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Class of 2016 Songs Mistress/Master/Mistex

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Class of 2016 One Year Representatives to the Honor Board

Class of 2017 One Year Representative to the Honor Board

Class of 2017 Two Year Representative to the Honor Board

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Class of 2017 One Year Representative to the Honor Board

Meera Jayaraman

As an admitted student coming from a high school where cheating was prevalent by stressed-out AP students struggling to make it to college, at Bryn Mawr I found the social and academic Honor Code to be empowering in its influence over the student body. The Honor Code encompasses everything here, and it is an intricate network of trust between students and their peers as well as students and faculty members. I am interested in a position as a 1-Year Representative to the Honor Board because I want to work hard to uphold the Honor Code and everything that it stands for at Bryn Mawr. By resolving issues within the school, I would be able to be a part of this system that is so unique to Bryn Mawr, where we are given the power to support our own integrity.

I know that an important component of the job is confidentiality because it deals with issues of a sensitive nature. I also know that it would involve representing the student body on many of these issues, as well as educating the incoming classes on the importance of maintaining the honor code and the power that the honor code gives us, as Bryn Mawr students. Furthermore, I understand that part of the job is working with final examination materials and schedules.

In the past, I have been entrusted upon with issues of a critical nature, especially when it came to working with the student-run newspaper and with stage management. Also, I am an important resource for my friends, who know that they can confide in me without any worry. Furthermore, I have experience with public speaking from theatre and other programs in high school, and know that I would be willing to educate others on the importance of the honor code.

To improve my effectiveness as a member of the Honor Board, I would plan and widely publicize several events that go past Customs Week that include more than just  first-years. Doing so would help bring to light the number of resources that are available for students about the Honor Code and how to effectively use it to improve student life at Bryn Mawr. With these information sessions or teas, students would have a free, safe space to express thoughts about the Honor Code and different aspects of it such as confrontation and micro-aggressions, both of which have proved problematic in the past. In addition, I believe that DLT should go through training specific to issues with the honor code and how to be a better resource for their dorm and/or hall as a whole. Furthermore, to bring more faculty and staff into a deeper understanding of the Honor Code, I would want to facilitate discussion with events like the town hall meeting on race.

Finally, I believe that I would be a great candidate for the position because I truly care about educating the student body about the Honor Code, resolving academic and social issues, and creating an environment that is respectful and welcoming to all students, regardless of race, class, or sexual identity. As a woman of color, I am witness to many issues that divide us as a student body, and I believe that respecting and educating people on the honor code will facilitate a safe space for all members of the College.

Modupe Olufemi

Hello, my name is Modupe Olufemi and I am running to be a 1-Year Honor Board Representative for the Class of 2017. Two major reasons that I am running for this position are that I want to improve the spirit of self-governance on Bryn Mawr’s campus, and because I’d like to learn a lot more about the Honor Code itself.

I am currently serving in SGA as a member of the Elections Board, and I understand the importance of using different means of informing the student body about events related to the Student Government Associate (SGA). In this position, I have done my best to make use of social media in order to inform people about events pertaining to elections. I think making greater use of social media to increase the transparency of the Honor Code along with many other aspects of SGA is a really vital aspect of maintaining the spirit of self-governance that attracted me to this campus.

One aspect of this position that I would like to stress is the role that Honor Board members have in reaching out to the community about the Honor Code. In my experience as a first-year at this institution, I have found that the phrase “doing things in the spirit of the Honor Code” gets thrown around a lot in relation to different situations. This has often been a source of confusion in determining what is okay or not, especially when considering things related to the Social Honor Code. I’d like to get more dialogue on the perceptions that people have about the honor code, as well as encourage the Dorm Leadership Team to be a more active force in this process.

Another thing that stands out to me about this position and the Honor Code is the concept of confrontation. I know that people from different walks of life have different interpretations of what confrontation may look like, and that may be intimidating for some. I think possibly coming up with a way of tackling the subject of confrontation should be done during customs week. It’s especially important for incoming students to understand that confrontation should not be feared and they should be able to find a “confrontation style” that works for them.

