CANDIDATES STATEMENT September Elections: Off Campus Representatives

Sneha Soni & Elizabeth Loenzana: 

Hello, our names Sneha Soni and Elizabeth Lorenzana and we are excited to represent the off-campus community at Bryn Mawr. We hope to expand the Bryn Mawr community by fostering communication between the Mawrters living off-campus and the Bryn Mawr community. We’re living off-campus for our second and third years, respectively. We have many ideas for all our off-campus commuters, whether you live as close as Mermont, as far as Philadelphia city, or even at home.

Having lived off-campus for multiple years, we understand the joys and struggles that come with not living in a dorm. Since Bryn Mawr has a tight-knit dorm culture, it can be hard to maintain on-campus participation at community events. We plan to foster awareness of the non-residents, who can often be forgotten.

In addition to being an intermediate between the off and on-campus communities, we hope to introduce fellow non-residents to each other. We’d like the off-campus community to be aware of other non-residents that live around them and build relationships that they can count on. We’d also like to expand our community and strengthen our relationship with the McBride students.

With our experience, we can address any questions about the logistics of living off-campus, about finding student-approved housing, and finding potential roommates. We also welcome all questions concerning room draw, financial aid, and budgeting.  We live as close as Brecon and are always available to meet and talk with anyone living off-campus now or looking to live off-campus in the future.

Thank you, we look forward to representing our off-campus Mawrters.

Sneha and Elizabeth

ssoni@bmc, elorenzana@bmc

Thank you,
Sneha and Elizabeth

CANDIDATES STATEMENT September Elections: 2019 Class President (s)

Lillian Oyen-Ustad & NIki Shakamuri: 

Hello Mawrters!

Our names are Lillian Oyen-Ustad (she/her pronouns) and Nikki Shakamuri (she/her pronouns) and we would be honored to serve as your class presidents. We can be reached at and or at Rhoads South Room 102, so please contact us if you have any questions! Also, please know that we’ll most definitely be the ones to say “hi” around campus; we’re both very social people and we cannot wait to have the chance to learn more about each one of you!

A little bit of background on the both of us: Lil has been in student government since Middle School, holding Student Council President for three years in high school, and secretary before that. She applied ED with SGA being a large contributing factor alongside Bryn Mawr’s true sense of community and support. Nikki had the same type of experience. She applied Regular Decision and knew that Bryn Mawr was the school for her when she visited an SGA meeting during infocus. She has held multiple executive roles in clubs and was also captain of a varsity sports team in high school.

Being a member of the SGA in any capacity is a time consuming thing. Not only are we dedicated to serving our class as a whole, but we also know how unique the SGA is to Bryn Mawr, and plan to uphold it’s values to the best of our ability. As for time management, we’ve both done varsity sports our entire lives, as well as balanced school and extracurricular activities, so we believe we’re quite prepared to handle the load that comes with being your presidents!  Luckily, we’re roommates, and very good friends with similar schedules, so seeing each other and keeping open communication will be an easy thing for us to do.

If elected, we plan on having office hours, regularly updating the Facebook page, sending out class wide emails, creating a class twitter for updates on events, having “day in the life” on instagram, another things to keep class discussion alive. As for class events, we can’t wait to get to know more about the wonderful people in our class and give each and every one of you the feeling of a family, rather than a class. We both love food, music, and getting to know people so between impromptu dance parties, tea parties, movie parties, cards against humanity, and various other events, we hope to build the sense of family in our class.

We know that we’ve only been apart of this amazing community for a short time now, but we hope to be the kind of Class Presidents that help assure that Bryn Mawr becomes your home. For the both of us, we have been in love with Bryn Mawr since the first time we stepped foot on campus, it was our dream school, probably like many of you. We both came from close knit high schools where community was everything and after singing Hillary Duff in Goodhart, Parade Night, step sing, and surviving customs week together, we cannot wait to spend the next four years with all of you amazing people by our sides. Whether we win or lose, we will always hold SGA near and dear to our hearts as well as all of you, but we want to be your presidents because Bryn Mawr is our home, and you are our family and we want to make sure that you all feel the same way we do when you walk around this campus…respected, supported, and loved.

Margaret Gorman: 

My name is Margaret Gorman, and I am a candidate for Class of 2019 President.  I am extremely excited to be a part of the Bryn Mawr community and, whether elected or not, I plan to be an active participant in the Self Government Association.  My passion for SGA comes from my belief that we are very privileged to be able to go to a school where our voices are so respected and have so much power.  We, as students at Bryn Mawr, are responsible for creating the community that we want to be a part of; upholding the Honor Code and crafting a welcoming, safe atmosphere where students can fully engage with their learning.  I know that having a say in my own education makes me much more enthusiastic about learning.  I want to be Class President because I know that I can be a voice for the first-year class.  I want to help create this community and support the individuals inside of it.

I have experience in leadership and student government.  My high school, H-B Woodlawn, had a very unique system of governing: every week, students and teachers would gather in the library for a “Town Meeting,” during which we discussed issues and changes within our school and voted democratically on how to address them.  These meetings were run through a modified version of Robert’s Rules of Order, so I already have some familiarity with the rules that govern SGA meetings.  In addition to being an active participant at Town Meetings, I was often chair of the meetings, a job that involved regulating discussion and maintaining order.

I was also elected by my peers to serve as representative to the Student Advisory Board (SAB), a group of students who meet with our county’s School Board to discuss issues within the school system.  As a representative on the SAB for four years, I was able to have input on issues such as budget, transportation, and scheduling.  In my senior year, I became chair of the SAB and led the meetings.  At the end of the school year, I gave a presentation to the School Board about what we had accomplished and what our goals were for the future.  A short article about my presentation can be found here <>.

I also have spoken at three School Board meetings as an advocate for my high school during a lengthy process to solve the school system’s overcrowding crisis.  A video of me speaking at a school board meeting can be found here <> (I am Speaker #2 under Student Speakers; skip to 1:30 minutes to avoid the speaker guidelines).

I know that being class president will require me to effectively listen, communicate, and manage my time.  As an SAB representative, I listened to the opinions of my peers and relayed them to the other students on the SAB as well as to the School Board.  I was also committed to service with my school’s Action Team, involved in school plays, and an active member of a writers’ group.  Because of these experiences, I understand how to effectively coordinate a number of commitments and how to prioritize my responsibilities.  As I said during the Candidates’ Forum, I am always happier when I am a little bit busy.

I will bring enthusiasm, experience, and passion to the SGA as Class President.  I want to foster a sense of trust, inclusiveness, and community within our class and within Bryn Mawr as a whole.  I look forward to learning more about the Bryn Mawr community — especially about the Class of 2019 — during my years here!

I can be reached at or 571-289-7691.  Please don’t hesitate to email, text, or call me with any questions you may have!

