Candidates Statements April 2017

Traditions Misstress/master/mistex

We, Britt van der Poel and Leah Baker, are excited to announce that we will be running for the 2017-2018 Traditions Mistresses positions.
We are both passionate about Bryn Mawr and the significant contribution our traditions make to the character of this college. Our own decision to join this community was undoubtedly influenced by the unique traditions that Bryn Mawr offers. Our own experiences with traditions have been filled with love, support, and a sense of community. We understand the value that traditions hold within the Bryn Mawr community and our goal is to ensure that traditions are enjoyed by all students in their own ways. Traditions have a lasting impact on the students in our community, and we want to make sure that everyone’s experiences are positive and lasting.

In order to foster a community in which traditions are inclusive, we find that it is most important to have open communication within the entire community. Our main priority is to ensure that everyone is enjoying the events that we are organizing. We understand the amount of work this position yields, and we are prepared to provide the student body with another year of special traditions.
We both have experience with event planning and with holding leadership positions. Britt is currently a Conferences and Events assistant, which has provided her with experience in event planning and administrative tasks. Through this opportunity, she has also been able to strengthen professional relationships with her employers, who are at the forefront of planning events on campus. In high school, she was on the Senior Advisors Committee, in which she helped plan and execute her graduating class’ yearbook, senior trip, prom, and various other activities. Leah is the Assistant Student Manager at NDDH, where she is responsible for leading meetings of both supervisors and student workers, facilitating communication between all departments of dining services and student workers, and creating a positive work environment for student workers. This past year she was also the Showcase Coordinator for Pulso Latino in which she was responsible for meeting with staff on campus to plan and reserve performance spaces for their annual Spring Showcase.

Thank you for your time and we hope that you consider us as your Traditions Mistresses!



Class of 2018 President


Here for you.

We’re here for you, and we always have been. We want to make your senior year amazing, and we’re willing to put in the commitment, creativity, and compassion so that everyone’s needs are met. We have consistently come up with new ideas for the class, gauging support by speaking with peers and figuring out what the people want. We were historically the first co-presidents to question the use SGA Co-Presidency funding solely for events. Instead, they put the money to creating things that everyone would love and benefit from, not just those who could attend socials. We have also listened to your opinions and have helped students navigate how to implement the class song’s change after it was voiced that not everybody identifies with the class song Girl on Fire. We have been your presidents for the past 3 years and would love to be able to make our fourth and final year at Bryn Mawr our best year together!


Connie Lam and Ann Tran have been here for you since before Bryn Mawr, figuring out how to navigate through college together! They met as hopeful attendees of Bryn Mawr College. Living across the hall from each other on Brecon 2nd during the Posse STEM immersion the summer before their first year, they immediately bonded over their love for desserts, their tendency to randomly trip while walking, and their need to fill awkward silences with even more awkward jokes. This position means so much to them because it has been the glue to the friendship, the thing that you can always find them speaking about animatedly. Even though they come from very different majors, they have both found a similarity in the passion that comes with planning and hosting events through the Co-Presidency.

Events that work for everyone.

Since the elections as first-years, they have organized a plethora of events, from Sophomore Celebration, to handfuls of pop-ups, and more. Even if you don’t spend time in SGA or have enough time to attend all out events, we try to make our events reach everyone. That’s why we do mailbox stuffers, tabling, etc.

Ideas/changes for the upcoming year.

Senior year is really important, and they want to make sure that everyone in 2018 has a good time. In order to make events work for everyone, they will form an unofficial committee to hear more fresh perspectives to help come up with more ideas and so that more people can have a say in what happens.

They also want Senior Week to be as transparent and democratic as possible for the upcoming year. They plan on sending out polls to see what events the majority of you guys want to do so that our Senior Week will be what you want to do.

As well, they will definitely host events that have been hits in the past, hoping to carry on the “traditions”. These include the Jazz Night before the Battle of the Bands, more pop-ups, photo-shoots (LinkedIn and Senior Year Robes), and a Bread and Roses sticker.

If you are curious to learn more about our platform, please head to


Hi Class of 2018

Farida Ilboudo & Anita Ntem will be running for class of 2018’s senior class presidents. Farida has the experience of being
Co-dorm president of a dorm and attending- SGA meetings, so she is aware of the bi-laws rules & regulations. Anita is a hall advisor who also knows how to navigate situations as she has been a great resource to her residents. She  is also the co-president of  the Mindfulnes Meditation Club & Business Initiatives Group thus have leadership skills that are equipt & ready for any and everything.

