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Welcome Class of 2018, Transfers, and McBride Scholars!

The regular elections for officer positions of the Self-Government Association are held campus-wide three times per year in the fall, February, and spring.

In addition to these three election rounds, there are also elections for the First-Year Traditional Non-Transfer Student Songs Mistress(es)/Master(s)/Mistex during Customs Week, elections for McBride Scholars amongst the McBrides at the beginning of the year, and Dorm President elections that take place during Room Draw and Room Selection at the end of the academic year.

To get involved with the leadership of the Self-Government Association, you can also apply for an appointed position via the Appointments Committee or run for a Dorm Government position.
Appointments are made several times a year in September, November, and April. For more information on appointed positions, see

Dorm Elections (excepting Dorm President Elections) take place at the beginning of the academic year.

For more information on the Self-Government Association:

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Dorm President Elections Results

The 2014-2014 Dorm Presidents and Representatives* are as follows:

Batten House: Julie Henrikson and Rebecca Cook
Brecon: Rachel Feynman and Lindsay Burak
Denbigh: Dani Weismann and Lyntana Brougham
Erdman: Shakhari Badgett and Jessica Bernal.
Merion: Leigh Peterson
Pem East: Gabrielle Crossnoe and Angie Koo
Pem West: Jillian Moroney and Sneha Behdapudi
Perry House: Alexis McDonald and Modupe Olufemi.
Radnor: Nkechi Ampah and Cat Wagner
Rhoads North: Carly Breen and Prerana Vaddi
Rhoads South will be Neha Kamran.
Rock: Elaine Holehan and Olivia Hollinger

*Batten House has Dorm Representatives, not Dorm Presidents

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who participated in the Dorm President Elections!




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Candidates’ Statements for Emergency Dorm President Elections


Shakhari Badgett and Jessica Bernal

Shakhari and I are both rising sophomores and would like to run for Erdman Dorm President because we both value the importance of communication and interaction when building a strong community. We understand Erdman is a dorm for primarily singles and at times that can call for less interaction and less bonding, but we believe having dorm tea’s and advocating for a tight Erdman community is the way to go.

We are both active in clubs and activities on campus and can aid to anyone’s questions and help if needed.

We are both very approachable and open to suggestions and we strive for communication. That being said, I really enjoy sending out emails and I’m a very organized person.

Jihan Liang and Ziyi Yan

Our names are Ziyi Yan ’16, Mathmatics and Economics double major and Jihan Liang ’16, Psychology major. We are current leaders of Dao Cha Tea club, a club on Bryn Mawr campus and because of positions in the club, we understand and know how to make members feel connected within our community by holding social events. We perceive dorm as a community and we believe that the goal of dorm presidents is to let the residents in Erdman to feel belongingness in our group. Because we already familiarize ourselves of organizing events from being the leaders of tea club, we are passionate about holding dorm activities.
We have a number of goals in mind, starting with making residents in Erdman feel comfortable and stress-free, especially for new students. We already hold fun activities in our tea club that could also be great for the residents as well, such as Do-it-yourself bubble tea session and also meditation session to distress. We would love to try out new activity ideas such as outdoor BBQ and picnic. Another reason that we’d love to become the co-president of Erdman is that we consider this position as a good opportunity to share our passion and make new friends. When it comes to handling budgets, Jihan has worked as the treasurer for tea club and Ziyi is majoring in both Economics and Mathematics, so we’re confident that we know how to reasonably spend our budgets. Moreover, we are both outgoing person and would love to become friends with everyone in Erdman. Therefore, we will try our best to help building a dorm that like a family and enable residents to have the best experience they can have for their year in Erdman.
We appreciate your suggestions and support! Thank you!

Ann Lin

Hello Erdman!

I’m Ann. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m from Taiwan, but have also lived in California and Australia and I run cross country and track for Bryn Mawr. From talking to my own dorm president throughout the year about what she’s been doing, I feel like I understand the role very well. I know the level of commitment that this role requires and I’m prepared to give it and make Erdman a priority. We all picked BMC so that we could be part of a small community of people who all care about each other unconditionally, however, the community at Erdman is even smaller and I want to help strengthen this. The way I see it, the dorm president’s most important responsibility is connecting with everyone in the dorm to earn their trust. I feel like my experience with moving every few years, I have learned to understand and become friends with people from many different backgrounds. With this, I hope that people will be more willing and comfortable with coming to me with issues as I can understand many points of view. Every student should feel comfortable here and I want to makes sure that happens.