For the reasons above, it would be a great pleasure to expand my support of SGA through service on this board and maintaining participation in self-governance on this campus.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions!

Further questions or concerns for elections should be directed to

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Class of 2017 Two Year Representative to the Honor Board

Ariane Marchis-Mouren

In view of the position that I am campaigning for, I did not know that I was interested in becoming a member of the Honor Board until about a week ago.  Then came the email notifying me of my nomination for the position of the Class of 2017 Two Year Representative to the Honor Board.  I immediately researched what it meant to be in the Honor Board, and more importantly, I thought about why whoever nominated me believed that I should run for this office.  I wanted to have very good reasons before making the decision to accept or deny the nomination.  Obviously, the arguments to serve the Bryn Mawr community by protecting the integrity of the Honor Code were compelling.

Our generation grew up with technology that gives us many opportunities to cheat.  Copying and pasting was one of the first computer skills we mastered.  It is so easy and so tempting to take a few sentences and paragraphs from different sources, string them together and… Voilà! Instant term paper!   This is not scholarly work though, and of course, we would only be cheating ourselves.

In a world where politicians, bankers, lawyers, and even scientists are caught fudging numbers and results, we as Mawters should all the more uphold the essence of the Honor Code, and be models of integrity.

I would like to go out into the world, and say that I am a Mawter, and people would recognize that as a stamp of responsibility and probity.

A few days ago, I read an article in the New York Times about The Fading Honor Code.  At Middlebury’s economics department, it will be the first time in 49 years that exams will be proctored.  We do not want this to happen to Bryn Mawr.  We have a reputation to defend. I want to work to uphold our Honor Code system.

As an elected class representative for many years in middle school and high school in France, I have had to settle disagreements between classmates. I have been successful at solving problems between students and between students and faculty without anyone getting upset or getting hurt.

What is my impression of the responsibilities and skills this position will encompass?

First, I know how to keep secrets.  I guarantee never to divulge details of hearings.  Second, I have fairly good people skills.  Third, I am a very good listener.  Fourth, I have a younger brother, so I have plenty of experience in resolving disputes.  Fifth, I am a good teammate and I work well in a group.

What can I change to improve the effectiveness of this position?

Possibly, educate or remind people frequently (maybe once a month) about the Honor Code.  How can this be done?  An approach that resembles an advertising campaign (print, social media) might be effective.

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Class of 2016 One Year Representative to the Honor Board

Celeste Gambino

My name is Celeste Gambino and I am running for the class of 2016, one year Honor Board member position.

The Honor Code is one of my favorite parts of life at Bryn Mawr. It sets our community apart from other colleges by creating an atmosphere based on trust, respect, and responsibility. The Honor Code helps students keep everyday life at Bryn Mawr safe and comfortable by emphasizing a commitment to communication. It is a tradition that is tied to, and influences, every aspect of social and academic life at Bryn Mawr.

It is a unique privilege to have students help decide how to deal with violations of the Honor Code that effect the campus as a whole. The honor board is not about determining punishments and consequences for one’s actions, but rather keeping a balance in the community and reinforcing trust amongst the students. As a Member-at-Large of SGA I have enjoyed my experiences with Self Governance, and look forward to further involvement with SGA as a member of the Honor Board.

A member of the Honor Board needs to be organized, efficient, and comfortable with confidentiality and I believe that I would be able to bring these bring these assets to the position of Honor Board member. It would be an honor (no pun intended) to uphold the Honor Code as a member of the Honor Board.


Amanda Guo

As a sophomore, I am familiar with the benefits that The Honor Code can bring to both our academic and social life at Bryn Mawr. Without the meaningful work that the Honor Board had done to inform me with this tradition, I would not have known the significance of it, nor would I understood the purpose of it- to create an environmnet where each member in the Bryn Mawr community can realize their full potential through intellectual and social growth. I think it is very important for us to know how to respect each others’ space and make best use of the time and source we have as students at Bryn Mawr. Therefore, I made the decision to running for this position.