Felicia Grable: 

My name is Felicia Grable ( 202-297-0014) and I am running for Class President of 2019. I am interested in this position because I believe in giving everybody a voice and unite us as a class, especially as we are the new faces on campus. I live in Radnor 3rd and I have a small customs group but everyone comes from different walks of life. All of us accept different roles; some of us lead and others are content to follow. However, we all band together, enjoy each other’s company, and make sure we include everyone. That’s what I want our whole class to be like. I want people, extroverted or introverted; to feel as though they could approach me with any problem they have and feel as though I could properly express their concerns and feel as though we are all together.

I know that being president is more than being a friendly face; it’s also about being a leader and someone who people can look up to and trust to bring the community together. That said I know this is no easy job, as it requires dedication to the class I am representing. Organization is key to keep on top of thing such as meetings and teas. I have a little bit of experience in representing my class back in England when I was form captain, comparable to class representative, in sophomore year. As I have said before, the best ways to make the most out of this position and make it better is being easily approachable and listen to the needs of everyone and by doing so, making our transition into the Bryn Mawr community a smooth one. I want everyone to speak up, even if they have quieter voices, and bring any concerns to me.

One of things I want to do, as president, is to solidify what the position has achieved and what the SGA has achieved in the community. I would like to make sure that everyone is included in the teas that I will host, including those in our class who live off-campus and even McBride students. This all part of the job of SGA to make sure that they accurately represent the student body and mediate between the college and the students. They also serve as problem solvers and we are in a unique position where we can control how students are treated when they break the Honor Code. I hope to be one of those representatives that work towards helping the community.

Colleen Williamsn & Kat Margaret Phifer 

Hello, Mawrtyrs!

Our names are Colleen Williamson and Kat Margaret Phifer and we are running for the Class of 2019’s Co-Presidents. We are very excited to run for this position! Our goal is to equally represent every student in the Class of 2019 and to create a safe space where everyone feels welcome to share their voice. We are organized, dedicated, and welcoming people who want the student body to feel comfortable coming to us for anything. We take this role very seriously, but also want to have a lot of fun with it!

Kat (she/her): In high school, I was the president of the Vocal Arts Club and the president and founder of the Spoken Word Poetry club, as well as the secretary of my school’s a cappella group. I have a lot of experience with leadership and organization. Along with these, I was, and continue, to be very active in theater, dance, vocal arts, and social justice. I am very involved around campus, which helps me know what is happening as well as what is working and what needs improvement. SGA is very important to me and, in my opinion, is an integral part of our Bryn Mawr experience; I want to make it a bigger part of the lives of the greater student body!

Colleen (she/her): I was the founder and treasurer of an Arabic club in high school; thus, I have experience with budgeting and leadership. I am also a very active member of multiple dance groups and am passionate about sustainability. I hope to create and improve sustainability projects around the campus. I am a very fun-loving, open, caring person and I would love to talk to each and every one of you about questions, comments, concerns, or just saying hi!

E-mail us with any funny kat (ha!) videos, cake recipes, or topics actually pertaining to our campaign:, Thank you; we hope to see you around campus! J


CANDIDATES STATEMENT September Elections: Member at Large

Nora Dell:

Hello everyone,

My name is Nora Dell (she/her) – I’m a first year representative from Pem West – and I’m running to be one of your members-at-large.

I decided to run for the position after attending my first SGA meeting a couple weeks ago. We were in the middle of the meeting when I realized how important SGA is at Bryn Mawr. It gives us the power to affect real change, rather than being passive bystanders in our community. And I think that’s extraordinary. I realized I had a voice. I realized we all have a voice. I realized I genuinely cared about our community – something I had been waiting to feel since I accepted the offer of admission.

One of the most important things I’ve come to realize about any organization is communication. Past experiences with communication include Communications Director for my high school orchestra, where I communicated with over 200 people about events and scheduling. I’ve also spent the past two years tutoring calculus and physics. And one of the most valuable things that teaches you is how to convey complex ideas in a way everyone can understand. This is just one of the skills I will bring to the member-at-large position, and by extension, the undergraduate community. I will do my best to make sure accurate information is widespread.

At the end of the day, that ability to affect change is what makes me want to be in student government. On the other side of that, however, it places a great responsibility on the SGA to take thoughtful, beneficial actions. If elected, I will do my best to ask important questions, to make sure no issue or concern goes unnoticed – to be your voice on the representative council. I will try my hardest to be able to look back on every action we took, every debate we had, and say that the community is better off for it.

With those sentiments in mind, I ask for your vote.

Contact me at . I check my email all the time!

Radhika Singh:

Good Evening! My name is Radhika Singh and I am a first year student at Bryn Mawr College. I use she/her pronouns and I am running for one of the posts of “Members – At – Large”.

Being a part of the Bryn Mawr community for the last month, I have understood and learnt the need for a community and a true ‘home’ in which we can trust one and another with our deepest fears and also overcome them by voicing our opinion. Being part of this community has helped me realize the vast nations and cultures that we represent and the need for having such a large population of international students only aids in trying to imbibe newer thought processes and perspectives.

Through my research papers in high school in business and psychology on understanding human behavior, helped me transcend my learning to the fields of sports, dance and community service. As the captain of the Throwball team, knowledge of my opponent’s weakness and teamwork helped us win tournaments. Being a trained Bharat Natyam dancer, I have to be prepared to understand the emotions of the audience and make them feel the same emotions as the character in my act is feeling. In dance performances (solo as well as group), I delved into medieval and contemporary history and literature to embody the protagonist’s spirit. Understanding the composition of the audience aids me in choreographing dance sequences; fast paced for younger audiences; deeply emotive for elders; and all this contributes to the success of my performances!

Community service at SAVERA, a school for the mentally challenged, made me unwrap the magic of trust. I taught cooking, painting, and dancing; thereby breaking through their silence, through my unconditional love. While this earned me the Certificate for commitment and dedication at the Interact Club, it also made me understand how trust, whether between persons or a brand and a consumer, is important. During my junior and senior year at high school, I jointly planned a Fund Raiser for SNEHA, a non profit organization. This was a joint initiative planned in coordination with Society for Nutrition, Education & Health Action (SNEHA), theatre artists and children living in urban slums to showcase the life of a woman and her pains, dreams, challenges, hardships and determination in her journey from a child to a woman.

To summarise, I did a lot of research in understanding human behavior and helping my community with a understanding diversity, giving back and being open to newer ideas.

Being a part of ‘Member-At-Large” will help me interact with the larger student body and learn about their skills and talents. I feel that being exposed to SGA meetings and decision-making in college with help me share some of my experiences and also gain knowledge and love for my true heart for the next four years – Bryn Mawr College and hopefully teach me responsibility and give me friends for a lifetime! Hence, I wish to be a part of the Members-At-Large community.

