president of her high school’s History Reading Group, a club that discussed hotly debated news articles, so she has experience mediating tense dialogues that would strain into debates. She was also a Leader in Freshmen Advisory and METCO Leadership, both high school mentoring programs. Ann is an avid volunteer, from the National Poetry Slam to several hospital internships. Already, Ann has been a member of Tri-Co and elected as a Green Ambassador for Rockefeller. She is also starting a college chapter of an organization called Unite for Sight, which provides eyecare to some of the world’s poorest communities. Hit her up if you’re interested! She is driven to make communities better places, including Bryn Mawr’s. She was also the girl who was sung to at the Songs Mistress/Mister/Mistx election – she’s always readily available for some public humiliation, especially when it comes to helping a friend out.

During high school, Connie was an active member of Key Club and was co-president of her school’s Latin Club. She was also a part of a program called Youth in Government and served as her state’s Speaker of the House, giving her the experience to make sure that everybody’s voice is heard. She was also elected to represent her home state (Go Mass!) at the Conference on National Affairs (which you will see her sporting many graphic tees of). One of her favorite parts of the program was meeting new people and getting to know their perspectives and ideas. That will definitely come in handy when she is trying to get to know all 354 of you better!

We love a lot of things that we hope you love too, because we would be proud to represent that piece of your spirit. With this in mind, we would love to also open an anonymous suggestion box to hear about a niche we may not be familiar with. Further, in hosting tea’s, we wish to improve our class comradery with new ideas such as hosting pilot show pow-wow’s, Cards Against Humanity games, pumpkin carvings, and cookie decorating.

We’ve only been here for about 21 days and have already fallen in love with Bryn Mawr. From Parade Night to simply lying down on one of the hammocks, it already feels like Bryn Mawr is the perfect college for us. And we don’t know about you, but whenever we are in love with something, we like to be involved with it as much as possible. That’s why we want to run as co-presidents; we want to represent to our utmost ability what we are both passionate about. Vote for us if you want stuff to happen, if you want conflicts to be talked about and resolved, if you want transparency and democracy. Please feel free to approach us with anything. Because whether we win or lose, both of us will still be devoted members of the SGA. We want to be Co-Presidents of the Class of 2018 because we will listen, befriend, and represent you. We wish to be your messenger, your voice, your wings.


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Class of 2015 Songsmistress/Master/Mistex

Genesis Feliz

I am interested in this position because I think it would be a fun opportunity that requires a lot of energy and responsibility with organizing and running Step Sings. I would say that I am passionate about our traditions here and Step Sings are what make my experience a great one. Having leadership experience and being a part of athletics has given me the opportunity to get to know many people in my class however, I think this opportunity will allow me to get to know my class even better. I want to be Songsmistress because I have tons of energy and I would love to lead my class through Step Sing for our final year.

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Fall 2014 Candidates’ Forum Minutes

Fall 2014 Candidates Forum Minutes

Disclaimer: The following minutes are not a full transcription of the events of the Fall 2014 Candidates’ Forum. For a full recording, please check out the audio recording available on the Elections YouTube account.


Off-Campus Rep


Brenna Levitin & Ava Hawkinson

Fergie Liang

Jingling Li (Renee)


Julia:  Kim ‘18: Why do you want to run for this position?


Brenna: we care very much about the ff campus community and their interaction with the on campus community and want to bridge the gap between the two of them


Fergie: lived off campus as a sophomore and is very aware of  wants to help people . if they are struggling with how they are living they would struggle with exams and homework


Renee: wants to be a resource for off campus students and researched all the available houses and apartments nearby


Pamudu Tennakoon ‘15: There are students living as far as Overbrook, and maybe in the city. How do you plan to make sure that all different groups, no matter how far away they’re living, are aware of what’s happening and fully represented in SGA?


Ava: wants to plan with all off campus students so they can be involved in activities during the daytime because it can be hard to go to club meetings at 8pm


Fergie: have students support each other when emergencies happen. if you need to carpool, etc, it’s good to know who is living near you


Renee: how to make big things like plenary accessible to students who live off campus


Charlie Bruce ‘16: How do you plan to involve McBrides who live off campus?