Serena Dunlap

My name is Serena Dunlap and I am a sophomore about to be a junior. I just transferred to Bryn Mawr, but I love to be involved and help others. I just received the position on the Outreach and Communications Committee. At my previous college I was VP of Student Government and President of Environmental Club so I have experience being involved. I believe everyone should be involved at least once in their life to understand the responsibilities of being a leader.

Neha Kamran

Hi! My name is Neha Kamran and I’ll be living in Rhoads South next year. I would be so excited to be Dorm President and bring the dorm together as a community as much as possible. I have served as Dorm President in Haffner my sophomore year and it was a lot of fun but it also means that I have experience with the position and everything it involves. If elected, I would love to hear from you and know what you would like me to bring up at SGA meetings, what changes you want in the dorm, and just about anything else you would like to talk about. I look forward to living in Rhoads South next year and meeting you all.

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Perry House Dorm President Elections

Voting for Perry House Dorm President will take place on Moodle from tomorrow, Thursday, May first, at 9 AM to Friday, May second, at 7 PM. The ballot is here:

The candidates for Perry House Dorm Presidents are Modupe Olufemi and Alexis McDonald. (They’re running together.) During the vote, there will also be a “No Vote” option, which will count against the pair, and abstain, which will not. (A no-vote is a vote against the unopposed candidates and figures in the percentage count of the vote. An abstention does not figure in the percentage of the count of the vote.)

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Emergency Dorm President Elections

Due to a problem in the nominations process, the Dorm President Elections in Erdman and Rhoads South are being re-run!

If you would like to run for the position of Dorm President or would like to nominate another future Rhoads South resident for the position, please email by Tuesday at 11:59 PM.

When you confirm your acceptance of your nomination, please please email a short Candidates’ Statement (no longer than a page) to by Wednesday at 11:59 PM. (Candidates’ Statements will be posted on the blog by 9 AM on Thursday.)

Voting will take place on Moodle from 9 AM Thursday, May first, to 7 PM, Friday, May second.


Rhoads South:

If you have any questions, please email them to!


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April Elections Results

The newly elected position holders are:

Heads of the Residence Council: Anna Kalinsky & Sofia Oleas

Head of the Student Curriculum Committee: Heidi Gay

Heads of the Social Committee: Anna Sargeant & Pamudu Tennakoon

Civic Engagement Representative: Swetha Narasimhan

Traditions Mistresses: Dijia Chen & Pam Gassman

Class of 2015 One Year Representatives to the Honor Board: Rayna Allonce, Eun-young Park, Jenn Thoman

Class of 2016 One Year Representative to the Honor Board: Celeste Gambino

Class of 2017 One Year Representative to the Honor Board: Meera Jayaraman

Class of 2017 Two Year Representative to the Honor Board: Ariane Marchis-Mouren

Class of 2015 Co-Presidents: Makala Forster & Marian Slocum

Class of 2016 Co-Presidents: Grace Kim & Chanel Williams

Class of 2017 Co-Presidents: Odeymarys Garrido & Aleja Newman

Class of 2015 Songs Mistress: Syona Arora

Class of 2016 Songs Mistress: Rachel Ofili

Class of 2017 Songs Mistress: Jo Dutilloy


Thank you to all candidates and everyone who voted and congratulations to the winners!

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Dorm President Candidates

The candidates for the position of dorm president (which may be co-held) are:
Julie Henrikson and Rebecca Cook

Celeste Gambino
Lindsay Burak and Rachel Feynman

Aleja Newman
Bara’ Almomani
Dani Weismann and Lyntana Brougham
Josette Graves

Ann Lin
Anu Goedhart
Elinor De La Torre
Grisilda Bakiaski
Jessica Bernal and Shakhari Badgett
Jordan Schwarz

Leigh Peterson
Sheena Gopal and Stephanie Bredbenner

Pem East
Angie Koo and Gabrielle Crossnoe
Farah AlYaqout

Pem West
Jillian Moroney and Sri Sneha Bendapudi

Perry House
Alexis McDonald and Modupe Olufemi

Catherine Wagner and Nkechi Ampah

Rhoads North
Carly Breen and Prerana Vaddi
Genesis Feliz
Isabella Dorfman

Rhoads South
Caroline Randive
Nadera Rahman and Neha Kamran

Elaine Holehan and Olivia Hollinger
Gwendolyn Humphreys
Taylor Milne and Zahabya Mama
Eram Haider

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Run-Off Elections

Thank you to everyone voted on Monday and Tuesday!!
Some positions did not get filled, so we need you to vote again!
Run-Off elections are open on Moodle Thursday, 4/24 at 9am – Friday, 4/25 at 7pm.
Heads of the Residence Council: Anna Kalinsky & Sofia Oleas
Class of 2015 One Year Representative to the Honor Board: Eun-young Park