Farida & Anita had been the current social-cultural heads of BACaSO, so they have increased participation of events from 60 people  to over 250 people. Their jobs have the consistency of planning events and getting people excited about celebration and learning and that is what we hope to carry as your presidents!! We have been very efficieny in making sure that over $13,000 in an academic school year has been used to best represent and celebrate members interests.

As active members of the community, not only do we hold memorable and active roles on campus but we are constantly involved in the exchange and updates on what improvements or change we think are mecessary on campus whether that is with the board of trustees or with general walk in hours of administartion. We are adamant about well students feel represented and welcomed into the community.

We have already started creating a database on possible events that would be great for the senior class ! We know how hard it would be to thesis, apply for jobs and grad school, so we want our senior year to be as least stressful as possible.  We have already started creating a database on activities for students to get involved in, we have asked current seniors what they are excited for and what they wish were different. We also asked a few current seniors for their perspectives on what they would like to see and we would use that as a way to guide what our senior year should look like and focus on.

Once again, Farida & Anita have known each ither for years! They have travelled to Ghana and worked on outstanding projects and still continue to do so and thrive. If anyone would be a great candidate to make your senior year amazing it would be Farida & Anita. We would love to live, laugh and love our senior year!

Thank you!


Anita & Farida
Dear Class of 2018, Hello! Our names are Lydia Sanchez (she/her pronouns) and Jessica “Jubs” Breet (she/her pronouns) and we are running for class presidents. We would like to serve as class presidents to create a memorable and exciting senior year. We are running on a platform of necessary change. These changes include town hall-style meetings regarding senior week, transparency in graduation plans, and a Class Presidents’ Facebook page to encourage open dialogue. This is in addition to the event organization portion of the position – four Senior Cocktails, Senior Week, and smaller hangouts – which we are committed to making enjoyable, memorable occasions that are exciting, helpful, and accessible. As a current member of the Representative Council, Jubs is an active voice at weekly SGA meetings, and works to serve the needs of the greater Bryn Mawr community. She is highly committed to being involved in SGA and working with the new executive board to foster positive, productive change both within the association and on an individual level. Lydia has served as a Student Representative on the Board of Trustees for two years, and is well-versed in the nuances and intricacies of communicating and working with the administration. Lydia’s strengths in organization, planning, and experience working with “higher-ups,” coupled with Jub’s knack for interpersonal connections, enthusiasm, and experience on the SGA RepCo, make us the ultimate complementary “dream team” for the position of Class President. Together, we would have the responsibility to ensure that the feelings of our classmates are voiced and acted upon in ways are the best for us all. As members of varied groups including people of color, queer people, international students, and low-income students, we represent a diverse pool of identities. We are interested in serving as class presidents for a number of reasons and have several key issues that we are committed to. Because of Lydia’s time on the Board of Trustees, going need-blind as an institution has become a high priority and cause for her. High participation in the senior gift is directly related to larger fund raising, and thus financial aid and the ability to admit students solely on academic performance. Jubs loves people, the class, and hosting bombass parties. Thank you for considering our candidacy and we hope to be given the opportunity to lead our class in an unforgettable senior year! Yours, Lydia and Jubs

Class of 2019 President

Hello everyone! Lillian and I are excited to have reached the halfway point of our Bryn Mawr career and would love the opportunity to re-represent our class as Class Presidents for our Junior year! Both of us have grown together as friends and leaders both on and off campus these past two years, and have channeled that positive energy into our positions. Lillian is a double major in Biology and History while I share the same love for the sciences except with a touch of Psychology.

After two full years of being your class presidents, we are excited at the chance to do it again in the upcoming year. From bringing together our class and the rest of the community through bud and roses teas and sister class socials, to celebrating the holidays of different cultures, to coming together to battle finals, Lil and I cannot imagine not being involved in SGA. We know first hand what comes with this position: the budgeting, the planning, working with traditions, and also communicating with the E Board. With us, you get experience and a true love for this position. Our main mission is to bring together the class and try to get each member of the class to at least see each other before senior year! The great thing about Bryn Mawr is having a small class size of 450…so why not make the best of it with the incentive of free food, great music, and a guaranteed good time.

We’ve both had experience managing our course loads, extracurriculars, and jobs with this position. Therefore, Lillian and I can surely handle a third year with this responsibility. Additionally, since we’ll both live in New Dorm next year, communication will be highly effective and accessible to not only each other but to the whole class. We understand that email can sometimes be less personal than a face to face meeting, so if you ever need us, we’ll be in the same location!