Brenna: we’re both transfers students and already have a good working relationship with the mcbrides. I am the transfer advocate and i’m already in contact with the McBride Advocate and so we already have a line of dialogue


Renee: connect with residential offices to know about the address of McBrides to have meetings off campus as well as on campus


Fergie: not treat McBride students as a special group they have more life experience and see how they can help us. they don’t need us to take care of them

Melanie Bahti ‘16: Do you live off campus? Where, and how long have you lived off campus?


Ava: I live in Mermont apartments, brenna lives next to me


Fergie: I have been living on campus since I was a sophomore and have been living in Mermont for a year and ____ for a few months


Renee: I have been living in gables for about 3 or 4 months

Class of 2015 Songsmistress/master/mistex


Alex Mannix (no longer running)

Genesis Feliz


Syona Arora ‘15: Why are you running for this position?


Alex: I am running because i’ve wanted step sings is one of my favorite positions and I know it is a lot of responsibility


Genesis: It would be really fun and I am willing to take on the responsibility and traditions are really fun for me


Charlie Bruce ‘16: If you had one song that described your life, what would it be?


Genesis: huge Iggy Azalia fan, maybe one of her songs, maybe “Fancy”


Alex: Katy Perry’s “Roar,” it is really empowering whether you are going through a breakup or didn’t get a promotion


Pamudu Tennakoon ‘15: Can you please sing [the song that represents your life] for us?


Genesis: I’m so fancy


Alex: And you’re gonna hear me roar


Pamudu Tennakoon ‘15: Planning Lantern Night as the senior Songsmistress/master/mistex is a big time commitment, so what other time commitments do you have?


Alex: I’m a member of the extreme keys and works at the alumnI association and is thesising but is good about getting things done


Genesis: soccer with practice games, and is thesising

Head of Committee on Public Safety


Rhea ManglanI ‘17


Syona Arora ‘15: Why are you interested in running for this position?


Rhea: I transferred from a school that was in the most dangerous parts of southern california and I know bryn mawr is different but we are in close proximity to philadelphia and we are out late at night and I want them to know their resources


Charlie Bruce ‘16: What is something that Campus Safety does that you don’t think students know about, and that you’d like to educate them about?


Rhea: the student employment in campus safety, if you’re sick, you know who you go to


Shirah Kraus ‘18: How would you disseminate this information?


Rhea: emails, facebooks, social media students are always on their laptops

Presidents of the Class of 2018


Maika and Cassie (No longer running)


Ann and Connie


Syona Arora ‘15: Why are you interested in running for this position?


Marika: we really want to join SGA since we heard about it when touring the school and ant to be very active and gets things done


Ann: connie and I applied early decision through posse because we found something empowering and immediately fell in love with it and want to make it a better place


Charlie Bruce ‘16: One of the problems that we have is making sure that first-years understand the importance of self-governance, the Honor Code, and Plenary. How would you get your class to get really excited about these things?


Cassie: they don’t feel like they know people so we can bring it up in class and without friends so if you have a friend going you would want to go to and have teas and parties before them so they could go as a group


Connie: im a big fan of food so have teas beforehand and say we have food


Shirah Kraus ‘18: Why do you think self-governance is so important?


Ann: i’ve been to a few sga meetings like sga 101 and what made me really excited and spreading the facts of the self government association and share why sga is totally awesome


Marika: what we have discussed and we are adults now and why should we have the administration tell us what to do. sga is really empowering


Hannah Bernhardt ‘18: What experiences have prepared you for being the class president?


Cassie: i’ve done a lot pf things that require organization and planning and we’ve both done volunteering and research which requires organization and we’re both really friendly and easy to talk to


Connie: in highschool I was a part of a program called youth and government and I was speaker of the house and… annie has been president of history reading group and they debate about recent issues and we’ve both been volunteers such as key club and poetry slam


Syona Arora ‘15: How do you think that you’ll work well together, since you’re both running as pairs?