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Candidates’ Statements

Head of the Residence Council

Head of the Student Curriculum Committee

Heads of the Social Committee

Class of 2015 President

Class of 2016 Presidents

Class of 2017 Presidents

Civic Engagement Representative

Class of 2015 Songs Mistress/Master/Mistex

Class of 2016 Songs Mistress/Master/Mistex

Class of 2017 Songs Mistress/Master/Mistex

Traditions Mistresses/Masters/Mistex

Class of 2015 One Year Representatives to the Honor Board

Class of 2016 One Year Representatives to the Honor Board

Class of 2017 One Year Representative to the Honor Board

Class of 2017 Two Year Representative to the Honor Board

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Class of 2017 One Year Representative to the Honor Board

Meera Jayaraman

As an admitted student coming from a high school where cheating was prevalent by stressed-out AP students struggling to make it to college, at Bryn Mawr I found the social and academic Honor Code to be empowering in its influence over the student body. The Honor Code encompasses everything here, and it is an intricate network of trust between students and their peers as well as students and faculty members. I am interested in a position as a 1-Year Representative to the Honor Board because I want to work hard to uphold the Honor Code and everything that it stands for at Bryn Mawr. By resolving issues within the school, I would be able to be a part of this system that is so unique to Bryn Mawr, where we are given the power to support our own integrity.

I know that an important component of the job is confidentiality because it deals with issues of a sensitive nature. I also know that it would involve representing the student body on many of these issues, as well as educating the incoming classes on the importance of maintaining the honor code and the power that the honor code gives us, as Bryn Mawr students. Furthermore, I understand that part of the job is working with final examination materials and schedules.

In the past, I have been entrusted upon with issues of a critical nature, especially when it came to working with the student-run newspaper and with stage management. Also, I am an important resource for my friends, who know that they can confide in me without any worry. Furthermore, I have experience with public speaking from theatre and other programs in high school, and know that I would be willing to educate others on the importance of the honor code.

To improve my effectiveness as a member of the Honor Board, I would plan and widely publicize several events that go past Customs Week that include more than just  first-years. Doing so would help bring to light the number of resources that are available for students about the Honor Code and how to effectively use it to improve student life at Bryn Mawr. With these information sessions or teas, students would have a free, safe space to express thoughts about the Honor Code and different aspects of it such as confrontation and micro-aggressions, both of which have proved problematic in the past. In addition, I believe that DLT should go through training specific to issues with the honor code and how to be a better resource for their dorm and/or hall as a whole. Furthermore, to bring more faculty and staff into a deeper understanding of the Honor Code, I would want to facilitate discussion with events like the town hall meeting on race.

Finally, I believe that I would be a great candidate for the position because I truly care about educating the student body about the Honor Code, resolving academic and social issues, and creating an environment that is respectful and welcoming to all students, regardless of race, class, or sexual identity. As a woman of color, I am witness to many issues that divide us as a student body, and I believe that respecting and educating people on the honor code will facilitate a safe space for all members of the College.

Modupe Olufemi

Hello, my name is Modupe Olufemi and I am running to be a 1-Year Honor Board Representative for the Class of 2017. Two major reasons that I am running for this position are that I want to improve the spirit of self-governance on Bryn Mawr’s campus, and because I’d like to learn a lot more about the Honor Code itself.

I am currently serving in SGA as a member of the Elections Board, and I understand the importance of using different means of informing the student body about events related to the Student Government Associate (SGA). In this position, I have done my best to make use of social media in order to inform people about events pertaining to elections. I think making greater use of social media to increase the transparency of the Honor Code along with many other aspects of SGA is a really vital aspect of maintaining the spirit of self-governance that attracted me to this campus.

One aspect of this position that I would like to stress is the role that Honor Board members have in reaching out to the community about the Honor Code. In my experience as a first-year at this institution, I have found that the phrase “doing things in the spirit of the Honor Code” gets thrown around a lot in relation to different situations. This has often been a source of confusion in determining what is okay or not, especially when considering things related to the Social Honor Code. I’d like to get more dialogue on the perceptions that people have about the honor code, as well as encourage the Dorm Leadership Team to be a more active force in this process.

Another thing that stands out to me about this position and the Honor Code is the concept of confrontation. I know that people from different walks of life have different interpretations of what confrontation may look like, and that may be intimidating for some. I think possibly coming up with a way of tackling the subject of confrontation should be done during customs week. It’s especially important for incoming students to understand that confrontation should not be feared and they should be able to find a “confrontation style” that works for them.

For the reasons above, it would be a great pleasure to expand my support of SGA through service on this board and maintaining participation in self-governance on this campus.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions!

Further questions or concerns for elections should be directed to

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