Aside from running for this position, we both share a love for country music and sushi! Lillian also is a highly active member in the college; Whether she’s leading the swim team to its next victory or making breakthrough discoveries in her research lab, she’s always ready for the next challenge! I myself, have a passion for Indian classical dance and music, so you’ll usually see me embarrassing myself at a class tea!

We cannot wait to help guide our class through our third year here at Bryn Mawr. Between strengthening our bonds with other classes to creating new friendships with the incoming class and transfer students, the upcoming year has much to give us. We hope to increase attendance to class events while also increasing the number of events we have throughout the year. By an increase in our budget, we hope to increase the opportunities we have in planning. We can’t wait to celebrate the milestones that come with our third year: from writing cards for study abroad students, pre-planning senior cocktails, gaining leadership positions in other clubs, declaring our majors and minors…we hope you’ll ride this amazing journey with us!

-Lillian and Nikki,


Kamara Simms & Yeidaly Mejia //

Junior Class Presidents

We are very much trying to carry out an unconventional year as class presidents. We appreciate change and seek to adapt in order to work in the best interests of 2019, which means truly listening to what our class year has to say and making our hangouts representative of our interests. We love the complexity and energy of our class year, and really want to honour that in this role.

It is especially important in junior year to promote cohesiveness and community within our class, because a large majority of our class year will be settling into our majors and/or traveling abroad, so naturally we will be very introspective and self-focused. We want to ensure that we are still enjoying ourselves and feeling supported by one another. Juniors aren’t as directly involved in traditions and college-wide activities, so it is important for us to inspire and uplift each other. We are committed to doing that, and making junior year fun and carefree for us all.

Additionally, it will be our first year being a part of an upperclass sister class. It would be great to engage with the first years and incorporate opportunities to get to know them throughout the year.

Together, we have both worked in or have been closely affiliated with many departments on campus, and will use this experience to be able to direct fellow juniors to resources that will be useful. Along with connecting fellow peers with resources, we can connect and rely on our resources to make our junior year as fun, enjoyable and productive as possible.

We have complicated feelings about Bryn Mawr, but what we both agree on is that we need community in order to thrive and survive here. We want to make sure that holds true in our junior year. We want to be honest and transparent with you, and make sure this feels like a collaborative effort in making our junior year as great as possible. We will strive to exceed your expectations and truly value the confidence you have placed in us.

Class of 2020 Presidents

Zainab Saeed and Dilesha Tanna

zsaeed@bmc and dtanna@bmc

Class of 2020 Co-Presidential Candidates

To begin with, we would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take a look at our candidate statement. We are interested in being Co-Presidents of the Class of 2020 because we feel that we can work to accurately reflect the wishes, concerns, hopes, and ideas of our class.

Sophomore year can be challenging and eventful between declaring majors and the possibility of studying abroad. Our mission is to be there for you and make the process as smooth and fun as possible. We hope to plan events such as ice cream socials, insomnia study breaks, smoothie & juice bars, and therapeutic spa days. We want to serve as the voices for your class and represent you all in the weekly SGA meetings.But, most importantly, being co-president means serving as a resource and friend that students can feel comfortable talking to about anything, whether it is classes, current events, or personal matters.

Dilesha: Being Bryn Mawr Class of 2020 Co-President during the 2016-2017 has been a privilege and has taught me a lot about the school and the amazing people I interact with on a day to day business. Furthermore as a director of the Mayuri Dance team and a board member of Owl Investment, I have worked to bring together groups of students from a variety of backgrounds and create a comfortable space for all of us to thrive. Especially since I went to an all girls’ school for high school, I know what it is like to maintain strong relationships between one another and create that family unit away from home. I have facilitated such a community in high school through my role as Class Vice President in 9th grade and Class President in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Additionally, I worked to foster overall growth in my school as student council treasurer. I have also worked in positions such as student ambassador, member of National Honor Society, Editor-in-Chief of my high school newspaper, and captain of the Varsity Tennis team that have taught me valuable skills in leadership and bringing everyone together. Furthermore, I know what it takes to be a member of the community both on a local and global scale. I have served over 120 hours in a local hospital, taught dance to kids of all ages for two years and have volunteered at a school for the underprivileged in India. My experience has helped me grow as a person and encouraged me to help others overcome their own struggles.  I want to extend that same sense of community and assistance to all of you during our sophomore year as well.

