Candidates Statements Feb. 2018


SGA President

Nanda Bushan

Hey Y’all!! My name is Nanda Bhushan, and I am running for SGA President. Through my previous experience on the Appointments Committee and serving as Vice President, I was exposed to the ways in which self-governance is used as a medium and platform for students. Furthermore, with being given the opportunity to serve alongside an incredible e-board this past year, I have observed how SGA can be utilized to demand change from the administration. If given the opportunity to, I hope to position SGA to keep faculty in check for the resources they are offering to students and whether they are fulfilling their promise to student learning and life. Student government on college campuses can no longer serve as an apolitical or unbiased body. Colleges have always had an underlying sentiment to unite students around collective experiences in order to build solidarity. Students come to college seeking educational and life pursuits but also in search of a place to call home for four formative years. In order to form a campus that is a home for all, this school must fully advocate for students of marginalized identities. This involves deliberately making students who have not been historically welcomed and supported a priority. I hope to push this college to acknowledge how this institution’ has historically provided educational opportunities predominantly for white women and the meaning of a “historically women’s college” is evolving. Admission policy and administrative approaches need to meet the student population’s current outlook on who Bryn Mawr should serve. Additionally, the reality that students of color do not feel welcome in the STEM fields needs to be addressed. I feel like many students have been put in the position of having to advocating for a space they do not necessarily believe in. If given the opportunity, I hope to make this college’s campus something we believe in a little more. If I am elected, I look forward to using my position to demand what Bryn Mawr needs in order to be a better institution. I look forward to doing this through weekly meetings, Plenary, Big Cheese Forum, and through new initiatives and ideas. I look forward to implementing my approach to SGA alongside rep-co, committees, AMO leaders, and my fellow E- Board members. Thank you for your time and consideration!

SGA Vice President

Delia Landers

My name is Delia Landers and I am running for SGA Vice President. I believe that our self-government model creates a unique structure that can be used to create real change on our campus and in the broader world.  I joined the E-Board as secretary last year because I, along with other members of the E-Board saw the need for change. In our year, we were able to begin many initiatives and create many new aspects of SGA. I hope to continue and expand upon that work in this next role. I believe that creating even better spaces for communication with the entire student body to center student needs as well as making SGA a more radical entity in the broader community is essential for moving forward. My experience on the Appointments Committee prepared me for this role both in the technical side of appointing members but also in regard to seeing the ways that the committees operate and the potential in that system. This past year the committees have begun having a more active and involved role on campus. I plan to continue this work and go even further, utilizing the different committees and the unique skill sets they have. SGA can be a real source of change in our community, working with other colleges and with Philadelphia organizations to work on real issues that affect us on many different levels. As vice president, I plan to work with the rest of the E-Board to see this happen. To continue making SGA a more accessible and representation space and a place where true change can happen.

SGA Secretary

Shannan Stafford

I want to run for Secretary because I want to continue pushing change through our college.

I believe in using SGA as a platform for empowering students as active participants in holding administrators accountable and transparent, in advocating for their needs, and in bringing power to the students. As your hopeful Secretary I hope to work equally with other members of the eboard in order to plant the seeds for the institutional change that will make our college better for future students.

SGA Treasurer 

Janina Calle

Hello Bryn Mawr College Community!
My name is Janina Calle (class of 2021) and I am running for the treasurer E-board position. I am aware that as treasurer, I would hold a very important position. This position is responsible for allocating funds for clubs and organizations on campus which ultimately sets the tone of our unique campus that has demonstrated that when power is given to motivated, thoughtful students, great things are bound to result from that.
As treasurer, I will ensure to keep consistent communication with the SGA team and members of our campus in efforts to preserve tranquility and movement for social, political and academic change on campus. I aspire to enact new change to the SGA committee that will hopefully allow for a more approachable, driven relationship to occur between the SGA members and all students on campus.
My ability to deal with conflict, coupled with my enthusiasm to be a part of an organization that aims to provide opportunities for everyone on campus, is the reason why I hope to be the SGA’s treasurer representative.

Head of Honor Board

Sofia Colosimo

Hi! My name is Sofia Colosimo ‘19 (she/her) and I’m running for Head of the Honor Board! I’ve served as a Representative on the Honor Board for two years and I feel lucky to be a part of what makes Bryn Mawr so special— our Honor Code.

As Head of the Honor Board, I hope to keep up the great restorative work that past students in this position have done. I also believe that education is a huge aspect of the Honor Code and hope to continue the effort to increase awareness and transparency regarding Honor Board procedures and events. I hope to work with the rest of the SGA E-Board and other Honor Board Representatives to create more educational events regarding the Honor Code that go past Customs Week and engage the community in more discussions around the Honor Code and how it can best serve Bryn Mawr.

In my time as a Representative on the Honor Board, I’ve learned that the job requires a great deal of sensitivity. It requires sensitivity to the nature of the hearings process, sensitivity to the situations of my fellow Mawrtyrs, and a sensitivity to the needs of the Bryn Mawr community at large. I feel confident that I can engage in Honor Board work with sensitivity as a voice for students. However, I also understand that serving on the Honor Board requires objectivity. The Honor Code works at Bryn Mawr because of the mutual respect we all have for one another and for the Code. I hope to find new ways to instill that sense of commitment in all the students at the school in a way that allows us all to feel seen and respected under the Code.