Lilly King: 

Hi everyone!

My name is Lilly King (she/her; class of 2019) and I am running to be a member-at-large on the SGA representative council. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns (…or even just to talk I love Grey’s Anatomy, BuzzFeed, and Katy Perry) at

A few weeks ago, on parade night, when the rest of the freshman class and I walked through the tunnel of Martyrs, we were welcomed home. But I was far from home; I’m from Massachusetts, where my high school had a stigma associated with having different opinions and where the student government had no influence in the administration’s decisions. Thus, I’ve never been a part of a community, where the administration, and the faculty in general, have been interested in the student body’s ideas. Even more so, I’ve never been a part of a community where the students readily await their turn to speak because they genuinely care for the well being of their school. What I’ve realized is that Bryn Mawr is a home. Your customs group becomes your family and the owls on the Rock Arch are your honorary pets. Here, students are strong, powerful, and opinionated…and that’s okay.

I would love to have the opportunity to be one of your members-at-large because I want to give back to our community. I will act as a liaison between the eboard and the student body to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. Because there are some misconceptions about the SGA events and about the association in general, I will encourage each every one of you to stand up for your believes, to speak up for yourselves, and to show up to SGA meetings so that you can experience how empowering it is to be a part of a community that supports you and your voice. In addition, I want to meet and form connections with new people, and to have the opportunity to collaborate with them and to also contribute individually to SGA.

I have experience working with peers my age and with young adults who have different personalities, maturity levels, and priorities. I am a strong leader, but I also know when to step back and led others lead the way. In addition, I am creative, flexible, and organized. I am friendly, empathic, and a good listener. I can resolve conflicts and find solutions and I enjoy organizing and implementing events. I am dedicated to this position and the responsibilities that come with it and hope that I can be an active part of a rewarding system that positively impacts others.

Hannah Chinn: 

My name is Hannah Chinn and I’m a current freshman (yay Class of 2019!) This year, I’m running for Member-at-Large. The SGA is one of the things that first set this college apart for me — simply the idea that at BMC, students hold both authority and responsibility for themselves and each other. I’m interested in seeing more about how self-governance works and in being an active member of the Bryn Mawr community.

A Member-at-Large’s responsibility is to vote, to serve the community through active participation in SGA activities, and to be representative of the student body as a whole. As Member-at-Large, I would do my best to listen and understand the people around me, build connections, and represent the community to the best of my ability. I know I’m a freshman, but one of the benefits of being a first-year is that everything is new… I am constantly asking new questions, approaching new things, and pushing myself to my limits. For many students, the SGA can sometimes seem intimidating or unapproachable — my hope is that by listening to others, reaching out, and starting conversations, this will change. In this position, I would work towards a more understanding, more approachable, and more fully representational SGA.

Delia Landers

I am a current first year at Bryn Mawr, and I am running for member-at-large. When I was looking for colleges I wanted somewhere that respected the students, and allowed them to be independent.  When I heard about the SGA I realized that Bryn Mawr had exactly that community I was seeking. I am so excited to be a part of the SGA and hope that being a member-at-large will be the role I play in it this year.

I am excited for taking on the responsibilities of a member-at-large. Having my vote count in meetings is very important to me, I am very passionate about this school and I want to play an active role in improving it. I am also looking forward to the aspect of the position which includes reaching out to the entire student body to tell them about what is happening in the SGA, and accurately represent them. I have loved getting to know the BMC community in my 1st month here. I believe that the relationships I have already made and the relationships I hope to make in the future will help me to learn what the student body wants from the SGA. I will work hard to reach out to as much of the community as possible and accurately represent them. Thank you.

Oona Ryle
My name is Oona Ryle, and I am running for the position of member-at-large. I am a first year, and have already been affected by the positive impacts of our SGA. I’m running for this position because I love how students at Bryn Mawr don’t have to jump through hoops to make change happen, and I want to be a part of the process of making it even easier to have your voice heard.
The primary purpose of this position is to represent the views of the student body and to be an active (and passionate) member of the SGA. I love this school and I love talking to people, and I’m very excited about the prospect of being elected.
Although I haven’t been a part of the SGA before, I have had experience with facilitating conversations and connecting people. I was in a leadership group that worked with high-schoolers struggling with their transition to a new school. I was also captain of my lacrosse team, and acted as the go-between for my team and my coach. From these, and from being an active member of multiple clubs and organizations, I have learned how to effectively communicate with people.
If elected, I would use my experiences to provide services and information to the Bryn Mawr community, along with spreading my love for SGA and our school to other students.
I am excited to become a more active and dedicated member of Bryn Mawr’s community – in whatever form that takes.
You can contact me at Thank you for your time and consideration!


CANDIDATES STATEMENT September Elections: Haverford College Representatives

Rina Patel & Maria Minaya: 

Rina Patel

Maria Minaya

Position: Haverford Representative

We are interested in the position because we truly love the amazing relationship that exists between Haverford and Bryn Mawr. As well as having strong relationships here at Bryn Mawr, we have also established meaningful connections with members of the Haverford community. This position is of great importance as it requires our regular participation in meetings that will help solidify the connection between Bryn Mawr and Haverford.  In order to succeed in this position, we will need a certain set of skills. Some of these skills include excellent organization and communication. Interacting with others in the bi-co is necessary to maintain the close relationship that already exists. Even before coming to Bryn Mawr, Maria was quite familiar with the bi-co due to multiple High School connections. Maria used to be a participant in the Mentoring and Student teaching (MAST) program at Haverford as a junior in high school. Rina this past year was a student teacher with the same program at Haverford. Additionally Rina fully utilized the customs cousins relationship, she was making weekly visit to her “cousins” which helped her feel comfortable taking many courses at Haverford her first year. Through our connections, we have been able to closely observe the ways in which both colleges interact and communicate with one another.

Due to a lack of communication between the Haverford and Bryn Mawr dining services, we were not aware of the new meal plan being implemented at Haverford. Because of this, we allowed first years to bring guests to the Erdman Dining Hall. Thanks to Maria’s connections, she was able to find out that the new meal plan did not include guest passes.  Although the relationship between both colleges is well-established, both institutions sometimes forget to keep each other apprised of the changes occurring. As Haverford College Representatives, we will work to keep the student body on both campuses aware of events and new policies. One thing that would make the position stronger would be to have at least one conjoined SGA meeting in which the Haverford and Bryn Mawr community could come as one and talk about the bi-co relationship and ways to make the connection as strong as it can be.

Rina has been involved with SGA throughout her Bryn Mawr Career. From being the Rockefeller first year dorm rep and being a member of the Plenary committee Rina truly loves all things SGA. With our shared knowledge of the Bi-College system we will be able to expand on our current contributions to the SGA and hopefully foster more dialogue between the two campuses. For example we hope to have more communication about Haverford and Bryn Mawr’s plenaries. There is a lot of potential for both campuses to collaborate and expand on each others resolutions to improve campus life. Maybe even start dialogue for shared resources such as the Blue bus , 360s, the choir and dining services. With this dialogue we can find an avenue for both campuses to share their input on what they would like to see more of and what they would like to see changed. We are so excited to take on this role !