Zainab: Being an active member of the Bryn Mawr Community has been an amazing experience for me as an international student. Debating against large state schools and Ivy Leagues  a competitive attorney on the Bi-Co mock trial has allowed me to continue my passion for debating. Having been a Debate Head and a private MUN debate trainer has allowed me to travel all over the world and argue policies with people ranging from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. This experience has allowed me to develop my communications, team working and team building skills. Furthermore, having founded TASK, a program that provides a safe space for the street children of Karachi to learn and thrive, and having been the lead volunteer at the Red Crescent Society (Red Cross)  has heightened my need and want to give back to the community that I am blessed to be a part of. When it comes to event planning experience, I have learned a lot about the organization, financial planning and management that goes into events via my work as a consultant and program manager at the School of Leadership, where I was handed the task of organizing and planning nation wide conferences. My work in the professional field and inside the bounds of my school have allowed me to grow as a person and has helped form connections with a range of people. It would be an honor to put form those connections within the Bryn Mawr Community and help people as I have done internationally and in my home country, Pakistan.

In conclusion, it would be a great honor for us to help make your sophomore year as smooth, fun and relaxing as possible. Both of us, will always have your backs and whether it be an academic or personal situation we will always be there to guide you and support you to the best of our abilities.


Hi everyone! Our names are Lauren and Juliet (we both use she/her pronouns) and we are running to be co-presidents of the class of 2020.

Just a little bit of background info about us: although this is our first year of college, we have been best friends since we met during our sophomore year of high school. Knowing one another extremely well is one of the reasons we think we’d make a great pair to represent the class of 2020. Having co-led the English as a Second Language program in high school, we know we can both contribute to a leadership position distinctly, but in equal parts.

Our goals for the upcoming year are simple: to bring a fresh perspective to SGA, represent the interests of our class, ensure that everyone has a voice, and above all, to help you have fun! As the SGA is making efforts to usher in a new era specifically geared towards inclusivity, we hope to contribute to the diversity of thought that will ultimately make SGA more representative of the entire Bryn Mawr community.

As much as this position is about collaborating to improve SGA, our primary responsibility is to help you enjoy your experience at Bryn Mawr. That means working toward improvements on an institutional level, but it also means affecting your day-to-day. We work hard. Let’s repeat that once for emphasis. BRYN MAWR STUDENTS WORK HARD. We see you in lusty at two in the morning, and we know you’re getting ready to declare your major, so let us plan your sophomore celebration and some mixers to help you out.

Let us buy you insomnia, put together a good playlist and help you find your chill.

Hi everyone! My name is Sophia Bokhari (she/her) and I’m in the class of 2020. I am running for class president and you can contact me at I’m interested in being class president because I was nominated and find the work the presidents do to be very valuable to the Bryn Mawr community. This position requires high levels of organization, leadership, independence, and teamwork as well as the desire to reach out and listen to the Bryn Mawr community. I have been fortunate enough to have a lot of experience relevant to the above. During my time at Bryn Mawr, I have started two different successful organizations and become an officer in other new organizations. My leadership in these activities on campus, as well as my involvement in other activities, require a lot of self-motivation as well as the ability to work cohesively with other members of the Representative Council.

To improve the effectiveness of this position, I would continue to make SGA more accessible. I strongly believe that motivating students to voice their opinions and participate in SGA will come through reaching out to said students and making sure they feel represented. As president, I would implement office hours throughout the semester. This would make myself more accessible to the Bryn Mawr community and make SGA more transparent in that students could inquire about progress and SGA in general throughout the course of the school year. Also, I’d like to better communication between SGA and students by making how I improve SGA and work with administration on behalf of the students clearer through weekly emails and putting students interested and concerned with how things are in touch with myself to communicate at length on how best to represent their concerns at meetings. The Class President’s role on the representative council needs to be emphasized and expanded in being more of a representative voice on campus at SGA meetings concerning issues other than just popups and mixers.

I want to be representative of students’ voices as a leader within SGA. I have been involved in SGA in the form of appointed positions such as Access Services Co-coordinator and Elections Board member. I would like to continue to serve the Bryn Mawr community as a representative and class president. Thanks for your vote!

Residence Council Head

Hi everyone, our names are Michelle Fleuriot ‘18 and Courtney Given ‘18 and we are running for the position of Residence Council Co-Heads!