Cassie: we live right next to each other so if there is ever a problem I would just slam on her door and we eat every meal together and are very close


Ann: we don’t have many classes together but we have meetings weekly with other posse scholars and we consider ourselves as two peas in a pod and have similar interests but can also connect on a personal level

Pensby Rep


Xavia Miles ‘16

Rhett Richardson ‘15


Pamudu Tennakoon ‘15: Why are you running for this position?


Rhett: I held the position last year and it has been a bit rocky and has not had a clear meaning and have been working with people the last year to work on what the rep should and can do and I want conversations on diversity to continue throughout the year and I want sga positions to be held by a more diverse group of people


Xavia: The knowledge that it was not concrete encouraged me to run. I know a lot of people have been having conversations on campus don’t want bad event s to spark conversations but ……sorry Xavia: have convos independent of these events


Charlie Bruce ‘16: How would you get students to Pensby?


Rhett: as a person with a disability I don’t think pensby is accessible and it is one of the hardest places to get to . it is a big deal, host conversations in the campus center, and even if the conversations have to happen late at night with faculty and staff members be able to do things early on


Xavia: in addition to the campus center dalton and erdman. continue with teas and including faculty and staff because they have so much information about historical context


Charlie Bruce ‘16: Pensby has a wide variety of under-utilized resources (eg. library, staff). How can you encourage students to tap into those resources?


Xavia: we think of diversity in a way that s visible but we have diversity of thought and religion and if we can tap into that facet of the community it would be really important


Rhett:we’ve been thinking about a better location for that in general adn having the resources and people more brought up and visible before something goes wrong and have teas that are just a meet and greet


Shirah Kraus ‘18: What kinds of things would you want to do that are more active, and less just about discussing?


Rhett:the sga position is supposed to be a liaison and so we are not geared towards action but supporting action and telling students about it


Xavia: we are here to facilitate conversation and if you are involved in action people might think you are geared toward on side more than the other


Rachel Bruce ‘18: What kinds of events would you be willing to facilitate to address big diversity-related issues on campus?


Xavia: I have been in contact with snixon immediately after the event and I think before facilitation we need to streamline the information and after approach both sides of the discussion and hope people are able to talk and see what people are thinking


Rhett:as a liaison we would do a lot of reporting back of whichever conversations happened and being involved and in contact with snixon and amo groups


Syona Arora ‘15: What current or prior experience do you have working with Pensby, or what other affiliations with Pensby do you have?


Rhett:I was the pensby rep and have been involved with several amo groups and am president of gendrerquest and rainbow alliances and social justice training program


Xavia: customs committee and e board of amos and spoken with people in rainbow alliance and zamI to see how they can be connected\


Molly Mac Dougall ‘16: This position is, according to the SGA Constitution, a member of the Elections Board. What would you for that part of your role?


Rhett:being in the election and participating would be very difficult and see that there is accurate representation of the student


Xavia: think it is really important to encourage people from everyone and encourage people to run

Members at Large


Shirah Kraus

Rachel Bruce

Matison Hearn-Desautels

Angela Motte

Julia Kim

Shaina Robinson

Stephanie Montalvan


Syona Arora ‘15: Why are you interested in running for this position?


Stephanie: interested because I am a latina and I am from the south and I want to make sure more people like me are represented


Shaina: as a first year I felt very empowered and I feel like member at large is a great way to intersect


Julia:  I really appreciate the theme of sga of academic integrity and mutual respect and I want to be a connection between the committee and sga


Angela: I love bryn mawr. it is really hard to represent everyone


Matison: i’ve only been here for a few weeks but have already been positively affected by sgs and am looking forward to giving back


Rachel: so important that we have a voice with the administration and I think it would be a fantastic role to play


Shirah: I love getting you know people and I love the idea of self governance and we have to power to do something and not just complain about it


Charlie Bruce ‘16: Have you ever attended an SGA meeting?


Shirah: yes

Rachel: yes

Matison: yes

Angela: yes

Julia:  yes

Shaina: yes




Charlie Bruce ‘16: Describe self-governance in one word.