CANDIDATES STATEMENT September Elections: Pensby Representative

Diamond Ray: 

My name is Diamond Ray and I am running for the position of Pensby/Office of Intercultural Affairs Representative. I currently am the Community Diversity Assistant for Merion Hall and I am also a member of the Appointments Committee in the Self Government Association. Additionally, I am employed as a tour guide in Bryn Mawr’s Office of Admissions. I can confidently say that throughout all of my experiences since I started attending Bryn Mawr, I have made it a priority to encourage discussions of inclusion and intercultural awareness throughout the campus and beyond. I am certainly prepared to continue dialogues with Stephanie Nixon and Vanessa Christman on the subject of intercultural inclusion. I look forward to navigating a variety of different spaces on campus with the intent of increasing intercultural awareness between students and faculty. I always kept in contact with Vanessa and Stephanie since the first time I met them as a first year during the tri-college diversity program. Facilitating spaces for the encouragement and discussion of identity has always been essential to me and becoming a Community Diversity Assistant only increased my excitement.

As the CDA of Merion it is actually my duty to encourage dialogues about the variety of identities on campus and also to urge other students to be fearless in tackling uncomfortable topics about such issues. I am an active member of several groups on campus. This aspect would be valuable as the Pensby Representative because it grants me the ability to offer a unique lens on the conversations that are actually happening on campus and how the center for Intercultural Affairs could be more present. Ultimately, no one really has the ability to be or not to be qualified to facilitate or discuss issues of identity. As the Pensby/Ofiice of Intercultural Affairs Representative I would remind people of the power of their voices and execute that with those in the Pensby center to create a more interculturally aware environment for everyone on campus.

CANDIDATES STATEMENT September Elections: Co-Faculty Representatives

Melanie Bahti & Erin Saladin: 

Melanie Bahti ’16 and Erin Saladin ’16: Co-Faculty Representatives

Melanie: I am interested in holding the position of Faculty Representative in order to continue my involvement in SGA into my senior year, and to continue being involved in the Bryn Mawr community. The position of Faculty Rep is an important one for community building, since both students and faculty are members of this community but often find communicating with and understanding one another difficult. Erin and I both hope to use this position as an opportunity to serve as liaisons between students and faculty, and to provide information and opinions to both groups. I have experience working with faculty in my past roles as Member and Head of the Honor Board, and more recently as a student consultant as part of TLI. I have also worked closely with my peers in those positions, and as a TA and in DLT positions. I hope to leverage these skills and experiences to communicate effectively with both students and faculty, and to connect both constituencies in meaningful ways.

Erin: I think self-governance is exciting not because it gives us as students some kind of unilateral power, but because it allows us to participate in a community composed of students, alums, staff, and faculty. I am excited to work with Melanie to facilitate conversation among students and faculty to help maintain our campus community as a respectful and collaborative space. Like Melanie, I have worked with faculty and students in multiple contexts throughout my time at Bryn Mawr. Most recently, I worked as a summer research assistant. I have also acted as a student leader in various capacities, including as a club president, a student manager at the library, and a DLT member. Having co-held the position of Faculty Representative during the 2013-2014 academic year, I look forward to returning to both to the Representative Council and the specific position with new perspectives I have since gained through student leadership and closer working relationships with members of the faculty.

CANDIDATES STATEMENT September Elections: 2017 Class President

Emma Porter: 

Hello! My name is Emma Porter, and I am running for 2017 junior class president. I am really excited about the opportunity to work together and continue to build on the sense of community that welcomed us into Bryn Mawr back when we were first-year students.

In my time at Bryn Mawr so far, I have enjoyed collaborating with fellow classmates and other members of the community, which encouraged me to consider running as your class president.  Last year, I served as a Customs Person in Rhoads North, where I learned the value of communication between the student body and administrative offices. I have also founded two student groups on campus, one of which being “First Go-ers” for first-generation college students. In my involvement in “First-Goers”, I found the importance in providing a sounding board for students, which would be the role I would adopt as the junior class president.

As your class president, I will actively listen to my classmates to continue to make Bryn Mawr our own. I value SGA as a platform for the student voice, and I will represent our class and vocalize the desires and concerns of our community at weekly SGA meetings.

In addition to acting on student input, I will foster a stronger community within our class. First, I am excited to welcome in our new sister class of 2019 by working closely with their president(s) to host combined 2019/2017 teas. I also look forward to reaching out to the many members of our class who are abroad this year, and send them post-cards from their friends at home!

I am excited to launch my campaign to become your next class president, and I hope to connect with many more of my classmates. Please fee l free to contact me at

More information about elections and the other candidates running can be found at; or you can contact the elections heads, Joy and Delaney, at and

Thank you for reading, and I encourage you all to vote. Voting will take place starting September 21 at 9 am through September 22 at 7 pm.

Best wishes,

Emma Porter

Jess Shill & Katherine Nickols: 

We are running for 2017 Class Presidents because we want to help make our classmate’s penultimate year at Bryn Mawr as memorable as possible. Junior year is a key year—we’re finally over the sophomore slump and many of us are studying abroad—but it is also a very stressful year.  With many of us studying abroad this year, it is easy to lose touch with our classmates, hindering the tight knit community fostered at Bryn Mawr.  We will do everything in our power to prevent that from happening and make sure that our class will stay as connected as possible this year, no matter how busy we all are.

We plan on doing this by planning even more class teas, along with reaching out to those abroad by sending postcards and care packages to remind them of home.  We also want to make the class teas more inclusive and accessible for every member of our class by hosting them at hours for people with extracurricular activities, or for those who live off campus, could attend based on their schedules.  That way, we can have the maximum amount of members of our class there, allowing us to build relationships with members which we may not have been able to foster otherwise.

Through these teas, we as class presidents will also seek to hear the voices of our class so we can better represent their ideas and voices in SGA.  We want to be accessible and transparent to our fellow reds, so we will try to be as visible on campus as possible and keep you up to date on current SGA matters via social media, email, and our teas.  This will all help strengthen the unity of our class, while also helping us represent our class as accurately as possible.

We also want to stay connected to the rest of the community, and continue to maintain our already strong relationships with the evens (2016 and 2018), and help guide our sister class through their first year here.  We will do this again through the class teas, but instead of having them be exclusively to our class, we will have teas with the other classes as well.