I am confident of my ability to serve as one year representative to the Honor Board of my class. I am good at organizing and managing schedules and am willing to listen and convey opinion through different parties. If I have the honor to be chosen as one year representative to the Honor Board, I would spare no efforts to contribute my time and knowledge to promote The Honor Code as well as serve the student community from what I can.

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Class of 2015 One Year Representative to the Honor Board

Rayna Allonce

My name is Rayna Allonce and I am running to serve as a One Year Representative to the Honor Board from the Class of 2015. The Honor Code, and community adherence to this code, is one of the integral parts of what distinguishes Bryn Mawr from most college communities, and one of the first things that made it feel like home to me.

The continued presence and maintenance of the honor code suggests that there is a collective belief that all members of the community want to, as much as possible, live and act with integrity. This environment that pushes people to strive towards mutual trust in the goodwill of fellow community members, and respect of all individuals, is extremely rare.  I am honored and proud to be part of such a community, and seek to further serve it through this position.

I realize that we, as individuals, are not without our flaws. People make mistakes. People are sometimes unsure of what is expected of them, and what they should expect from others. Conflicts happen, rules get broken, and ideals are sometimes put aside. These are all difficult things to navigate. A board with representatives from members of the community, all working together, is in the best position to navigate these issues, facilitate community wide discussions on expectations, and perhaps prevent certain events from occurring or escalating. I believe in this, and that our system works. I believe in community, holding high expectations for a community, and giving that community the means to meet those expectations.

I hope to be able to learn, grow, and serve through this position.

Contact information:

Jenn Thoman

Candidate Statement- Honor Board 2015

I’m a first-year, transfer, McBride scholar- and next year, I’ll be a senior. I don’t have a lot of time here, but with the time I do have, I want to make an impact, not just for McBrides, but for the whole community. I want to be able to leave this place better, stronger, and more sustainable than it was when I got here.

One of the reasons I decided to spend the final two years of my undergraduate education at BMC was the strength and conviction of the community with regard to the Honor Code. Where else but Bryn Mawr could you have self-scheduled exams? Or leave a cup of coffee in Park, only to find it there (growing friends) a week later? I value the accountability and ownership that the Honor Code brings to not only serious academic and social behaviors, but also small things, like conversations about grades. I really realized the impact that life under the Honor Code has had on my life outside of Bryn Mawr when I asked my Mom if it was okay to discuss my Fall semester final grades with her. She was, understandably, kind of confused.

I believe so strongly that a foundation in what it means to have this kind of responsibility to the entire community is what will make the Honor Code even better, and more effective. I am interested in the ways we, as a collective and as a board, can get Bryn Mawr to be a place where we don’t take the seriousness (and magic!) of the Honor Code for granted. It can be easy, I think, to assume that we’re all on the same page, because

we have this incredible document to fall back on, but something is missing from that kind of understanding. The Honor Code should be able to support and protect the entire community, and that can only happen with a stronger presence of the board, and more education not only around what it says, but also why it’s important, and what accountability actually looks like. I’m running for a position on the Honor Board because I think that the Honor Code is part of what makes this place truly special, and I want to help make it even better.

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Traditions Mistresses/Masters/Mistex

Dijia Chen and Pam Gassman

We, Dijia Chen and Pamela Gassman, are running for the positions of Traditions Mistresses for the 2014-2015 academic year. We feel that Traditions are an important part of life at Bryn Mawr, and offer a unique experience that fosters unity and solidarity among the community. We hope to give back and improve upon the experience we received as first years to the incoming students. Our goal is not to recreate our experience, but to shape an environment in which students will be free to craft their own experience.