Stephanie: empowerment

Shaina: empowerment

Julia:  service

Angela: independent

Matison: empowerment

Rachel: wonderful

Shirah: bryn-mawr


Syona Arora ‘16: How can you assure us that you’ll be able to perform your duties promptly?


Shirah – today is my roommate’s birthday and we planned everything and it was prompt and organized I check my email multiple times a day


Rachel: when my phone buzzes i’m so happy to get an email and i’ma very prompt when I reply to emails


Matison: I have an app that buzzes to me and i’m really excited to read the first few lines of my email secretary and ps


Angela: I keep my phones on all the time because I am a co a nd i’m used to getting information to a lot of people


Julia:  I have my email linked I am very organized and I use my calendar and I will be responsible to carry=out these duties and can distribute in 2 hours as esl I have to be aware of grammar and will try my best


Shaina: I know how important it is to respond to emails as soon as I get them is a priority and it is a level of respect


Stephanie: I was president of the journalism club and I know how to reply to emails and prioritize commitments


Charlie Bruce ‘16: Every week I include a fun question on the attendance sheet at SGA meetings. What question should I include on the attendance sheet this Sunday?


Stephanie: what was the last meal you had

Shaina: if you could travel to any planet

Julia: :  my if you had a jar what you would fill it up with

Angela: guess a number

Matison: is there such thing as the best bread

Rachel: if you had a baby walrus what would you name it

Shirah: if you were a kitchen utensil what would you be


Grace Kim ‘16: What are some ideas you have for getting others really excited about SGA, or to come to SGA meetings and things like Plenary?


Shirah: I live in radnor and we are very enthusiastic and it is infectious and get food and sga meetings and a motion to commotion and have a 2 minute dance party


Rachel: make food together like a cookie exchange and use questions and parody songs promoting and saying how you can be empowered


Matison: have office hours and viciously push plenary and sga meetings and sga events and theme sga meetings


Angela: stress how important sga is and say what we would not have without sga


Julia: it is such a wonderful thing and it is crucial to communicate with people making rules

Shaina: explain how it works at its process and it such an empowering tool and dispelling myths about it being


Stephanie: speaking about sga with passion to make them come to meetings and attend events

Faculty Rep

Kristan Sumner‘17


favorite color is green


Syona Arora ‘15: Why are you interested in running for this position, and what special interests do you have in this position?


Kristian: I was nominated and I am very dedicated to things involving faculty at bryn mawr which is related to my plenary resolution and help represent faculty to student body and vise versa i’m super excited about this


Syona Arora ‘15: What experience do you have working with faculty that would help you to work as a liaison between the students and the faculty?


Kristian: my experience with faculty would come from high school because i’ve only been here for a year but in highschool I was on the board to pick the new psychology teacher they asked my opinion and helped my ask questions


Charlie Bruce ‘16: Who is the coolest professor you know, and why?


Kristian: Tamara Davis dept chair of Biology and I am working in her lab now and she is my unofficial faculty advisor and I can talk to her about stuff and she does not talk to me in a condescending way she talks to me about her life which is really cool


Charlie Bruce ‘16: What are your initiatives for the faculty?


Kristian: my initiatives would be to bring insight into the lives of students and especially students of color and understand the awesomeness of both worlds and articulate what we want to express to the current faculty and use my ships with the faculty to help the students know where the faculty come from when they make decisions


Angela Motte ‘17: What makes you excited for this role?

Kristian: last year I felt like I couldn’t enact change on campus so I would like to be in a position to make change


Syona Arora ‘15: How do you feel about self-governance on campus?


Kristian: I think that SGA is awesome because you do not have people who are not a part of our community therefore rules that faculty would want to implement would not be in our best interest and therefore we should be able to govern ourselves.

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Fall 2014 Nominations Extended

Nominations for candidates for the Fall 2014 elections round have been extended! They will now close September 16 at 9am. Use this extra time to nominate anyone who would be a great Assembly member!

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