Although we have not previously held positions in SGA before, we have always wanted to get to; we just were not sure what position would be best suited for us.  We believe that junior year class co-presidents is the position for us, and we believe that we have the experience to do this because we both have extensive backgrounds in leadership.  Both of us are members of the Varsity Soccer Team, where we have gained invaluable leadership experience and time management skills.  Furthermore, we both have very different academic backgrounds, and the combination of these will help us plan and manage the best class events.  Jess is an Economics major, so she has the knowledge to make sure we’re maximizing the budget we’re given.  Meanwhile, Katherine is a history major with a focus on Gender, Sexuality, and Race, so she will ensure that all events are inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.  Together, we believe that we have the necessary experience and desire to make junior year at Bryn Mawr the best year yet for each and every one of our fellow Reds.

Sedi Agawu & Alexis Wiltshire: 

Hello! We are Sedinam Agawu and Alexis Wiltshire and we are running for 2017 class presidents. We can be contacted at sdagawu@bmc and amcdonald@bmc. Sedi is a junior anthropology major on the pre-med track. Alexis is a junior history major. We are interested in the position of Class Presidents because we want to foster a better sense of community within our class, as well as create a more inclusive environment. Bryn Mawr is an institution that really values connections and community, and we want to further that ideal. Our ideas include hosting teas for transfers and McBrides in the class of 2017. We also want to continue the tradition of holding sibling class teas and postcard making teas for our classmates who are studying abroad as a way of including them in our community, even though they aren’t physically here. Another idea we had is to make our events more accessible to those with disabilities. We want to do more to bring attention to the struggles of students with disabilities, and make sure that we’re doing our best to keep students with disabilities feeling safe and included on Bryn Mawr’s campus.

Concerning our involvement with SGA prior to this semester, Alexis was the 2014-2015 Perry House Dorm Co-President and therefore served on the representative council. She is currently one of the junior history major representatives and has experience working with others, collaborating on projects, and organizing events. Sedi has held several leadership positions, including Customsperson and Dorm Traditions Representative, as well as Dorm Representative. Since we both have experience in communication and event organization, we plan to draw on this to help us more efficiently plan events for the Class of 2017. We also want to draw on our class community, because ultimately, we are here to represent their ideas. We plan to stay in contact with our class in order to make them really feel like we are doing our best to be there for them.

We are both very excited for this opportunity to become Co-Class Presidents, and are looking forward to being able to represent such an amazing class!







September 2015 Candidates Forum Minutes

Candidates Forum Minutes

Pensby Rep:


Diamond Ray



  • Charlie Bruce, 2016 What is your interest in running for his position?


      1. Diamond Ray: My first year, I participated in Tri-Co and I got connected to leaders in diversity at Pensby center, and ever since then, I have wanted to learn how I could better facilitate the communication in the groups that I belong in. How can I make certain that conversations are being had and that issues are being dealt with.


  • Angela Motte, 2017 What skills do you think you can bring to this role?


    1. Diamond Ray: I’m interculturally aware. Everyone is qualified to discuss diversity, but I’m particularly vocal. I think that it’s important that everyone’s voice is heard. My personality will help me with this position.

Off Campus Representatives:


Elizabeth Lorenzan & Sneha Soni



  • Charlie Bruce, 2016 What is a struggle living off campus and how would you fix this?


      1. Elizabeth Lorenzan: One thing that I’ve noticed is that becoming aware of everything that’s going on on campus, being off campus has the potential to be slightly removed, it’s important to stay connected to the bryn mawr community. One way we were thinking of improving is creating a facebook group or virtual HA Board. Post things that are happening around campus.


  • Angela Motte
  • e, 2017 How do you think you can be accessible for ALL students who live off campus?


    1. Sneha Soni: We live right at Mermont plaza, we’re as close as Brecon is! We’re very accessible and have a plan to have meetings during the day and we know people who live in Philadelphia, so that people who have to enter the city can meet with other people who are living off campus. that way they can get to know others who are living off campus like they are.

Haverford College Representative:


Marina Minaya & Rina Patel


Charlie Bruce, 2016 Why are you interested in this position?

      1. Rina Patel: Because I was on both campuses so much, I was able to keep my presence on the Haverford campus, but I also strongly identify as a Mawrter. I have my foot on both campuses. Because of this, I am able to represent the Bryn Mawr needs on their campus.


  • Charlie Bruce, 2016 What do you think are some challenges that you will face with these meetings?  


      1. Rina Patel: I think that the hardest part will be coordinating with the Haverford SGA. I had a job there last year, and it was sometimes difficult to be there when I needed to be because of the Blue Bus schedules. We will be conscious of this problem.


  • Angela Motte, 2017 Describe Haverford in 2 Words.


      1. Rina Patel: Bi-college


  • Hannah Chin, 2019 How would you characterize the differences between BMC & Haverford; how would you utilize/reconcile these?


    1. Rina Patel: I know Haverford has a very different approach to customs, I hope to try to utilize that. i know they have a bigger customs team than we do, while at bryn mawr we just have our two people and then the dorm leadership team. I will try to use their honors board reps and leadership team to improve Bryn Mawr’s experience.


  • Charlie Bruce, 2016 Have you read the position description in the constitution?


    1. Rina Patel: I have read the constitution. I had to dig for the position description.

2017 Class President:


Emma Porter

Sedinam Agawu & Alexis Wiltshire

Jess Shill & Katherine Nickols



  • Charlie Bruce, 2016 Why are you interested in running for this position?


      1. Emma Porter: I’m really excited about connecting with my class! I find a lot of value with SGA, especially the sense of collaboration that it brings to campus.
      2. Alexis Wiltshire: Seti and I really want to focus on fostering a better sense of community-focus on having teas for transfers and Mcbrides , more accessible spaces so that everyone can access them.
      3. Jess Shill: we really want to be junior class presidents because we know that junior year is the year where everyone kind of spreads apart, especially with living abroad, so we plan to focus on us getting together for teas, sending care packages to students who are abroad, and really fostering that sense of community.


  • Angela Motte, 2017 Have you ever been to an SGA meeting?


    1. Emma Porter: I went to my first one this year, because I have previously had work conflicts, but I do not have these issues this year.
    2. Sedi Agawu: Both of us have been. I was a freshman dorm representative, which was a great position because it helped me get oriented with SGA. I think we both know SGA well.
    3. Katherine Nickols: Last year I was afraid to go to SGA because i didn’t know what it was about but i always went to plenary and i got to know (someone) and she told about what SGA did for her and how rewarding it was.



  • Lin Tran, 2016 What experiences do you bring to this position?  


      1. Emma Porter: I think that I have done a lot of planning with running clubs and helping with clubs. I have lots of experience running events and event planning, both for small groups and large. I think that it’s really exciting that we have this opportunity to speak as a class, and I hope to foster that.
      2. Sedi Agawu: Personally, I was a representative for my dorm. I also had an internship in the city, and I had to work with a lot of emails and other actions.
      3. Jess Shill: We’re both varsity athletes, so we know the necessary time management and leadership skills. Sports have also helped us with a sense of commitment. Finally, being on a team has helped us feel really connected to the athletic community, and we’d both like to expand that connection.