We both were members of the 2014 Hell Week Committee, which served to give us behind the scenes practice in planning Hell Week and an opportunity to create a strong working relationship. We realize that Traditions, especially Hell Week, are always changing. Seeing the changes in Hell Week this year has inspired us to continuously improve the experience of Traditions, to learn from and to see spaces in which there are opportunities for growth, and to help ensure that Traditions evolve. We hope to make Traditions a safer and more accessible environment for all students, emotionally, physically, and socially regardless of how one chooses to participate. We propose to do this through creating greater awareness for what one can expect during Traditions through initiatives such as Traditions 101 teas and setting volume/crowd level ratings for events. We also hope to reach out to and collaborate with off-campus representatives to ensure that students living off-campus can more easily participate if they choose to do so. Furthermore, we hope to strengthen communication and work more closely with administration and Dorm Leadership Team members to provide greater role in supporting first years during Traditions. We also want to increase visibility of the Hell Week Committee on campus in order to establish its presence as a resource.  As Traditions Mistresses we hope to create an atmosphere conductive to open communication and dialogue, pertaining both to the student body, and individuals.

Both of us have acquired relevant skills through participation in the Bryn Mawr community and outside. Pam works in the Admissions Office and as a Teaching Assistant for the Education department. Additionally, she recently re-opened the Open Mic Club on campus. During last summer she worked as a counselor at an all-girls summer camp, which required her to coordinate events and confront many issues. Dijia is a customs person, worker at Uncommon Grounds Cafe, and peer tutor for Japanese. She has also taken part in curating a Tri-College exhibition and a film series at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. Additionally, our involvement as members of the Hell Week Committee has provided us with important knowledge and experience regarding Traditions. These positions and activities have provided both of us with crucial skills such as time management, organization, and communication. We also complement each other and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Pam is skilled at making connections with new people, facilitating discussion, and delegating tasks. Dijia is great at sustaining the momentum, solving crises, and staying on top of everything. We have different ways of thinking and different ways of responding to different situations, and we value each other’s insights. This allows us to confront different problems from more perspectives while maintaining open dialogue.

We understand that in Bryn Mawr’s community Traditions require the hard work of everyone on campus: Traditions Mistresses/Masters/Mistex, students, faculty, staff, and administrators.  The goal of these events is to celebrate both the bonds that we have formed and the future relationships with upcoming Mawrters. We are confident that we will create a welcoming and secure environment for students to partake in the experience of Traditions and to join in with the many generations of Bryn Mawr students before them.

For information on elections and other candidates, please visit
Voting is on Moodle from 9 a.m. on Monday April 21st till 7 p.m. on Tuesday April 22nd. We
hope that you consider us as you vote. If you have questions about SGA Elections, contact

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Class of 2017 Songs Mistress/Master/Mistex

Jo Dutilloy

My name is Jo Dutilloy, class of 2017 and I am the current Songsmistress for the class of 2017.

I am running again simply because I love what I do which is to make Step Sing and traditions fun and comfortable for all the participants. My class is full of beautiful singers and every Step Sing is an opportunity to lead these you in the most enjoyable way possible. I’m loud and enthusiastic and unafraid of making a complete and utter fool of myself. I also really value the comfort and love of the community and will make it one of my first priorities to make sure people feel safe and welcome.

I believe that I will continue to be capable of this leadership as well as being present to teach songs and help out the Songsmistress/master/mistex for the upcoming class of 2018.

I fell in love with Bryn Mawr my first day here and it has been an honor to serve as Songsmistress. I hope I can continue to be a leading part of this community in the way I know best: by singing with others.


Emma Levin

My name is Emma Levin and I am running for Class of 2017 Songs Mistress. I want to be Songs Mistress because step sings are what made me fall in love with Bryn Mawr and I would love to be a more active part of them. Lantern Night and Parade Night are counted among the best nights of my life and I want to be a part of leading that fantastic experience for other people. While I’m not a talented singer, I learn lyrics quickly and easily and love to sing along to any song I know the words too. I hope to be elected so I can help make step sings and Lantern Night keep getting even more fun!