We have both previously been involved in ResLife through several positions over our time at Bryn Mawr. We were initially introduced to ResLife sophomore year when we were both customs people. Additionally, we were both members of the customs committee for the 2016-2017 school year, which involved training the new customs people for their duties and planning customs week for the incoming first year students. Being on the customs committee gave us valuable experience in working as part of a team, something that will be beneficial as Heads of the Residence Council, and experience planning and running meetings. In this role we also gained experience worked closely with members of the administration.

We would like to be ResCo Heads because we are excited about working closely with the Dorm Presidents over the next year. Additionally, heading into our senior year we are excited to take a more active role in SGA by attending SGA meetings and acting as their representatives to several committees and groups. If elected, we look forward to collaborating with the other members of the Residence Council and acting as liaison between the Dorm Presidents, the Administration, and the rest of SGA.

If you have any questions you can contact us or

Representative to the Honor Board from the Class of 2018

My name is Meagan Mulkern and I’m running for a position as a Representative to the Honor Board from the Class of 2018. I’m interested in this position because I see the Honor Code as an integral part of Bryn Mawr and would love the chance to make sure that it functions smoothly in the next academic year. I also value community education and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn about and understand the Code and the Honor Board, especially in terms of demystifying the process of being sent to the Board. In terms of credentials, I think I am well-qualified for this position. Having spent close to three years at Bryn Mawr I am familiar with the Honor Code through experience. I also well-versed in the academic side of the Code, particularly in terms of academic honesty and citation. I am confident that I have something to bring to the Honor Board in the coming year. I can be contacted at


My name is Hayley Johnson, and I am running for Class of 2018 Representative to the Honor Board. I have been on the honor board for one year, and it would be a privilege to continue that work. As a student representative on the honor board, I believe my biggest responsibility is to advocate for the student perspective. Each honor board case is unique, and each case requires the board to empathize with the student’s situation as if it were our own. Although faculty do this to the best of their ability, they have been out of college long enough that it is incumbent on student representatives to ensure that the student’s voice is clearly heard.

There are two areas where I see the greatest room for the honor board to grow: institutional memory and student empowerment. Because the members of the honor board cycle in and out every few years, the resolutions upon which the board decides lack standardization. To ensure that students are held fairly and equally accountable throughout the years, it is necessary to establish some sort of institutional memory of honor board cases. Although case abstracts are produced after each trial, these abstracts need to be compiled in a more straightforward and easily accessible way. That way, honor board members have an easy reference guide, and community members can understand what should go to the honor board and what to expect out of a hearing.

The other area where the honor board can aid community growth is in student empowerment, especially with regards to the social honor code. Because the honor code was intentionally written to be vague, many students do not feel justified in speaking up even when they have seen something that warrants confrontation. Confrontation does not need to be a hostile interaction; rather, it is meant to be restorative. Perhaps through outreach to dorms, I want to use this position to help students feel more empowered to speak up both to fellow students and to professors. Confrontation is a healthy and necessary part of living in an honor-bound community. By growing more comfortable with confrontation in our day-to-day lives, this community can hopefully grow to be a healthier and more open place.

Representative to the Honor Board from the Class of 2019

Hi everyone!

My name is Sofia Colosimo (she/her) and I’m running for Junior Representative on the Honor Board. I’m running for this position because I want to continue the work that I started this past year as Sophomore Rep. Serving on the Honor Board has taught me a great deal about how the Honor Board interacts with our daily lives as students not just on paper, but in reality. I am interested in making the Code better fit the realities we face at Bryn Mawr now and work to find solutions to pressing issues like theft in the dorms. Just as many students know, I know that the Honor Code needs reevaluation. I am committed to making the policies and processes of the Honor Board more transparent, more accessible, and more just for all Bryn Mawr students.

Despite juggling multiple extracurriculars this year, I was able to make the Honor Board a priority in my schedule, and I am ready to continue that commitment next year. I look forward to another year of collaborating and learning! If you have any questions, you can email me at!

Thanks so much!

Sofia Colosimo ‘19

Representative to the Honor Board Class of 2020

Hi! I am Taylor McClain. I am a first year (she/her) and I am running to be the Class of 2020 Representative to the Honor Board. I want to join the Honor Board because I think the Honor Code is a central part of the Bryn Mawr community. Without the Honor Code, Bryn Mawr would be a less welcoming, less cohesive environment. The Honor Code contributed greatly to my decision to enroll at Bryn Mawr and it has been a major part of my college experience. It is important for me to see that the Honor Code is given the proper respect and acknowledgement. I hope that by joining the Honor Board I would be able to help maintain the integrity and respectability of the Honor Board, that I have known and experienced. I think as students here, we have the potential to take the Honor Code for granted, but it is a privilege that must be respected and upheld with integrity. The Honor Code is one of those things that will forever be a part of Bryn Mawr, but I think that the Honor Code needs to continue to be enforced and students and faculty need to continue to be informed of it.