  • Angela Motte, 2016 Pairs: How do you work well together? Emma: How is that your strong suit?


      1. Emma Porter: I’m gonna refer to a couple of clubs in the past two years I founded two clubs singlehandedly because I am good at structuring my own time-I have a big wall in my dorm where I structure my activities, with post it notes and such,  which Is why I am really good at working individually.
      2. Sedi Agawu: Both Alexis and I are actual friends, which I think helps. that goes a long way in fostering a relationship between us. We’re similar people with a lot of the same ideas, and I think that really helps us work well together.
      3. Katherine Nickols: We are also actual friends in real life, and although we don’t live together or have a similar major, we have worked hard to stay close even though we don’t live together.


  • Lin Tran, 2016 Do you have any experience with budgeting?


      1. Emma Porter: I had a summer internship with an investment management firm, really good at excel.  
      2. Sedi Agawu: I’m a treasurer in one of my clubs right now, so I’m very experienced with budgeting.
      3. Jess Shill: I’m an econ major!


  • Delaney Williams 2017 What snacks would you have?


    1. Emma Porter: I’m partial to cookies, but I know they aren’t gluten free, so I’d also provide another snack, perhaps tortilla chips and salsa.
    2. Alexis Wiltshire: Cookies from Trader Joe’s
    3. Katherine Nickols: We;d probably take a vote, but Trader Joe’s would be a big feature.


2019 Class President:


Lillian Oyen Ustad & Nikitha Shakamuri

Precious Robinson (Not present)

Colleen Williams & Kat Phifer

Felicia Grable

Kristian Moravec (Not present)

Margaret Gorman



  • Charlie Bruce, 2016 What are you going to do if you don’t get this position?


      1. Nikki Shakamuri: If I didn’t get this position, I would continue on the crew team and I would go for an environmental position, and the last time I went to a meeting I heard something about integrating horses into bryn mawr because they are only allowed at public universities (unsure?) and I would like to be a member of that
      2. Kat Phifer:Um, so I plan to be an active member of sga and plenary, but I am also an active member of a lot of clubs, and so I plan to stick with that. I plan to found my own club pretty soon, so stay up to date with thast.
      3. Felicia Grable: I’ll join the fencing clubs and attend other clubs. I will go to plenary and will not be resentful.
      4. Margaret Gorman: I will definitely stay involved in SGA! Student government is one of my big passions from high school that I plan to continue in college.


  • Angela Motte, 2017 Have you ever been to an SGA meeting?


      1. Lillian OU: Niki and I have been to multiple SGA meetings, both as a bryn mawr student and during in focus, when we sat through the entire  big cheese(?) forum and I went when touring, I have four under my belt now.
      2. Colleen Williams: Kat has been to the sga meetings and has been keeping in touch with that, but I actually work at uncommon during that time, so i’ll be in the back listening in, making vanilla lattes.
      3. Felicia Grable: No, I have not been to one of the SGA meetings
      4. Margaret Gorman: I went to the last one and really enjoyed it. I also went to the Big Cheese forum when I was here for admitted students day, and it was a big part of my decision to come to Bryn Mawr.


  • Lily Kay, 2019 How are you going to balance academics and extracurriculars with the commitments of president?  


    1. Lillian OU: Niki and I are both on varsity sports teams right now and were on varsity sports teams in high school, and we did Student government things in high school, I was the president and niki held various positions and leadership positions in her clubs, so we have time management down.
    2. Colleen Williams:I was homeschooled and a university in my area offered great classes, so this is actually my third year of college, so I have a lot of experience with clubs and classes in this environment. I actually founded an arabic club at my high school, so I am organized and familiar with that.
    3. Felicia Grable: I often am good at keeping track of things. I have been in many plays in high school and that takes a lot of time, and I was able to balance a lot of things in high school. I know that this is a little different, but this will just be another thing that I can balance in my schedule.
    4. Margaret Gorman: I make sure to write my events and such down, and I actually work best when I’m busy. Rushing around keeps me energized! SGA will be one of my top priorities this year.



  • Nora Dell 2019 Why do you want to be president of our class?


    1. Nikki Shakamuri: I was regular to decision to bryn mawr, what really changed things for me, was coming to bryn mawr and seeing the big cheese forum, there was a lady who would be completely open with my when I asked her questions, and we didn’t have that in high school, and having that connection with faculty and students is very important to me. (somewhat incomplete)
    2. Kat Phifer: when I actually first heard about bryn mawr, it was my dad’s idea for me to tour, and I was like ‘absolutely not, no all girls schools.’ I was looking at Drexel and other large coeds at the time. As soon as I got on campus, as cheesy as it sounds, everything changed. I think it has something to do with aga, because the students are so involved, and there’s so much leadership, and I want to be a part of that. everyone around here was also so nice and so friendly, and i want to contribute to that.
    3. Felicia Grable: Aside from the fact that I visited when the cherry blossoms were in bloom, I live in Radnor, and as the only freshman group there, we are really close and we do picnics and talk to each other, and I believe that if our whole school acted like that, it would be great.
    4. Margaret Gorman: I think that one of the best things about Bryn Mawr is our influence with SGA. I also had a really strong voice in my high school’s SGA, and it inspired me to do better. I’m sure Bryn Mawr will have different challenges, but I look forward to tackling them too.



  • Angela Motte, 2017 How do you plan to be accessible?


    1. Lillian OU: Niki and I are roommates, and she is my best friend on campus, we live in rhoads and plan on having office hours in case anyone wants to stop by, we want to keep the facebook page very active and have our emails available, and we want to use other means such as twitter because let’s face it most of us are on our phones more than we check our emails.
    2. Kat Phifer: Well, for one thing, I started the class of 2019 facebook group, so I’m very well rounded in the class, I know a lot of people on campus, and I feel I am a very accessible person. I am totally okay with people stopping by to chat, and actually, Colleen is on my hall, and she’s also very good at being accessible, so we would give plenty of opportunities for people to talk.
    3. Felicia Grable: Being accessible, using email, and possibly having office hours. I will not shy away from issues, and will be available.
    4. Margaret Gorman: Because I live in Brecon, office hours there would be hard! I’d probably have some on campus, maybe here in the campus center. I’m easily accessible via email or text.



  • Hannah Chinn, 2019 What would you say are you leadership strengths/characteristics that enable you to represent our class well?