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Class of 2016 Songs Mistress/Master/Mistex

Eve Cantler

Being Songsmistress this past year has been one of my favorite parts of being at Bryn Mawr. I almost love it more than I love the hair under my armpits. There’s nothing better than standing up in front of the crazy beautiful class of 2016 and yelling at people to stop shouting 69. Seriously, though, being Songsmistress for y’all kicks so much ass and I would really really really like to keep on doing it. Whether it’s accidentally hitting someone on the head with a candle while trying to toss them across the crowd or telling people they need to sit down when they get too rowdy, I’m always having a killer time when I’m up Songsmistressing and whatnot. Oh, also, I really love singing super loudly and off-key (by which I mean I am off-key because singing comes to me about as naturally as showering daily). And I really love singing super loudly (and off-key) with all of you. You guys make my job the best job there is and I hope that underneath the excellent wit and humor of this candidate’s statement you are able to see how much and how sincerely I love the class of 2016 and love being Songsmistress and how much I hope continue serving you in this role.

Rachel Ofili
Class of 2016 Songs Mistress

I really want to be songs mistress because it would be a dream come true to lead the Class of 2016 in step sings in the following semesters and help welcome our sister class to Bryn Mawr during lantern night. I love the energy and excitement that comes with this crucial role and I am well suited to bring all those components to lead our class. I have a very loud voice and bouncing personality, so I will make sure you are all having a great time during step sing. My goal is to firstly make sure everyone can hear me and know what page we are on in the song book; and secondly is to get our whole class fired up and screaming on the top of their lungs and to thoroughly enjoy their time, while watching me make a fool of myself. I’m all about inclusiveness, so I would really try and get everyone to have the same experience whether they are sitting in the front or in the back. It’s about type for the Class of 2016 to get hype! I really treasure Bryn Mawr Traditions and allowing me this position is something you won’t ever regret. Let’s get CRAZY, together.


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Class of 2015 Songs Mistress/Master/Mistex

Syona Arora

Dear Bryn Mawr Class of 2015,

I wish we never had to leave. I wish we could live in this perpetual limbo of edging closer and closer to the Senior Steps and humming the first few bars of Bread and Roses, but come May Day we will be able to claim the Steps as our own and by Parade Night it will be us with the bottles and the tears. Apathetic seniors? Not at Step Sing.

When Lantern Night rolls around, I know what to do. As a freshman Night Owl I taught Sophias to my peers, and for the past two years I’ve struggled my way through singing Pallas Athena and figuring out how to swing a lantern. I’ve seen the Traditions mistresses confused by the serpentine, and heard my Songsmistress predecessors complain about the first-years’ lack of voice one too many times.

Finally, I would love nothing more than to walk in the May Day procession for a fourth and final time as Senior Songsmistress, looking back on a year that will undoubtedly be the best. I hope that y’all will have faith that we can make it happen.

Love love love love love,

Syona Arora (

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Civic Engagement Representative

Swetha Narasimhan

In running for this position as Civic Engagement Representative, I am really relying on my current interactions with the staff at the CEO through Praxis II placements, creating a Praxis III, student coordinating for the Belmont Mentoring program, attending civic engagement conferences, and various other outreach opportunities. These experiences have given me the platform to get to know the staff at the CEO and feel comfortable talking to them in both formal and informal settings. Having had all of these interactions also makes my time at the CEO more valuable to me. I feel like the work done at the office is really exemplary and should be taken advantage of more by students.

If elected, one of my initiatives would be to increase the visibility of the CEO on campus by publicity, conversations, and just general awareness. I think the most effective way for this to be achieved would be to create spaces in which students and staff from the CEO could come together to talk about the role of the CEO on campus. As another initiative, I think the CEO’s role in SGA could be increased simply because of how many SGA-funded clubs exist under the larger umbrella of the CEO’s goals as an office. I would work closely with the staff at the CEO to find out what sources of funding they have available to them, with the treasurer to find ways for financial collaboration and ways to support clubs more effectively, and with the club leaders themselves to act as the liaison to the CEO and create a new opportunity for meaningful collaboration. Also, in the midst of the merge between the CEO and CPD to form LILAC, I would like my position to be used as a sort of messenger to the student body through SGA, which hopefully would encourage students to use both these resources where it makes sense for them.

Both the CEO and SGA are spaces that mean a lot to me, and I hope be

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