In high school, I also served on the Honor Board equivalent and it was extremely rewarding experience. I appreciated the opportunity to contribute to the upkeep of the community at my school both while I was there and for future students. The honor code at my school allowed us the freedom to challenge ourselves in a safe environment. Here, the Honor Code has a similar effect. It allows the Bryn Mawr community to thrive and it allows us to challenge ourselves so that we may become independent thinkers and doers. Additionally, I think that I am qualified for this position because I am a great listener and a reciprocative communicator. I hope these qualifications will extend into my future position as a honor board representative on the Bryn Mawr campus.


Taylor McClain

Class of 2018 Songsmistress/master/mistex

Hello everyone! My name is Paige Weber and I am running for the position of class of 2018 Senior Songs Mistress. I believe I am qualified for this position as I am the class of 2018’s current songs mistress and I am one of the co-pitches in Counterpoint A Cappella. As songs mistress I will work hard in making sure that all classes are enjoying the end of traditions step sings. This includes making sure that the new first years have fun during Parade Night and continue to come to all other step sings. I will also be helping some of the juniors and seniors learn how to swing lanterns for lantern night as well as teaching them Pallas. I believe I am capable of handling this as I have worked with and watched how the current senior songs mistress ran the rehearsals and I feel as though I could run them myself. Over the past year I have really enjoyed being the class of 2018 songs mistress. I enjoyed singing and dancing with everyone and I would be very honored to lead our class in the first singing of Bread and Roses.

Student Curriculum Committee

My name is Dezirae Gomez and I am a member of Bryn Mawr’s Class of 2020. I am currently looking forward to next school year and opportunities that align with my educational and career goals. I plan on becoming a lawyer and focusing in educational law. My aim is to be involved in education reform, access, and equity.  In high school, I was afforded the opportunity to work with an array of educators and administrators that have solidified my knowledge of the Houston education system, but I know virtually little about that of Philadelphia’s. I want to be a part of the Student Curriculum Committee because I am interested in higher academia and I think I would be a great liaison in the meetings. I am professional, organized, and talk to people in order to be the voice for the students at Bryn Mawr College.

Committee on Public Safety
My name is Phoebe M. Dopulos and I am running for the Public Safety Rep. The relationship between the student body and Public Safety is continually tense. Better channels of communication between students and psafe officers and leadership alike is lacking and can be created with the existing committee. Streamlined questions, increased integration with BMCEMS, and better communication with DLT surrounding dorm issues can and will be achieved in the upcoming year. PSafe is a part of Bryn Mawr’s day to day life, and there is potential to imporve this somewhat fractured relationship.

Thank you for your support.

SGA Archivist

My name is Sasha Rogelberg, and I am running for the position of SGA Archivist. As an editor for *the college news*, I am concerned with institutional memory. The newspaper not only aims to preserve narratives from Bryn Mawr students and community members, but also reflect on changes of this institution through the lens of our publication. I hope to extend my interest and investment in institutional memory to the SGA.

It’s very clear to me that in order to have conversations about Bryn Mawr as a historically and inherently racist and classist institution, we must first understand how this came to be, how it has manifested differently over time, and how racism and classism continue to pervade the experiences of so many here. By making archives more accessible through their digitalization (an initiative that Cassidy Gruber Baruth started and one that I would like to continue), I hope we can begin to learn more about Bryn Mawr as an institution and ways in which Bryn Mawr the institution impacts Bryn Mawr the community.

As far as I know, SGA archives and the Committee for Institutional Memory have little to no online presence. This is a small, but concrete first step to letting the community know that 1) there is information about Bryn Mawr and SGA that need to be uncovered 2) there is a means of uncovering this, and 3) they can access this information. By forming greater connections between the Committee for Institutional Memory and the study body, I hope for more people to gain interest in Bryn Mawr’s history and to the history they are creating as students here.

You can contact me at Thank you!


CPD Representative

Nolan Julien, Class of 2018

Hi all! As a student worker in the CPD already I feel that I would be the best candidate for this position.  I would work closely with the CPD to bring things to light as there have been questionable choices in who is invited to the career fairs throughout the years.  In this position I feel that I would best be able to increase transparency and give more information as to how students can have access to the things that they need as well as keeping in mind that ones well-being comes first.
Nolan Julien