    1. Lillian OU: Both of us have held similar council-like positions in the past -keeping in constant communication with all members of the class is to make sure our class knows what goes on in the SGA and the SGA knows what’s going on in our class as a whole.
    2. Kat Phifer: I did found the chapter of the arabic club. I am a very sociable type of person and I really believe in knowing people past, what they’re going through ,and what their dreams are. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I plan to be supportive of everyone on this campus.
    3. Felicia Grable: One of the important things is writing things down. So if anyone has an issue, I will write it down, and if i need to tell anyone anything, I will write it down. Also, I will make listening important so that I can understand what is happening with my class.
    4. Margaret Gorman: I want to be open, and to make people feel comfortable talking to me. I was the chair of an advisory board for my hometown. That involved students coming to us and speaking about the changes they wanted to make in the school district, then us telling the district. I have experience dealing with both students and people in the community.



  • Charlie Bruce, 2016 What does SGA stand for? How would you explain it?


      1. Nikki Shakamuri: SGA stands for Student Government Association: a way to communicate between faculty and students, a way to communicate, and unified.
      2. Colleen Williams: Student government association, and it’s a way for students to make a difference in their community, and a way for them to communicate with other people in their community, and make changes if they feel that is needed.
      3. Felicia Grable: Self Government Association- An ability to govern and trust ourselves. To enable us to be women and to enjoy campus to the full. To be ourselves as much as possible.
      4. Margaret Gorman: Self Government Association. I would describe it as our voice in our education here. We are in charge of regulating our own behavior, and creating a space in which the honor code can be upheld. Basically, we govern ourselves.


  • Lin Tran, 2016 What specific goals and actions do you have planned for this position?


      1. Lillian OU: Niki and my personal goal is to make the transition from high school to college and the next four years as enjoyable as possible by making us as close as possible so that -we’re not just people who went to school together.
      2. Colleen Williams: I am very much a fan of a tight community, I came from a tight community, and I want to foster this here. Something I’ve noticed when working here, in uncommon, is all the food waster. I’d love to work with the dining hall to create a sustainable plan  for that.
      3. Felicia Grable: One of the responsibilities of the president is to host teas, and I would like for them to be a place where we can all take and discuss issues. I would also like to have more events, possibly in the Campus Center or on the lawns.
      4. Margaret Gorman: I would like to foster a spirit of inclusion and support. We should all be aware of the resources on campus, not just for education but also for emotional support.


  • Rachel Bruce, 2018 What are some ways you hope to have 2019 work with other classes (2018, 2017, 2016)?


    1. Nikki Shakamuri: We can all have class meetings and meet outside, we can use the facebook page, and we’re both on sports teams which have upperclassmen on them, so we can use them to reach out to other people.
    2. Colleen Williams: One thing I’ve noticed about bryn mawr is that already there is a lot of communication between classes. Even in my calculus class, upper classmen will be like ‘here’s my email, if you need help, feel free to contact me’. But there certainly is room for improvement, one thing I think would be good is more class-inclusive teas. Another thing I think really helps with this is clubs, and I would like to see a club specifically for just mixing around and meeting people from different classes.
    3. Felicia Grable: Upperclassmen have already been welcoming and open to the freshmen. Having opportunities to meet them in dorm events, teas, picnics, bringing problems up with the other representatives, and making sure that the underclassmen feel accepted in their classes and clubs.
    4. Margaret Gorman: One of the things I love here is seeing the relationships between the students of different ages. It creates a sense of trust and community that lets us know the upperclassmen are friends and mentors. I hope to emphasize the duality of their role.


Member at Large:


Radhika Singh (Not present)

Hannah Chinn

Delia Landers

Oona Ryle

Lilly King

Nora Dell



  • Charlie Bruce, 2016 What does SGA stand for?


      1. Hannah Chinn: Self-Government Association of the Undergraduate College of Bryn Mawr
      2. Delia Landers: Yes, the self government association.
      3. Oona Ryle: Self-Governance Association
      4. Lilly King: Self-Government Association, but we practice self governance.
      5. Nora Dell: Self Government Association, but metaphorically it gives us the power to affect change.
  • Angela Motte, 2017 Have you been to an SGA meeting?


      1. Hannah Chinn: I actually have not, because i have a meeting that conflicts with the normal times, but i talked to rachel, and she says I can find a way to fix it, so I’ll be attending SGA meetings asap
      2. Delia Landers: I haven’t either, I had family things both Sundays and I will attend the next meetings
      3. Oona Ryle: I haven’t, but I’m excited to.
      4. Lilly King: Yes
      5. Nora Dell: I have attended, I’ve been to all of the sga meetings so far this year


  • Rachel Bruce, 2018 What can you bring to the position?


      1. Hannah Chinn: I’m a freshman, I haven’t been at Bryn Mawr that long. As a freshman, I ask questions all the time, about everything, and I feel that with this questioning attitude will enable me to represent this class better.
      2. Delia Landers: I believe that I’m good at communicating and balancing schedules, which are both integral parts of this role.
      3. Oona Ryle:I know that a main part of members at large is communication-One thing I’ve found that really helps as a freshman is going up to people with a big smile on my face and asking questions. If you do that people generally want to talk. That way I will know what people want.
      4. Lilly King:I have a lot of leadership experience, I work at a summer camp with 10-12 year olds, which are thankfully very different from college students, but I am used to working with many different personality types, and will be able to communicate with many different types of people as a member at large in SGA.
      5. Nora Dell: In the past, I’ve held the position of communication director. The big thing about that is that you learn how to put things in ways that people understand, and being able to communicate.


  • Angela Motte, 2017 What is one duty of being a Member At Large?


      1. Hannah Chinn: To represent the general population of Bryn Mawr who can’t be at the meetings.
      2. Delia Landers: To go to all of the meeting and to be a vote.
      3. Oona Ryle: To vote, to connect people and let them know what’s happening at SGA meetings.
      4. Lilly King: To represent the community and allow them to know what is happening.
      5. Nora Dell: To go to meetings and represent the community at large.


  • Lin Tran, 2016 Why are you running for this position? Why do you think this position is important?  


      1. Hannah Chinn: If you want complete honesty, I didn’t know what this position was until someone nominates me and I went to the page and looked it up and thought it would be something I’d like. I like to communicate and I think I could be or seek to be a good representative of Bryn Mawr.
      2. Delia Landers: In the month that I’ve been here I’ve really enjoyed meeting different types of people and all different sorts of people. i’ll really enjoy that in this role you have outreach and the opportunity to connect to the community as a whole.
      3. Oona Ryle: I actually found out about this position from a flyer on the board. I had never heard of this position, and my high school didn’t have an effective SGA and I want to be a representative.
      4. Lilly King: I think it’s a good opportunity to transition into a larger role in SGA. It’s not as big as some, but it’s still very important. I really want to give back to the community.
      5. Nora Dell: I didn’t actually feel like I was a part of this community until i came to sga meeting and sat down and realized that students can have a real voice and it made me feel like a real member of the community and I want to represent them well.  


  • Charlie Bruce, 2016 Y/N: Are you going to plenary?