I want to be Head of the Honor Board because I want to be a part of a process that builds respect and trust. I am so grateful for the community the Honor Code has created and I would love to see that community continue and grow into something more accessible for every student. You can reach me at if you have any questions or ideas for the future!

Members of Appointments

Casandra Paiz

My name is Casandra Paiz, I’m class of 2021, and I’m running to be a part of the Appointments Committee. My email is I’m running for this position because I want to be more involved in the community, and take on responsibility within the SGA. I was vice-president of my high school in senior year, which gave me the skill set to collaborate with people in an effective way to make a change. Not only that, but through that position, I now have more organizational abilities and gained insight into how a student government runs. Overall, I think I can bring a lot to this position and make change when needed. Through my time as captain of my volleyball team in high school, I have had to make hard decisions. Making cuts to my team by working with the coach, giving verbal and written warnings, and having to host meetings with problematic students to find solutions to problems are just some of the ways I was involved with the team. Putting the committee and the school first is my priority, and choosing the best people to help with this is my goal. Even with the school coming first, the people in these positions are still students. If they are struggling or lacking in any way, I will be the first person that provide support and resources in order to make them succeed. This college is an institution, but also a home to so many people. My hope is to continue this and make the connection between students and how a college runs even stronger.
            Since the beginning of my time at Bryn Mawr, I have wanted to know as much as I could about the SGA and get involved. I try to go to the SGA meetings on Sundays as much as I can, I attended Plenary last semester and am volunteering this semester for Spring Plenary. Along with this, I am a part of both the Institutional Memory Committee and the Plenary Committee. I would love to get more hands-on experience, and there is always room to learn more and grow. That’s why I want to have a position in the Appointments Committee since this is the first step to helping with the SGA.
Off-Campus Rep
Kendall Derber

I am Kendall Derber, class of 2019, and I am running for Off-Campus Representative. I have now lived off-campus for two years and feel that I can accurately represent other off-campus students. I have experienced the advantages and disadvantages that come with not living in the dorms and have acted as a useful peer to others who are trying to move off campus. I am excited, if given the opportunity, to act as a liaison between SGA and off-campus students to ensure that they remain involved and included in on-campus activities.

While I have not been directly involved in SGA before, I am still an active member of the Bryn Mawr Community. I am a captain of the lacrosse team, Head of Public Relations for Bryn Mawr SAAC, as well as a member of numerous clubs. I believe that being the Off-Campus Representative will allow me to become more involved with the Bryn Mawr College community and voice the concerns who do not live in the dorms. I am prepared and capable of handling the time commitment and dedication needed to complete this position.


Head(s) of Elections

Sophia Bokhari

Hi everyone!
My name is Sophia Bokhari (she/her) and I’m in the class of 2020. I am running for head of elections and you can contact me at

I’m interested in being Head of Elections because I have been on the elections board since freshman year and I find the work the heads do to be very valuable to the Bryn Mawr community.

This position requires high levels of organization, leadership, independence, and teamwork as well as the desire to reach out and listen to the Bryn Mawr community. I have been fortunate enough to have a lot of experience relevant to the above. During my time at Bryn Mawr, I have started two different successful organizations and become an officer in other new organizations. My leadership in these activities on campus, as well as my involvement in other activities, require a lot of self-motivation as well as the ability to work cohesively with other members of E-boards.

To improve the effectiveness of this position, I would continue to make elections and SGA more accessible. I strongly believe that motivating students to run for elected positions and participate in SGA will come through reaching out to said students and making sure they listened to. As head of elections, I would implement office hours throughout the semester. This would make myself more accessible to the Bryn Mawr community and make SGA more transparent in that students could inquire about elected positions and SGA in general throughout the course of the school year. Also, I’d like to better communication between SGA and students by making the role of elected positions more clear on the blog and putting students interested in positions in contact with current officers. I feel that the Head of Elections’ role on the representative council needs to be emphasized and expanded in being more of a representative voice on campus at SGA meetings concerning issues other than just elections.

SGA stands for Self-Government Association and I want to be representative of students’ voices as a leader within the organization. I have been involved in SGA in the form of appointed positions such as Access Services Co-coordinator and Elections Board member, which I strive to make representative of students’ voices. I would like to continue to serve the Bryn Mawr community as a representative and head of elections. Thanks for your vote!

Yelin Jung and Nicole Nam
We (Nicole Nam and Yelin Jung) want to run for Co-Heads of Elections because we are interested in getting more involved in student government on campus and making SGA more accessible and visible to the student body. We believe that the role of Co-Heads of Elections is extremely important for the Bryn Mawr community because SGA is run by the student body and without a Head of Elections, SGA would not run as smoothly. The Head of Elections works as liaison between SGA and the student body and inform students how to get involved in SGA. The SGA may seem intimidating and distant, but as Co-Heads of Elections, we will do our best to communicate to the student body on how to get everyone involved and how to get their voices heard through nominations and elections. We want to make nominations and elections more accessible for everyone on campus and make it more visible to gain students’ attention. The more students involved in SGA, the more Bryn Mawr will reflect students’ goals and outlook. We both hold many leadership positions in clubs such as Spoon University, Her Campus, LiNK and have strong communication skills with our team members and other e-board members. Therefore, we will be able to work closely with the rest of the SGA board members and the student body to facilitate elections. We strongly believe that it is important for students’ voices to be heard and to be a part of the community at Bryn Mawr. By being elected Co-Heads of Elections, we hope to have an increase turnout in elections and to motivate students to take an active part of SGA. Thank you for your time & consideration!