      1. Hannah Chinn: Yes
      2. Delia Landers: Yes
      3. Oona Ryle: Yes
      4. Lilly King: Yes
      5. Nora Dell: Yes


  • Katherine Nickols, 2017 Describe what makes you a good communicator in one sentence.


      1. Hannah Chinn: I believe that at the core of every communication is understanding and I seek to understand people as they are.
      2. Delia Landers: I believe that I am a good listener and I am good at talking to people. I love to talk.
      3. Oona Ryle: I’m an active listener.
      4. Lilly King: I’m a good listener and I believe that I’m good at finding solutions to problems.
      5. Nora Dell: I can take complex ideas and turn them into simple things.


  • Sedinam Agawu, 2017 What can SGA do for you? What do you hope to get out of an experience like that?


      1. Hannah Chinn: I hope to improve my leadership skills, I have never been in one where I had to solely represent someone, and I am eager to see what this position will do to me.
      2. Delia Landers: I’m actually on the board of an international organization, and I sometimes have trouble getting things done there. I hope that this role will help me develop my leadership skills.
      3. Oona Ryle: I’ve never been in something like SGA before, and though I’ve held leadership positions, it;s never been a representative position before, and I think I can learn about people and how to understand people.
      4. Lilly King: I’m in a similar position to this one but my school didn’t have anything like sga or anything like this. I’m looking forward to be a part of sga and be able to communicate with new people. i think it’s exciting just to be involved in it.
      5. Nora Dell: At the end of four years, when I leave, I want to be able to be proud of what we’ve done.


  • Angela Motte,  2017 What is one thing that makes you happy?


      1. Hannah Chinn: Ice cream.
      2. Delia Landers: Spending time with my friends-like hannah, she’s my roommate.
      3. Oona Ryle: My dog, pancake. she’s two, and very cute.
      4. Lilly King: Spending time with my little sister Jessie. She’s twelve
      5. Nora Dell: Listening to Bollywood music


  • Rachel Bruce, 2018 How would you try to be accessible to the community?


    1. Hannah Chinn: I’m doing a lot of things, bryn mawr is a really exciting place, I signed up for like 84 clubs at fall frolic, I recognize a lot of people in the room, and I would check up on people, see how they’re doing and see how I can represent them more fully.
    2. Delia Landers: I think that everyone kinda accesses information different ways, so i want to make things very accessible. Also, like hannah, I’m doing a lot of different things and have met lots of different people.
    3. Oona Ryle: I think that I definitely use social media and email to connect with people. I would make a shirt with my name on it and wear it all the time.
    4. Lilly King: I think that SGA is a bit of a misconception among the frosh. I’d like to spread information about what it really is and encourage more people to come to meetings and events such as plenary. I would probably communicate using social media, as well as conversation.
    5. Nora Dell: I agree with dispelling fear about the meetings, we also have great network, and there’s no replacement for face-to-face communication. I would also  use the blog.

Radhika Singh’s answers to the questions poised at Candidates Forum

  1. What does SGA Stand for?
    1. SGA stands for Self-Governance Association.
  2. Have you been to an SGA meeting?
    1. Unfortunately, I have not. I missed it due to a few prior commitments!
  3. What can you bring to the position?
    1. I like interacting with people and making new friends whether I go. Also, I prefer giving any project I do, a very creative angel to it so that it stands out and looks differently appealing.
  4. Name one duty at being a member at large?
    1. Getting to vote as a freshman.
  5. Yes or no, are you going to plenary?
    1. Yes
  6. Why are you running for this position? Why do you think it’s important?
    1. I am running for this position because I think that is really important and helps me get involved in council activities very early on. It is important to me because I like having a voice and being the voice of people in my community. And I have been doing the same back home in India, hence this is a way to get involved, meet new people and have great experiences.
  7. What’s one thing that makes you happy?
    1. Dancing
  8. Describe what makes you a good communicator in one sentence
    1. Being approachable and understanding as to where people come from and their backgrounds is something that has helped me get closer to people.
  9. What can SGA do for you? What do you hope to get out of an experience like that?
    1. SGA can help me love Bryn Mawr more and get super attached to the school. It can help me build new friendships and be exposed to the running of our school. And I hope to gain knowledge, time management, patience and friends out of this experience!
  10. How would you try to be accessible to the community?
    1. By email, phone calls, text messages and if need be – office hours.


Faculty Representatives:


Melanie Bahti & Erin Saladin



  • Charlie Bruce, 2016 What experience do you have working with faculty?


      1. Melanie Bahti: Okay, so i’ll speak for both of us. Erin actually served as faculty rep before, and she’s done research with people in her department, so she has a lot of experience in that area. I was a member of the honor board, and I’ve participated and communicated with faculty through that. I am also participating through the teaching and learning initiative.


  • Lin Tran, 2017 What do you see as a possible challenge to position and how do you plan to address it?


      1. Erin Saladin: We were talking about how we see a desire to communicate between the faculty and students but sometimes this communication can be difficult. So we want to get started right away and begin to facilitate these conversations from the beginning.


  • Elizabeth Vandenberg 2016 You’ve been involved in SGA for a long time; why do you want to continue to stay involved?


Melanie Bahti: Being involved in SGA is really important to me, and I’ve gained a lot from the positions I’ve held, and even the meetings I attended as a freshman before I held a position. I feel really connected to the student community, and I’d like to feel just as connected to the faculty.

Candidates Statement April 2015 EMERGENCY Elections: 2017 Songs Mistress

Sofi Chavez

My name is Sofi Chavez, I’m running for Songs Mistress for the class of 2017. It would be an honor to fill this position and get a chance to serve the community during such an exciting, joyful time as traditions. It is my hope that I will be able to bring my love for community building and my energetic spirit to this position! Please contact me with any questions

Cheyenne Paulson


My name is Cheyenne Paulson, and I’m running for Class of 2017 Songsmistress/mistex. I fell in love with Bryn Mawr when I stepped on campus two years ago. The weather was horrible; it was freezing, I almost slipped a couple of times, but I looked around and I felt something weird in my chest all day until I realized the feeling was that I was coming home. In these two years, that feeling has never left me, and I don’t think it ever will. The Class of 2017 definitely encompassed that feeling when our decision for our class song ended up being between “Home” by Phillip Phillips and “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. (I love us.)

Being Songsmistress/mistex would honestly mean the world to me, as I get to not only enjoy traditions as I usually do, but I get the chance to enjoy it with all of you in a different way while also singing, which is something I love to do. I have experience through Night Owls with singing at traditions, and I would love to bring said experience to my fellow red classmates. Extending my love through step sings and traditions is something I wish to do, because these events bring the community together in a way that we can’t describe to those who aren’t a part of it. #oddsuntilwerethrough

Thank you so much for your consideration!